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Melinda Looi

When COVID-19 brought on the MCO or Movement Control Order in March 2020, it was an unprecedented & uncertain time for Malaysians. As the battle to treat infections began, the issue of personal protective equipment (PPE) arose. Shortage of availability, high cost, suitability of materials were the challenges faced by our medical frontliners and to which MODA decided to step up to fill the gap.MODA is a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) whose members comprise local fashion designers as well as persons & companies involved in Malaysia’s fashion industry. Thus, began a mission to raise funds, procure suitable locally produced material, mobilize manpower from designers with staff & facilities to produce PPE, to individual volunteers who cut, sew, packed & transported completed PPE to hospitals throughout the country.However, while this initiative addressed Malaysia’s needs currently, it is a short-term solution. In this article, we wish to not only share MODA’s experience in producing PPE but look ahead towards a solution for the future. Reusable PPE that will reduce the massive amount of waste, suitable materials that can be produced locally and is suitable for our climate, a PPE bank and storage facilities so that we are better prepared should another pandemic arise. Together let us learn from this experience and face the future better prepared as a nation!International Journal of Human and Health Sciences Supplementary Issue: 2021 Page: S7

Mathematics ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 9 (4) ◽  
pp. 429
Pedro Zamora ◽  
Alejandro Arceo ◽  
Noé Martínez ◽  
Gerardo Romero ◽  
Luis E. Garza

This paper considers the robust stabilization problem for interval plants with parametric uncertainty and uncertain time-delay based on the value set characterization of closed-loop control systems and the zero exclusion principle. Using Kharitonov’s polynomials, it is possible to establish a sufficient condition to guarantee the robust stability property. This condition allows us to solve the control synthesis problem using conditions similar to those established in the loopshaping technique and to parameterize the controllers using stable polynomials constructed from classical orthogonal polynomials.

Janis Petzinger ◽  
Tobias Jung ◽  
Kevin Orr

This research note argues that pragmatic sociology is a useful theoretical framework when researching the third sector during the uncertain times of COVID-19 and beyond. It begins by introducing pragmatic sociology, which describes how actors express their values through the ‘orders of worth’ framework, and then how they justify their practices during moments of conflict, through the process of ‘tests’. This ultimately employs complex and fragile moments in history to uncover meaning making and, by extension, individual and organisational practice. This article then demonstrates useful research questions that pragmatic sociology can offer for the third sector during this uncertain time and how this theory’s utility can be applied even after the pandemic, due to its embracement of organisational dynamism, nuance and a fresh approach to power relationships.

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