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2022 ◽  
Vol 30 (7) ◽  
pp. 0-0

This paper aims to study the Countermeasures of big data security management in the prevention and control of computer network crime in the absence of relevant legislation and judicial practice. Starting from the concepts and definitions of computer crime and network crime, this paper puts forward the comparison matrix, investigation and statistics method and characteristic measure of computer crime. Through the methods of crime scene investigation, network investigation and network tracking, this paper studies the big data security management countermeasures in the prevention and control of computer network crime from the perspective of criminology. The experimental results show that the phenomenon of low age is serious, and the number of Teenagers Participating in network crime is on the rise. In all kinds of cases, criminals under the age of 35 account for more than 50%.

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (2) ◽  
pp. 800
Yunong Zhang ◽  
Anmin Zhang ◽  
Dianjun Zhang ◽  
Zhen Kang ◽  
Yi Liang

Since the e-Navigation strategy was put forward, various countries and regions in the world have researched e-Navigation test platforms. However, the sources of navigation data are multi-source, and there are still difficulties in the unified acquisition, processing, analysis and application of multi-source data. Users often find it difficult to obtain the required comprehensive navigation information. The purpose of this paper is to use e-Navigation architecture to design and develop maritime data security management platform, strengthen navigation safety guarantee, strengthen Marine environment monitoring, share navigation and safety information, improve the ability of shipping transportation organizations in ports, and protect the marine environment. Therefore, this paper proposes a four-layer system architecture based on Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technology, and designs a unified maritime data storage, analysis and management platform, which realizes the intelligent, visualized and modular management of maritime data at shipside and the shore. This platform can provide comprehensive data resource services for ship navigation and support the analysis and mining of maritime big data. This paper expounds on the design, development scheme and demonstration operation scheme of the maritime data security management platform from the system structure and data exchange mode.

Mariusz Paździor

<span>Celem opracowania jest wskazanie na zakres podmiotowy oraz przedmiotowy zarządzania bezpieczeństwem publicznym, wskazanie na jego cele oraz mechanizmy służące jego zapewnianiu w obszarze polityki społecznej, określeniu i ocenie roli państwa w podjętym temacie, a także próba stworzenia prognozy odnoszącej się w zakresie podjętej analizy. Jest to istotne z punktu widzenia pozycji państwa na arenie międzynarodowej, a przede wszystkim zachowanie stabilności społecznej wewnątrz państwa. Realizowanie celów polityki społecznej w sposób zaplanowany i skuteczny przekłada się na stabilność państwa, dobrobyt społecznych oraz stwarza możliwości rozwoju gospodarczego. </span>

2022 ◽  
pp. 177-200
Shahida ◽  
Khalid Hussain Usmani ◽  
Mamoona Humayun

2022 ◽  
pp. 533-560
Winfred Yaokumah

Operations security management integrates the activities of all the information systems security controls. It ensures that the entire computing environment is adequately secured. This chapter conducts an in-depth review of scholarly and practitioner works to conceptualize the domain of operations security management. Drawing upon the existing information systems security literature, the chapter classifies operations security management into 10 domains. Following, the chapter performs an empirical analysis to investigate the state-of-practice of operations security management in organizations. The findings show that the maturity level of operations security management is at the Level 3 (well-defined). The maturity levels range from Level 0 (not performed) to Level 5 (continuously improving). The results indicate that operations security processes are documented, approved, and implemented organization-wide. Backup and malware management are the most applied operations security controls, while logging, auditing, monitoring, and reviewing are the least implemented controls.

2022 ◽  
pp. 514-532
Winfred Yaokumah ◽  
Alex Ansah Dawson

This chapter explored communications security through the use of an empirical survey to assess the extent of network and data transfer security management in Ghanaian higher educational institutions. Network security management controls consist of monitoring of networks, posture checking, network segmentation, and defense-in-depth. Data transfer security management includes encryption, media access control, and protection of data from public networks. Data were collected from information technology (IT) personnel. The ISO/IEC 21827 maturity model for assessing IT security posture was used to measure the controls. Overall, the result showed that the institutions were at the planned stage of communications security management. In particular, network monitoring, defense-in-depth, and the protection of data from public networks were the most applied controls. Conversely, posture checking was the least applied control. Higher educational institutions need to review their communications security plans and better manage network and data transfer security controls to mitigate data breaches.

2022 ◽  
pp. 553-562
Liz Pacheco-Pumaleque ◽  
Alex Pacheco-Pumaleque ◽  
Edwin A. Vegas-Gallo ◽  
Rosario Pariona-Luque

Currently, working conditions have been evolving continuously, which makes it necessary to incorporate teleworking as a means of support to fulfill the tasks entrusted. However, this type of employment brings with it vulnerabilities within companies that are not prepared for such a situation. For this reason, a teleworking model is proposed to improve the management of information security in organizations in the commercial sector. This research is of a basic type with a non-experimental design and correlational level, with a quantitative approach, the survey technique, and a questionnaire was used as an instrument that was applied to 70 workers in the commerce sector. The results show that 54.29% consider the organizational change in companies as deficient, 62.86% indicate the use of technologies as deficient, and 84.29% consider that the level of confidentiality of the information is regular. These results reflect that information security management must be implemented to provide greater reliability, integrity, productivity, control, and protection to teleworking processes.

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