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2022 ◽  
Vol 252 ◽  
pp. 113659
Yang Yang ◽  
Guanjun Zhang ◽  
Gang Wu ◽  
Dafu Cao

2022 ◽  
Vol 521 ◽  
pp. 230975
Fujin Wang ◽  
Zhibin Zhao ◽  
Jiaxin Ren ◽  
Zhi Zhai ◽  
Shibin Wang ◽  

Yan Peng ◽  
Yang Liu ◽  
Haoran Li ◽  
Jiankang Xing

Abstract To address the difficult problems in the study of the effect of average strain on fatigue life under low-cycle fatigue loads, the effect of average strain on the low-cycle fatigue life of materials under different strain cycle ratios was discussed based on the framework of damage mechanics and its irreversible thermodynamics. By introducing the Ramberg-Osgood cyclic constitutive equation, a new low-cycle fatigue life prediction method based on the intrinsic damage dissipation theory considering average strain was proposed, which revealed the correlation between low-cycle fatigue strain life , material properties, and average strain. Through the analysis of the low-cycle fatigue test data of five different metal materials, the model parameters of the corresponding materials were obtained. The calculation results indicate that the proposed life prediction method is in good agreement with the test, and a reasonable characterization of the low-cycle fatigue life under the influence of average strain is realized. Comparing calculations with three typical low-cycle fatigue life prediction models, the new method is within two times the error band, and the prediction effect is significantly better than the existing models, which is more suitable for low-cycle fatigue life prediction. The low-cycle fatigue life prediction of different cyclic strain ratios based on the critical region intrinsic damage dissipation power method provides a new idea for the research of low-cycle fatigue life prediction of metallic materials.

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