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2044-4761, 2044-4753

Yuanting Tang ◽  
Yongjie Chen ◽  
Xiao Liu ◽  
Chengxiong Wang ◽  
Yunkun Zhao ◽  

The bifunctional role of noble metal/oxide interface in the activation of reactants is of vital importance in heterogeneous catalysis of water-gas shift (WGS) reaction. Herein, three types of shape-controlled TiO2...

Surya Pratap Singh ◽  
Akira Yamamoto ◽  
Hisao Yoshida

Direct and continuous conversion of ethane to yield n-butane and hydrogen at near room temperature (ca. 320 K) was examined with gold loaded gallium oxide and titanium dioxide photocatalysts without...

Nuno Batalha ◽  
Jean-Dominique Comparot ◽  
Anthony Le Valant ◽  
Ludovic Pinard

Acid sites, in particular Brønsted sites, are often reported to enhance the catalytic performance of metal catalysts, like platinum, in hydrogenation. The significant boost in catalytic performance suggests a bifunctional...

Karla Furtado Andriani ◽  
Priscilla Felício Sousa ◽  
Felipe Orlando Morais ◽  
Juarez L. F. Da Silva

In this work, we report a theoretical investigation of the role of quantum-size effects (QSE) on the dehydrogenation of methane (CH4) on 3d transition-metal clusters, TMn , where TM =...

Jie Yang ◽  
Shan Ren ◽  
Mingming Wang ◽  
Zhicaho Chen ◽  
Lin Chen ◽  

Ce–Ti catalysts were considered as promising replacement for V–Ti based catalysts for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2) with NH3. In this work, CeO2/TiO2 catalyst was...

Scott C. McGuire ◽  
Christopher Koenigsmann ◽  
Chun Chieh Chou ◽  
Xiao Tong ◽  
Stanislaus S. Wong

We have correlated the performance of double perovskite metal oxides as support media for the methanol oxidation reaction (MOR) with their intrinsic size, shape, and composition.

Zirong Shen ◽  
Junmin Huang ◽  
Junying Chen ◽  
Yingwei Li

Low charge carrier mobility limits the development of highly efficient semiconductor-based photocatalysis. Heterointerface engineering is a promising approach to spatially separate the photoexcited charge carriers and thus enhance photocatalytic activity....

Xing-Yue Qi ◽  
Yalin He ◽  
Yan Yao ◽  
Lu Zhang ◽  
Yiran Li ◽  

Catalytic selective oxidation of glucose into value-added gluconic acid is one of the sustainable routes for biomass utilization, for which the supported Au catalysts have been widely explored. Au/CeO2 was...

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (1) ◽  
pp. 339-339

Jiaming Wu ◽  
Keyan Li ◽  
Jiahui Li ◽  
Jun Du ◽  
Xiangyang Li ◽  

The conversion of CO2 to chemicals and fuels by photocatalysis provides a promising strategy to solve both energy crisis and environmental impacts, for which the development of high-activity photocatalysts is...

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