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2021 ◽  
Tuanfeng Y. Wang ◽  
Duygu Ceylan ◽  
Krishna Kumar Singh ◽  
Niloy J. Mitra

2021 ◽  
Vol 45 (10) ◽  
Mathis Richter ◽  
Jonas Lins ◽  
Gregor Schöner

2021 ◽  
Shanglin Zhou ◽  
Sotiris C. Masmanidis ◽  
Dean V. Buonomano

Converging evidence suggests the brain encodes time in time-varying patterns of neural activity, including neural sequences, ramping activity, and complex dynamics. Temporal tasks that require producing the same time-dependent output patterns may have distinct computational requirements in regard to the need to exhibit temporal scaling or generalize to novel contexts. It is not known how neural circuits can both encode time and satisfy distinct computational and generalization requirements, it is also not known whether similar patterns of neural activity at the population level can emerge from distinctly different network configurations. To begin to answer these questions, we trained RNNs on two timing tasks based on behavioral studies. The tasks had different input structures but required producing identically timed output patterns. Using a novel framework we quantified whether RNNs encoded two intervals using either of three different timing strategies: scaling, absolute, or stimulus-specific dynamics. We found that similar neural dynamics for single intervals were associated with fundamentally different encoding strategies and network configurations. Critically, some regimes were better suited for generalization, categorical timing, or robustness to noise. Further analysis revealed different connection patterns underlying the different encoding strategies. Our results predict that apparently similar neural dynamic regimes at the population level can be produced through fundamentally different mechanisms—e.g., in regard to network connectivity and the role of excitatory and inhibitory neurons. We also predict that the task structure used in different experimental studies accounts for some of the experimentally observed variability in how networks encode time.

Shikhar Bahl ◽  
Abhinav Gupta ◽  
Deepak Pathak

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