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2022 ◽  
Feng Xiong ◽  
Wen Chen ◽  
Qi Ge ◽  
Jiang Chen ◽  
Yang Lu

Abstract A novel low-rise bolt - assembled precast concrete sandwich wall panel structure for rural residential houses was proposed, in which the connections between wall and wall, and wall and floor were connected by high strength bolts and steel plates. The bolt joints can be easily installed and disassembled. They are replaceable to make the precast structure demountable and reassembled. All the components are connected together by the novel bolted connectors. This paper presents the shake-table tests of a full-scale two-story bolt-assembled precast concrete sandwich wall building. The results indicated that the proposed structural system had good seismic performance and remained in the elastic stage with no damage after 9-degree rare earthquake excitation for the Model-1. The Model-2 exhibited excellent capacity and performed satisfactorily under the excitation up to 0.8 g. Cracks were observed at the wall openings and the base of walls and columns, which was similar to that of a cast-in-situ structure. The damage statuses were mainly light damage and moderate damage. The bolt connection joints were not anti-seismic weak places and had good seismic performance. Equivalent base shear method is suitable for estimating the seismic demand of the proposed precast concrete sandwich wall panel structure.

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