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Abhilash Chandra

Abstract: In the midst of the new educational policies, the resonance of learning has been astute. The New Education Policies in eons to heretofore has demonstrated an indifferent paranoia in the education existentialism. With what is seen and is reformed, the categorical enunciation stands no different from the reforms that are witnessed indistinct. The reforms were initiated in various sectors. The pending reforms were carried out after a long gap of three decades. This paper tries to analyses the fall outs of NEP. The objectives are to understand the origin of policies relating to education sectors, to understand the vision of NEP, to know about the principles of NEP and primary data analysis. The paper elaborates the challenges faced by the reforms pertaining to Education Policies, otherwise would afflict the new dimension of learning. Keywords: National Education Policy, Vision, HEI, Knowledge, Education Policies, Karnataka, Radical Restructuring.

2021 ◽  
Tsegaye Tefera ◽  
Dessalegn Ejigu ◽  
Nega Tassie

Abstract Background Bahir Dar International Airport is known by its rich avifaunal diversity, and bird-aircraft collisions is becoming a serious problem in the area. Study on bird-aircraft strike problems in Bahir Dar International Airport was carried out from February - August 2020. The study area was classified into four habitat types based on its vegetation structures namely: bushland, grassland, wetland, and modified habitat. Point and transect count methods were used to collect data on diversity and abundance of birds. Interviews to people working at the Airport were used to gather information about the incident and prevention of bird-airport strike problems. Shannon-Wiener diversity, Simpson’s similarity indices, ANOVA, and chi-square tests were used for data analysis. Results A total of 80 bird species belonging to 15 orders and 40 families were identified in the present study area. The highest species diversity (H’=3.59) and species evenness (E=0.96) were recorded in the modified habitat during the wet season. The majority of birds in the present study area were uncommon species both during the dry (85.5%) and wet (84.8%) seasons. Birds pose severe threats to aircrafts in Bahir Dar International Airport. Bird-aircraft strike problem has mainly been prevented by expelling of birds using different techniques, which is found to be encouraging from the perspective of conservation of birds. Conclusion Bahir Dar International Airport is rich in its avifauna that requires the Aviation Authority to work in collaborative with different organizations to avoid bird-aircraft strike problems without affecting conservation of birds in the area.

Peter Leo ◽  
James Spragg ◽  
Tim Podlogar ◽  
Justin S. Lawley ◽  
Iñigo Mujika

AbstractEmerging trends in technological innovations, data analysis and practical applications have facilitated the measurement of cycling power output in the field, leading to improvements in training prescription, performance testing and race analysis. This review aimed to critically reflect on power profiling strategies in association with the power-duration relationship in cycling, to provide an updated view for applied researchers and practitioners. The authors elaborate on measuring power output followed by an outline of the methodological approaches to power profiling. Moreover, the deriving a power-duration relationship section presents existing concepts of power-duration models alongside exercise intensity domains. Combining laboratory and field testing discusses how traditional laboratory and field testing can be combined to inform and individualize the power profiling approach. Deriving the parameters of power-duration modelling suggests how these measures can be obtained from laboratory and field testing, including criteria for ensuring a high ecological validity (e.g. rider specialization, race demands). It is recommended that field testing should always be conducted in accordance with pre-established guidelines from the existing literature (e.g. set number of prediction trials, inter-trial recovery, road gradient and data analysis). It is also recommended to avoid single effort prediction trials, such as functional threshold power. Power-duration parameter estimates can be derived from the 2 parameter linear or non-linear critical power model: P(t) = W′/t + CP (W′—work capacity above CP; t—time). Structured field testing should be included to obtain an accurate fingerprint of a cyclist’s power profile.

2021 ◽  
Vol 1 (2) ◽  
pp. 26-36
Putra Maha Anugrah

ABSTRACT This research aims at at finding out 1) the challenges of the teachers in teaching speaking during online learning in SMAN 2 Abiansemal, 2) the teachers’ ways to cope with the challenges in teaching speaking during online learning in SMAN 2 Abiansemal and 3) the strengths and the weaknesses of the strategy used by the investigated teachers during online learning in teaching speaking. The subjecs of this research were three English teachers in SMAN 2 Abiansemal. To collect the data, two instruments were needed, observation sheet and interview guide. The obtained data were analyzed qualitative by using Interactively Data Analysis Model by Miles and Huberman (1994). This research discovers 1) 9 challenges in online learning, 2) 9 ways to cope the challenges, and 3) 9 weaknesses and strengths of the strategy.

2021 ◽  
pp. 084456212110489
Dimitri Létourneau ◽  
Johanne Goudreau ◽  
Chantal Cara

Background Most nursing education programs prepare their students to embody humanism and caring as it is expected by several regulatory bodies. Ensuring this embodiment in students and nurses remains a challenge because there is a lack of evidence about its progressive development through education and practice. Purpose This manuscript provides a description of nursing students’ and nurses’ recommendations that can foster the development of humanistic caring. Methods Interpretive phenomenology was selected as the study's methodological approach. Participants (n = 26) were recruited from a French-Canadian university and an affiliated university hospital. Data was collected through individual interviews. Data analysis consisted of an adaptation of Benner’s (1994) phenomenological principles that resulted in a five-stage interpretative process. Results The following five themes emerged from the phenomenological analysis of participants’ recommendations: 1) pedagogical strategies, 2) educators’ approach, 3) considerations in teaching humanistic caring, 4) work overload, and 5) volunteerism and externship. Conclusion The findings suggest the existence of a challenge when using mannikins in high-fidelity simulations with the intention of developing humanistic caring. The findings also reaffirm the importance of giving concrete and realistic exemplars of humanistic caring to students in order to prevent them from making “communication” synonymous to “humanization of care”.

2021 ◽  
pp. 0044118X2110552
İbrahim Taş

This study investigated the mediator effect of satisfaction with family life in the relationship between social ignore and social media addiction among adolescents. The research was conducted on 456 high school students studying in the 2019 academic year. Ages of the students vary between 14 and 16 years old. Social Media Addiction Scale, Social Ostracism Scale, and Satisfaction with Family Life Scale were used to collect data. SPSS 25 software package and PROCESS software package developed by Hayes as an add-on to SPSS were used in the data analysis. It was found that social ignore predicted social media addiction positive significantly and satisfaction with family life negatively. It was observed that satisfaction with family life predicted social media addiction negative significantly. It was also found that satisfaction with family life mediated the relationship between social ignore and social media addiction.

2021 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Aspasia Vlachvei ◽  
Ourania Notta ◽  
Eirini Koronaki

PurposeThis study advances knowledge of interactive marketing strategies by examining the effect of different content types on the three stages of customer engagement (CE) in social media, namely, relationship formation, engagement creation and engagement contribution, for European wine brands.Design/methodology/approachBoth quantitative and qualitative content analyses are conducted; a panel data analysis validates the impact of content type on the three stages of CE in social media.FindingsThe results indicate that remunerative content is the most consistent and promising strategy for enhancing all three stages of CE in social media. Social content motivates consumers to interact with wine brands by commenting, which is the most demanding and time-consuming form of engagement.Practical implicationsThe empirical results offer valuable directions for managers and marketers of European wine brands on creating and maintaining optimal interactive engagement in all three stages with their Facebook communities over the long run.Originality/valueThis study is one of the first to empirically examine, through objective measurement, how content type affects the three stages of CE in social media. The case of European wine brands is examined, over time, through a panel data analysis.

2021 ◽  
Hima Bindhu B ◽  
Jesudas T

Abstract Sensors are important device to collect the information for many applications. The present era is using internet of things (IOT) which is basically working on sensors. The inputs or status of the system is monitored using the sensors embedded in the system under consideration. The sensors need to be small in size, has to consume less power, more reliable and consistence. Wireless sensor network (WSN) is a collection of sensors which works together to do a particular task. This cluster of sensors are called nodes and has its own power and ability to communicate to other nodes in the cluster. The location of sensors in the cluster is required to be identified for proper data analysis. When the data is received from the sensor the location is also mapped with it then only proper action can be taken based on signal and location. In WSN few sensor locations are known which are called anchors, from these anchors, the location of unknown sensors are estimated. In this paper, intelligent algorithms firefly and flower pollination algorithm (FPA) are used to find the location of the sensors. The performance of the algorithms is compared with their accuracy to find the location and convergence speed.

2021 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Mohammad Jashim Uddin ◽  
Md. Tofael Hossain Majumder ◽  
Aklima Akter ◽  
Rabaya Zaman

Purpose This paper aims to explore the effects of bank diversification (i.e. diversification of income and diversification of assets) on Bangladeshi banks’ profitability. Design/methodology/approach Using a dynamic panel data model with system generalized methods of moments, the authors examine an unbalanced panel data from 32 banks spanning 318 bank-year observations from 2007 to 2016. Findings The findings indicate a significant positive association of income diversification and asset diversification on bank profitability. Therefore, the results show that banks can generate profit from diversification of income and diversification of assets. Originality/value One of the rare attempts to investigate the relationship between diversification and profitability in Bangladesh’s banking sector is this report. The authors anticipate the results to have major consequences for Bangladeshi bank regulators and other related economies.

Bahjatul Murtasidin ◽  
Michael Jeffri Sinabutar ◽  
Bob Morison Sigalingging

Adherents of ancestral religions stand in two entities as indigenous peoples and as citizens after the Constitutional Court Decision Number 96 of 2016 provided hope for believers as citizens to express their communal identity. This research aims to find out the form of relationship between Orang Lom and the state to civil rights services and to see the efforts made by Orang Lom to gain recognition from the state so that they have access to civil services. The approach in this study put forward Axel Honneth's political theory of recognition by dissecting it through the elements of subjectivity, objectivity, and solidarity that developed in the practice of civil rights services for the Mapur Lom Tribe. This study utilized a descriptive qualitative method with a case-study approach in the Mapur Indigenous Community of Orang Lom, Belinyu District, Bangka Belitung. The data collection technique was conducted through observation, in-depth interviews, and literature studies. Moreover, data analysis applied various sources, both from key informants and secondary data. The data analysis was performed by using an interactive model in the form of data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion. The results showed that the relationship between Orang Lom and the state seemed more administrative in nature on the basis of the prevailing laws and regulations regarding civil service and population administration. At this time, Orang Lom can put their belief in God Almighty in the column of National ID Card, but traditional marriage has not been recognized so that it has an impact on children's birth certificates and education services. In terms of the funeral of the adherents of folk religions, they do not receive any rejection from the community while for the organization's administration, the existence of the Mapur Customary Institution of Orang Lom receives recognition from Majelis Luhur Kepercayaan Indonesia.

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