Rational design to manganese and oxygen co-doped polymeric carbon nitride for efficient nonradical activation of peroxymonosulfate and the mechanism insight

2022 ◽  
Vol 430 ◽  
pp. 132751
Chao He ◽  
Wu Xia ◽  
Chengyun Zhou ◽  
Danlian Huang ◽  
Chen Zhang ◽  
2018 ◽  
Chaofeng Huang ◽  
Jing Wen ◽  
Yanfei Shen ◽  
Fei He ◽  
Li Mi ◽  

<a></a><a>As a metal-free conjugated polymer, carbon nitride (CN) has attracted tremendous attention as heterogeneous (photo)catalysts. </a><a></a><a>By following prototype of enzymes, making all catalytic sites of accessible via homogeneous reactions is a promising approach toward maximizing CN activity, but hindered due to </a><a></a><a>the poor insolubility of CN</a>. Herein, we report the dissolution of CN in environment-friendly methane sulfonic acid and the homogeneous photocatalysis driven by CN for the first time with the activity boosted up to 10-times, comparing to the heterogeneous counterparts. Moreover, facile recycling and reusability, the <a>hallmark</a> of heterogeneous catalysts, were kept for the homogeneous CN photocatalyst via reversible precipitation using poor solvents. It opens new vista of CN in homogeneous catalysis and offers a successful example of polymeric catalysts in bridging gaps of homo/heterogeneous catalysis.

2019 ◽  
Zhengyuan Jin ◽  
Xiantao Jiang ◽  
Qitao Zhang ◽  
Shaolong Huang ◽  
Luhong Zhang ◽  

ChemSusChem ◽  
2020 ◽  
Vol 13 (14) ◽  
pp. 3605-3613 ◽  
Qin Lei ◽  
Rongzhi Chen ◽  
Yurong Zhao ◽  
Huanyu Chen ◽  
Xinxin Long ◽  

2021 ◽  
Vol 118 (12) ◽  
pp. 123504
Ablat Abliz ◽  
Xiongxiong Xue ◽  
Xingqiang Liu ◽  
Guoli Li ◽  
Liming Tang

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