A Novel and Reactive Fluorescent “Turn‐on” Probe Based on Benzimidazole Derivative for Selective CN‐ Detection

Di Yang ◽  
Xue-Wen Diao ◽  
Ji Liu ◽  
Ya-Xin Chen ◽  
Yan-Li Leng ◽  
Byunghee Hwang ◽  
Tae-Il Kim ◽  
Hyunjin Kim ◽  
Sungjin Jeon ◽  
Yongdoo Choi ◽  

A ubiquinone-BODIPY photosensitizer self-assembles into nanoparticles (PS-Q-NPs) and undergoes selective activation within the highly reductive intracellular environment of tumors, resulting in “turn-on” fluorescence and photosensitizing activities.

1973 ◽  
Vol 18 (12) ◽  
pp. 626-627

2004 ◽  
Kate I. Podany ◽  
Michael S. Wogalter ◽  
Christopher B. Mayhorn

2003 ◽  
Vol 772 ◽  
Masakazu Muroyama ◽  
Kazuto Kimura ◽  
Takao Yagi ◽  
Ichiro Saito

AbstractA carbon nanotube triode using Helicon Plasma-enhanced CVD with electroplated NiCo catalyst has been successfully fabricated. Isolated NiCo based metal catalyst was deposited at the bottom of the cathode wells by electroplating methods to control the density of carbon nanotubes and also reduce the activation energy of its growth. Helicon Plasma-enhanced CVD (HPECVD) has been used to deposit nanotubes at 400°C. Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes were then grown selectively on the electroplated Ni catalyst. Field emission measurements were performed with a triode structure. At a cathode to anode gap of 1.1mm, the turn on voltage for the gate was 170V.

2019 ◽  
Vol 1 (2) ◽  
pp. 131-144
Dini Maulana Lestari ◽  
M Roif Muntaha ◽  
Immawan Azhar BA

Islamic banks are present in the community as financial institutions whose activities are based on the principles of Islamic law for the benefit of the people. This study aims to determine the strategic role of Islamic Banks as financial service institutions, the importance of the existence of Islamic Banks and Islamic-based markets and financial instruments in them. In its development, Islamic banks have a role as institutions that turn on public funds, channel funds to the public, transfer assets, liquidity, reallocation of income and transactions. In the Indonesian economic system, the existence of Islamic Banks is important as an alternative solution to the problem of conflict between bank interest and usury. Islamic financial markets and instruments provide a free society of interest and follow a different set of principles. Distribution of profit/ loss according to evidence of participation in the management fund. The division of rental income in the form of musharaka.

2018 ◽  
Suying Xu ◽  
Adam Sedgwick ◽  
Souad Elfecky ◽  
Wenbo Chen ◽  
Ashley Jones ◽  

<p>A boronic acid-based anthracene fluorescent probe was functionalised with an acrylamide unit to incorporate into a hydrogel system for monosaccharide detection<i>. </i>In solution, the fluorescent probe<b> </b>displayed a strong fluorescence turn-on response upon exposure to fructose, and an expected trend in apparent binding constants, as judged by a fluorescence response where D-fructose > D-galactose > D-mannose > D-glucose. The hydrogel incorporating the boronic acid monomer demonstrated the ability to detect monosaccharides by fluorescence with the same overall trend as the monomer in solution with the addition of fructose resulting in a 10-fold enhancement (≤ 0.25 M). <b><u></u></b></p>

2020 ◽  
Vol 13 (9) ◽  
pp. 096502
Yu Lu ◽  
Feng Zhou ◽  
Weizong Xu ◽  
Dongsheng Wang ◽  
Yuanyang Xia ◽  

Herman Herman ◽  
Demi Adidrana ◽  
Nico Surantha ◽  
Suharjito Suharjito

The human population significantly increases in crowded urban areas. It causes a reduction of available farming land. Therefore, a landless planting method is needed to supply the food for society. Hydroponics is one of the solutions for gardening methods without using soil. It uses nutrient-enriched mineral water as a nutrition solution for plant growth. Traditionally, hydroponic farming is conducted manually by monitoring the nutrition such as acidity or basicity (pH), the value of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Electrical Conductivity (EC), and nutrient temperature. In this research, the researchers propose a system that measures pH, TDS, and nutrient temperature values in the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) technique using a couple of sensors. The researchers use lettuce as an object of experiment and apply the k-Nearest Neighbor (k-NN) algorithm to predict the classification of nutrient conditions. The result of prediction is used to provide a command to the microcontroller to turn on or off the nutrition controller actuators simultaneously at a time. The experiment result shows that the proposed k-NN algorithm achieves 93.3% accuracy when it is k = 5.

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