Carbapenem-resistant IMP-1-producing Pseudocitrobacter vendiensis emerging in a hemodialysis unit

Letícia Kellen de Andrade ◽  
Arturo Levican ◽  
Louise Cerdeira ◽  
Andressa Batista Zequini de Morais ◽  
Melissa Maia Braz ◽  
Elham Abbasi ◽  
Hossein Goudarzi ◽  
Ali Hashemi ◽  
Alireza Salimi Chirani ◽  
Abdollah Ardebili ◽  

AbstractA major challenge in the treatment of infections has been the rise of extensively drug resistance (XDR) and multidrug resistance (MDR) in Acinetobacter baumannii. The goals of this study were to determine the pattern of antimicrobial susceptibility, blaOXA and carO genes among burn-isolated A. baumannii strains. In this study, 100 A. baumannii strains were isolated from burn patients and their susceptibilities to different antibiotics were determined using disc diffusion testing and broth microdilution. Presence of carO gene and OXA-type carbapenemase genes was tested by PCR and sequencing. SDS-PAGE was done to survey CarO porin and the expression level of carO gene was evaluated by Real-Time PCR. A high rate of resistance to meropenem (98%), imipenem (98%) and doripenem (98%) was detected. All tested A. baumannii strains were susceptible to colistin. The results indicated that 84.9% were XDR and 97.9% of strains were MDR. In addition, all strains bore blaOXA-51 like and blaOXA-23 like and carO genes. Nonetheless, blaOXA-58 like and blaOXA-24 like genes were harbored by 0 percent and 76 percent of strains, respectively. The relative expression levels of the carO gene ranged from 0.06 to 35.01 fold lower than that of carbapenem-susceptible A. baumannii ATCC19606 and SDS – PAGE analysis of the outer membrane protein showed that all 100 isolates produced CarO. The results of current study revealed prevalence of blaOXA genes and changes in carO gene expression in carbapenem resistant A.baumannii.

Fatima Moeen Abbas

This study was carried out to screen the prevalence of Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from patients with lower respiratory tract infections in Babylon province.From December,2015 to the end of March,2016,a total of 100 sputum samples were collected from patients visited or hospitalized Merjan Teaching Hospital and Al- Hashimya General Hospital. Fifteenth (65%) isolates were identified as Klebsiellapneumoniae. All bacterial isolates were evaluated for extended spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL) production phenotypically using disk combination method. Eleven (73.3%) isolates were detected as ESBL-producers. Kirby-Bauer disk diffusion method was employed to determine resistance profile of ESBLs-positive isolates. Higher rates of resistance were observed for ampicillin and piperacillin antibiotics with (81.8%) and (72.7%) resistance rate, respectively, while the lowest rate was noticed for imipenem antibiotic (14.28%). Carbapenem-resistant isolates were investigated for blaSHV gene by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) method, 2 (100%) isolates gave positive results.

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