An autonomous hybrid DC microgrid with ANN-fuzzy and adaptive terminal sliding mode multi-level control structure

2022 ◽  
Vol 121 ◽  
pp. 105036
Maria Badar ◽  
Iftikhar Ahmad ◽  
Aneeque Ahmed Mir ◽  
Shahzad Ahmed ◽  
Adeel Waqas
2021 ◽  
pp. 002029402110286
Pu Yang ◽  
Peng Liu ◽  
ChenWan Wen ◽  
Huilin Geng

This paper focuses on fast terminal sliding mode fault-tolerant control for a class of n-order nonlinear systems. Firstly, when the actuator fault occurs, the extended state observer (ESO) is used to estimate the lumped uncertainty and its derivative of the system, so that the fault boundary is not needed to know. The convergence of ESO is proved theoretically. Secondly, a new type of fast terminal sliding surface is designed to achieve global fast convergence, non-singular control law and chattering reduction, and the Lyapunov stability criterion is used to prove that the system states converge to the origin of the sliding mode surface in finite time, which ensures the stability of the closed-loop system. Finally, the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed algorithm are verified by two simulation experiments of different order systems.

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