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Gerrit J Jordaan ◽  
Wynand J vdM Steyn

The use of New-age (Nano) Modified Emulsions (NME) for the stabilisation of marginal materials for use in the upper-pavement layers of roads have been proven in laboratories, through Accelerated Pavement Tests (APT) and in practice. In addition, material design methods have been developed based on the scientific analysis of granular material mineralogy and the chemical interaction with the binder to design a material compatible NME stabilising agent for naturally available (often marginal) materials. However, the introduction of any new disruptive technology in a traditionally well-established industry, such as the road construction industry, is usually associated with considerable resistance. This is especially relevant when the new technology enables the use of granular materials traditionally considered to be of an unacceptable quality in combination with relatively new concepts such as New-age (Nano) Modified Emulsions (NME). In practice, few road construction projects are without any problems. The introduction of new-technologies obviously makes it an easy target to blame for any non-related problem that may arise during construction. This article aims to assist in pre-empting, recognising, preventing and resolving material or non-material related construction problems through the correct identification of the cause of the problem and recommending the best, most cost-effective way to correct any deficiencies on site.

2022 ◽  
Vol 70 (1) ◽  
pp. 275
PrasannaV Ramesh ◽  
K Aji ◽  
Tensingh Joshua ◽  
ShruthyV Ramesh ◽  
Prajnya Ray ◽  

2022 ◽  
pp. 180-199
Mangesh Manikrao Ghonge ◽  
N. Pradeep ◽  
Renjith V. Ravi ◽  
Ramchandra Mangrulkar

The development of blockchain technology relies on a variety of disciplines, including cryptography, mathematics, algorithms, and economic models. All cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on a digital and decentralized public ledger known as the blockchain. Customers may keep track of their crypto-transactions by looking at a chronological list rather than a centralized ledger. The blockchain's application potential is bright, and it has already produced results. In various fields, blockchain technology has been incorporated and deployed, from the earliest days of cryptocurrencies to the present day with new-age smart contracts. No comprehensive study on blockchain security and privacy has yet been done despite numerous studies in this area over the years. In this chapter, the authors talked about blockchain's security and privacy issues as well as the impact they've had on various trends and applications. This chapter covers both of these topics.

2022 ◽  
pp. 279-290
Ravi Sanwal

In 2020, the whole world experienced a pandemic that rose in different parts of the world leading to a pandemic; many businesses were affected because of it, and it changed people's thinking towards life. It also changed how consumers looked at purchasing products online. This study focuses mainly on how the new age technologies like machine learning, internet of things, and artificial intelligence helps in identifying the consumer buying patterns. Consumer buying pattern on online shopping have changed over a period during this pandemic. This research highlights the role of these technologies in marketing and how it has helped the companies to create their marketing strategies. This research also includes the study of change in buying patterns of consumers during the pandemic and how it has increased over a period of time through primary research done with 30 respondents taken as a focus group.

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