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A S Sochipem Zimik ◽  
Chingreipam Keishing ◽  

Biometric technology is a contemporary method of identifying and verifying individuals by studying human behavior. The study is focused on primary data obtained at random from numerous employees working, and appropriate questionnaires are provided for additional analysis. As the safety of both persons and corporate assets grows more important, biometrics devices are becoming increasingly promising. The study will help in understanding whether biometric devices will not only just fulfill the basic purpose of identification and verification but rather help in influencing employees to work efficiently by critically evaluating their behavior and result in a positive impact on the organization's productivity. The study finds that biometric technology may be regarded as one of the characteristics of competitive advantage. Because of its low cost, reliability, and responsiveness, the technology is viewed as a method of boosting an organization's security, dependability, cost-effectiveness, and productivity, necessitating a promotion and marketing strategy. Using biometric equipment, the research investigates the effects and performance of employees. According to the findings of the survey, employees are more interested in working for a company that offers flexible scheduling. The study also discovers that the market growth of biometric devices is promising. The research was carried out utilizing qualitative methods.

2022 ◽  
Vol 28 (3) ◽  
pp. 100190
Antonio Fernández-Portillo ◽  
Manuel Almodóvar-González ◽  
Mari Cruz Sánchez-Escobedo ◽  
José Luis Coca-Pérez

Prof. Pritam Ahire

Abstract: This Malware detection is a field of computer security that deals with the study and prevention of malicious software. It is not the only way to defend a company against a cyber- attack. In order to be effective, companies should analyse their risk and identify the vulnerabilities. In this paper, we will examine different techniques used to detect computer malware and malicious websites as well as future directives in this area of study and also, we will discuss the growth in computer malware and how traditional methods of detection are being replaced by innovative techniques like behavioural-based model and Signature-based model. Future directives involve developing better security products in order to fight against cyber fraud which is on a rise in recent years especially in Asia Pacific region. With this increase in cyber frauds and other malicious activities, traditional methods are not enough to block computers from it as this method has many drawbacks. In order to tackle these issues, researchers have been developing new techniques such as heuristic analysis, static & dynamic analysis which can detect more than 90% of malware samples without any false positives or negatives. Keywords: Behaviour-based approach, Dynamic analysis, Heuristic, Malware, Ransomware, Signature-based model, Static analysis, Vulnerability.

2022 ◽  
Vol 5 (2) ◽  
Ambang Rizki Aji Nugrahanto ◽  
Maria Puspita Sari

PT Surya Putra Mulia is a company that produces gray (greige) using the knitting process. This research is focused on the warehouse section on the loading process finished goods. In the warehouse section there are some excessive physical activities due to activities are carried out manually. Measurement of work posture is needed to determine whether the work posture carried out by the operator is good and ergonomic. Assessment of work posture is carried out using the Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA) method. Based on an assessment using the REBA (Rapid Entire Body Assessment) method, it shows that the withdrawal of finished goods includes a moderate level of risk, which means that improvements are needed. The activity of loading finished goods onto trucks (figure 3) includes a moderate risk level which means that repairs are needed, while in Figure 4 it is a high risk level which means that immediate corrective action is needed. For the preparation of finished goods on trucks, it is a moderate risk level, which means that repairs are needed. So that in the process of withdrawing finished goods, proposals are given to reduce the burden being transported. Then add a tool in the process of loading finished goods to the truck in the form of a hand stacker.

2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (1) ◽  
pp. 16-22
Franciskus Antonius Alijoyo

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is significant in running a company. ISO 31000 is one of the ERM types that are familiar. However, there are still pros and cons of ISO 31000. Thus, this study aimed to find out the responses of the Indonesian fintech lending companies managements in implementing ISO 31000. Specifically, this study tried to identify the problems in implementing ISO 31000:2018 to be implemented as ERM. Besides, it also discussed the benefits of the ISO 31000:2018 implementation from the companies' management's perspectives. The data were collected through questionnaires and interviews. The questionnaire results were quantified and interpreted in percentage, while the interview results were analyzed qualitatively using the interactive data analysis method. The study results showed that most of the companies' management believed that they had no significant problems implementing ISO 31000:2018. In addition, they felt that implementing ISO 31000:2018 as ERM gave many benefits in running the companies. The study's findings were discussed by connecting them with the current theories and empirical reviews. However, since the study was done qualitatively, a further study that involves quantitative study to measure the effectiveness of ISO 31000 empirically is needed to support the results of this study.

Nirmana ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 20 (2) ◽  
pp. 106-120
Natalia Widiasari

Advertising plays an important role in narrating the social side of a company which is often referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Corporate social campaigns are often seen as dubious, however, audiences as individuals interpret advertisements based on their values and experiences. TBSI (The Body Shop Indonesia) advertisements were conceptualized and analyzed using narrative transportation. Interviews are conducted with nine informants from various backgrounds. The results of the study are described in themes, namely (1) insight, (2) the relationship between CSR messages and the participant's value system, and (3) narrative responses to CSR advertisements. The result of the study states that advertising does not necessarily make the value from a social issue to be embedded or instilled in someone. Narrative and commitment to these values depend on the individual, person by person.

Made Harry Darmawan ◽  
Ni Nyoman Kerti Yasa

The various types of culinary businesses offered are so diverse such as restaurants, cafes, lounges, and bars. One local restaurant that is well known to the public is MM Juice and Restaurant. An indicator of the success of a company is determined by the intention to repurchase its consumers on an ongoing basis which is one of the factors that MM Juice and Restaurant want to improve. This study aims to explain the role of experiential value in mediating the effect of experiential marketing on repurchase intention. This research was conducted in Denpasar City involving 185 respondents who live in Denpasar with an age range of 18 years and over and have completed high school education. The method used is online purposive sampling via Google Form. The data analysis technique used is a descriptive statistical analysis technique, path analysis, and Sobel test. The results of this study indicate that experiential marketing has a positive and significant effect on experiential value.

M. G. Drozd

The article contains the best foreign practices of implementing the of antimonopoly compliance Institute (compliance) in order to identify and manage the risks of violations of competition law and the possibility of preventing these violations by companies. The article presents the definition of compliance, describes the experience of foreign competition authorities in development, organization and implementation of compliance programs. Special attention is paid to the potential benefits that business receives as part of the successful implementation of the antimonopoly compliance system, including the possibility of mitigating circumstance in case a company commits an antimonopoly offense.

2022 ◽  
pp. 231971452110686
Hitesh Shukla ◽  
Vibhu Teraiya

This article aims to understand better the impact of the diversity of gender in boards on the innovation and creativity of companies in the context of the structure of business—family businesses and non-family businesses. Based on women’s participation in decision-making and family firm literature, we argue that women directors/executives’ impact on decision-making will rely on their relative power and credibility within the board. These dynamics are especially crucial, bringing creativity to family firm’s boardrooms as well. The results show that increases in innovation and creativity with women’s presence in family firms’ boards are due mainly to outsider non-family and insider family women directors/executives. Even after the division of women directors into independent and non-independent directors, the finding suggests that women independent directors have an impact on the company’s innovations. Conversely, women chair minimal effects on the innovation and creativity advances of the businesses. Furthermore, In the family business, the influence of women managers and women independent managers on the innovation and creativity of a company is slightly stronger.

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