spray pyrolysis technique
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2022 ◽  
Vol 128 (2) ◽  
Ali Badawi ◽  
M. G. Althobaiti ◽  
Sami S. Alharthi ◽  
Abdulaziz N. Alharbi ◽  
Ali A. Alkathiri ◽  

2022 ◽  
Vol 30 (1) ◽  
pp. 343-350
Oluyamo Sunday Samuel ◽  
Ajanaku Olanrewaju ◽  
Adedayo Kayode David

This study investigates CNT-doped Cu2O thin film deposited by spray pyrolysis technique at a substrate temperature of 100°C. The samples were annealed at temperatures of 200°C and 230°C for 30 minutes. The effect of CNT doping on certain optical properties, such as extinction and absorption coefficients, a refractive index of doped Cu2O thin films were examined. The absorbance of the doped samples increases within the visible range and decreases in the ultraviolet range of the electromagnetic spectrum (EM). Both absorbance and extinction coefficients increased with temperature making the samples a good candidate for use as absorbance layer in device fabrication. In addition, there was an increase in direct bandgap with the increase in CNT concentration of the thin films. The result of the study revealed that CNT doping has a significant effect on the properties of Cu2O.

2022 ◽  
Vol 43 (1) ◽  
pp. 012801
R. Rahaman ◽  
M. Sharmin ◽  
J. Podder

Abstract Here we discuss the synthesis of copper (II) oxide (CuO) and manganese (Mn)-doped CuO thin films varying with 0 to 8 at% Mn using the spray pyrolysis technique. As-deposited film surfaces comprised of agglomerated spherical nanoparticles and a semi-spongy porous structure for 4 at% Mn doping. Energy dispersive analysis of X-rays confirmed the chemical composition of the films. X-ray diffraction spectra showed a polycrystalline monoclinic structure with the predominance of the ( 11) peak. Optical band gap energy for direct and indirect transitions was estimated in the ranges from 2.67–2.90 eV and 0.11–1.73 eV, respectively. Refractive index and static dielectric constants were computed from the optical spectra. Electrical resistivity of CuO and Mn-doped CuO (Mn:CuO) thin films was found in the range from 10.5 to 28.6 Ω·cm. The tiniest electron effective mass was calculated for 4 at% Mn:CuO thin films. P to n-type transition was observed for 4 at% Mn doping in CuO films. Carrier concentration and mobility were found in the orders of 1017 cm–3 and 10–1 cm2/(V·s), respectively. The Hall coefficient was found to be between 9.9 and 29.8 cm3/C. The above results suggest the suitability of Mn:CuO thin films in optoelectronic applications.

2022 ◽  
Vol 123 ◽  
pp. 111954
T. Gnanasekar ◽  
S. Valanarasu ◽  
Mohd Ubaidullah ◽  
Manawwer Alam ◽  
Ayman Nafady ◽  

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