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Khosro Khandani ◽  
Majid Parvizian ◽  
Mehmet Önder Efe

This article considers the problem of non-fragile observer design for uncertain fractional Itô stochastic systems. The design is based on a sliding surface whose reachability in finite time is guaranteed by introducing a novel sliding mode control law. Employing the fractional infinitesimal operator and the related lemmas, the stochastic stability of the overall closed-loop system is transformed to the problem of solving a set of linear matrix inequalities. Addressing the fragility issue, a norm-bounded term is added to the observer gain, which prevents failure of the estimation error system. The adverse effects of the input nonlinearity and time-varying delay are alleviated by the proposed approach. Furthermore, the present method is investigated for the fractional Itô stochastic systems with known states. A numerical example is presented to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

Umair Javaid ◽  
Hongyang Dong

A disturbance observer-based control scheme is proposed in this paper to deal with the attitude stabilization problems of spacecraft subjected to external disturbances, parameter uncertainties, and input nonlinearities. Particularly, the proposed approach addresses the dead-zone issue, a non-smooth nonlinearity affiliated with control input that significantly increases controller design difficulties. A novel nonlinear disturbance observer (NDO) is developed, which relaxes the strong assumption in conventional NDO design that disturbances should be constants or varying with slow rates. After that, a special integral sliding mode controller (ISMC) is combined with the NDO to achieve asymptotic convergence of system states. Simulations are performed in the presence of time-varying disturbances, parameter uncertainties, and dead-zone nonlinearity to justify the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme.

Mathematics ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 9 (2) ◽  
pp. 176
Chih-Hsueh Lin ◽  
Guo-Hsin Hu ◽  
Jun-Juh Yan

This study is concerned with robust synchronization for master–slave chaotic systems with matched/mismatched disturbances and uncertainty in the control input. A robust sliding mode control (SMC) is presented to achieve chaos synchronization even under the influence of matched/mismatched disturbances and uncertainty of inputs. A proportional-integral (PI) switching surface is introduced to make the controlled error dynamics in the sliding manifold easy to analyze. Furthermore, by using the proposed SMC scheme even subjected to input uncertainty, we can force the trajectories of the error dynamics to enter the sliding manifold and fully synchronize the master–slave systems in spite of matched uncertainties and input nonlinearity. As for the mismatched disturbances, the bounds of synchronization errors can be well estimated by introducing the limit of the Riemann sum, which is not well addressed in previous works. Simulation experiments including matched and mismatched cases are presented to illustrate the robustness and synchronization performance with the proposed SMC synchronization controller.

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