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2022 ◽  
Vol 2022 ◽  
pp. 1-11
Bolan Zhou

English reading is an important way to consolidate and expand English language knowledge, and it is also an important way to obtain information and understand British and American culture. Therefore, reading teaching has always been an important part of English education and teaching at all levels and types of schools, and college English teaching is no exception. College English teachers have been carrying out teaching reflections in their reading teaching practice and constantly exploring teaching modes and teaching directions that improve students’ reading engagement and reading comprehension ability. However, the current daily teaching of English reading still generally maintains the traditional teaching mode. The entire reading learning process is monotonous, boring, and stylized, and the ability to acquire and process information cannot be combined with language knowledge and language skills. This kind of teaching mode severely inhibited the college students’ involvement in English learning model. Based on the electromagnetic-polarization response expression in a uniformly polarized half-space, this paper transforms the problem of polarization parameter extraction into a minimum optimization problem and constructs a fitness function. A set of polarization parameters is selected to calculate the electromagnetic-polarization response under trapezoidal waves in a uniform half-space, and the basic particle swarm algorithm is used to extract single and multiple parameters, respectively. In this paper, by adding a window to the test data in the time domain, the multiplicative and additive interference in the test signal is suppressed, and the signal-to-noise ratio of the test result is improved. We use the platform built in this article to wirelessly test the temperature characteristics of the surface acoustic wave sensor. The research results identified eight cognitive attributes of English reading and successfully generated diagnostic information at the group and individual levels and finally formed graphics and textual diagnostic feedback. There is a certain correlation between students’ vocabulary mastery and English reading performance, which shows that the vocabulary teaching method can help students better understand the reading materials and improve their reading performance. Combining two student interviews and learning logs, it can be seen that students’ understanding and frequency of use of vocabulary knowledge have increased significantly after the action research. It is generally recognized that vocabulary has a positive effect on improving reading level and can be based on the recognition and understanding of vocabulary. The mastery of vocabulary can promote the improvement of college students’ English reading level to a certain extent. Learners should strengthen vocabulary learning and face up to the importance of vocabulary knowledge in English reading.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2022 ◽  
pp. 1-10
Ying Chen

The era is developing and the society is improving. The application research of computer technology in the field of education is a hot topic at present. The cultivation of talents required the training of schools and teachers. How to cultivate talented person who meets the needs of society lied in the comprehensive ability of teaching in colleges and universities, so the college English education professional grammar teaching model is studied based on dynamic programming algorithm. After a brief overview of the dynamic rule algorithm, an algorithm for evaluating English grammar learning in colleges and universities is designed by using dynamic algorithm. The algorithm is composed of dynamic rule algorithm, language processing technology, and regular expression. In the subsequent experiments, it is proved that the algorithm has a good evaluation effect and can meet the actual application requirements.

SAGE Open ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (1) ◽  
pp. 215824402110711
Xue Wang ◽  
Wei Zhang

Given the significance of cultivating students’ autonomous learning ability, there is a need to develop an instructional model that can improve students’ awareness and behavior of autonomous learning, as well as to explore the effectiveness and optimization of this model effectively. Taking college English course as a case study, this paper constructs a blended learning mode based on SPOC, which combines advantages of online and offline teaching. 15 types of nonredundant sets resulting from 500 questionnaires has been explored, and the optimal factor combinations have been found out from 15 types with the technology of data mining to optimize the mode constructed previously. Optimized blended learning mode, emphasizing the optimal factors more, has been applied to College English curriculum design and teaching practice in China. Surveys of students’ achievement and autonomous learning behavior have been conducted after experiment. The results of the research indicate that the optimized blended learning mode will stimulate foreign language learners’ learning motivation, cultivate their autonomous learning ability, so as to construct and improve their autonomous learning behavior further.

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