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Sunaina S Patil ◽  
Sahana Naik ◽  
Madhura D Ramesh ◽  
Harshini Dasari ◽  
Hari Prasad Dasari

Pandurangappa Govardhan ◽  
Anjana Payyalore Anantharaman ◽  
Sunaina Shivasharanappa Patil ◽  
Hari Prasad Dasari ◽  
Harshini Dasari ◽  

S. Kurajica ◽  
I. K. Ivković ◽  
K. Mužina ◽  
V. Mandić ◽  
I. Panžić ◽  

2022 ◽  
Yuxi Ma ◽  
Quan Zhou ◽  
Jason D. Nicholas

The temperature dependence of a Mixed Ionic Electronic Conducting (MIEC) material’s thermo-chemical expansion coefficient, biaxial modulus, and/or Young’s modulus are crucial in determining the internal stress, strain, and/or mechanical stability...

2022 ◽  
Sandeep Kumar ◽  
Jeong Park ◽  
Chung-Yul Yoo ◽  
Sang-Ho Nam ◽  
Yonghoon Lee

Ceria doped with low-valence lanthanide cations has been introduced for the use of electrolytes in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). Improving performances of SOFCs using the doped ceria requires increase...

Christopher Herzig ◽  
Johannes Frank ◽  
Andreas Nenning ◽  
Matthias Gerstl ◽  
Andreas Bumberger ◽  

Gadolinium doped ceria (GDC) is a promising novel anode material for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), with increased H2S poisoning resilience being one of its advantages. Under certain conditions, however,...

2022 ◽  
Vol 63 (1) ◽  
pp. 16-20
Phan H. Phuong ◽  
Nguyen P. Anh ◽  
Trung Dang-Bao ◽  
Duong N. Linh ◽  
Nguyen V. Minh ◽  

2021 ◽  
Vol 37 (6) ◽  
pp. 1262-1279
Mayankkumar Lakshmanbhai Chaudhary ◽  
Rawesh Kumar

As ceria chemistry broadens, it is needed to generalize the behavior of ceria surfaces towards molecules for carrying out a reaction. The endowing capacity of mobile oxygen due to rapid redox switching between Ce+4/Ce+3 is a key point for ceria containing surfaces. Herein we have presented a review which is broadly divided into two parts. First part focuses on surface property as how electronic structure, vacancy and surface energy would be modified after interaction of ceria with dopant (noble metal, metal of variable oxidation state, higher valent metal and lower valent metal). The second part focuses on catalysis as how the doped ceria surface influences the carbon monoxide transformations (CO oxidation, CO and H2O reaction, CO and NO reaction, CO and H2 reaction). This through study will be helpful to predict the ceria surface for a designed reaction.

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