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2022 ◽  
Vol 28 ◽  
pp. 90-97
Bahia Namavar Jahromi ◽  
Mozhgan Fardid ◽  
Elahe Esmaili ◽  
Zahra Kavosi ◽  
Zahra Shiravani ◽  

A S Sochipem Zimik ◽  
Chingreipam Keishing ◽  

Biometric technology is a contemporary method of identifying and verifying individuals by studying human behavior. The study is focused on primary data obtained at random from numerous employees working, and appropriate questionnaires are provided for additional analysis. As the safety of both persons and corporate assets grows more important, biometrics devices are becoming increasingly promising. The study will help in understanding whether biometric devices will not only just fulfill the basic purpose of identification and verification but rather help in influencing employees to work efficiently by critically evaluating their behavior and result in a positive impact on the organization's productivity. The study finds that biometric technology may be regarded as one of the characteristics of competitive advantage. Because of its low cost, reliability, and responsiveness, the technology is viewed as a method of boosting an organization's security, dependability, cost-effectiveness, and productivity, necessitating a promotion and marketing strategy. Using biometric equipment, the research investigates the effects and performance of employees. According to the findings of the survey, employees are more interested in working for a company that offers flexible scheduling. The study also discovers that the market growth of biometric devices is promising. The research was carried out utilizing qualitative methods.

2022 ◽  
Vol 28 ◽  
pp. 76-81
Norberto D. Giglio ◽  
Vanesa E. Castellano ◽  
Patricia Mizrahi ◽  
Paula V. Micone

2022 ◽  
Vol 28 ◽  
pp. 67-75
Shereef Elsamany ◽  
Gihan Hamdy Elsisi ◽  
Fayza Ahmed Mohamed Hassanin ◽  
Khaldoon Saleh ◽  
Emad Tashkandi

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