A comparative study on microstructure evolution and wear resistance of different-sized tungsten carbide modified Fe-based laser cladding coatings

2022 ◽  
Vol 147 ◽  
pp. 107672
Jianfeng Li ◽  
Zhencai Zhu ◽  
Yuxing Peng ◽  
Gang Shen
A. E. Zatoka ◽  
D. V. Drobot ◽  
S. P. Merchev ◽  
S. V. Nevezhin ◽  
A. S. Gerasimov ◽  

It was investigated the influence of technological parameters of laser cladding on the thickness of the carbide composite coatings with similar composition and properties of matrix and different types of reinforcing inclusions (spherical tungsten carbides (WC) and recycled carbides). Special attention is paid to physical-mechanical and service properties of the composites such as hardness and resistance to abrasive wear. It is established that the thickness of the carbide composite coatings increases with increasing laser power and flow rate of the carrier gas, and with decreasing speed of the laser and the step of cladding. The study showed that at the addition of 50 wt.% WC matrix has smaller hardness values 540-560 HV, which allows to obtain the structure of the carbide composite coatings without cracks. At the same time, at addition of 80 wt.% WC matrix has higher hardness 670 HV, which does not provide the structure without cracks. Resistance of composites NiCrBSiC-WC to cracking, as well as their wear resistance, increases with increasing content of tungsten carbide. The wear resistance of the coatings received from powder Technicord 655-SL, with a reinforcement by recycled carbide, comparable to that for coatings from spherical tungsten carbide Tekmat WC-125. Coatings NiCrBSiCWC, obtained by laser cladding, are used to increase the service life of the equipment telemetering systems, in particular, it is possible to prevent of abrasion and provide of increasing the service life of the contact pads of the equipment for measurement while drilling.

2019 ◽  
Vol 46 (7) ◽  
pp. 0702001 ◽  
曹俊 Jun Cao ◽  
卢海飞 Haifei Lu ◽  
鲁金忠 Jinzhong Lu ◽  
罗开玉 Kaiyu Luo

2016 ◽  
Vol 849 ◽  
pp. 695-701 ◽  
Jia Zi Zhang ◽  
Guang Yuan Wang ◽  
Yuan Qin ◽  
Sen Yang

To extend the service life of hot die steel (H13), WC particles reinforced Co-based alloy composite coatings were produced by laser cladding. The microstructure evolution and performance of the cladding layer were investigated. The experiment results showed that there existed fine dendritic crystals and dispersive WC particles in the cladding layer. The coatings were mainly composed of γ-Co, WC and Co3W3C phases. The microhardness of the cladding layer was higher than that of the arc surfacing layer, and the microhardness gradually increased with WC content. Compared to the substrate, the friction coefficient of the cladding layer reduced greatly. The coatings with 15wt.% WC possess the best wear resistance.

Alloy Digest ◽  
1995 ◽  
Vol 44 (12) ◽  

Abstract COLMONOY No. 83 PTA is a nickel-base hard surfacing alloy containing tungsten carbide. The application method is plasma transferred arc and the application is designed to protect extrusion screws. This datasheet provides information on composition, physical properties, microstructure, hardness, tensile properties, and compressive strength. It also includes information on wear resistance as well as machining and powder metal forms. Filing Code: Ni-493. Producer or source: Wall Colmonoy Corporation.

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