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Marine Policy ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 137 ◽  
pp. 104874
Matthew J. Spaniol ◽  
Nicholas J. Rowland

2022 ◽  
Robert Fletcher

Brown Seaweeds (Phaeophyceae) of Britain and Ireland provides the first complete, up-to-date, detailed illustrated guide and keys to the nearly 200 species of brown algae present around the coasts of Britain and Ireland. It is the culmination of over 30 years of field and laboratory studies by the author. Following an exhaustive introduction that covers the biology and ecology of brown seaweeds, a checklist of species is set out, followed by clear and user-friendly keys to the genera. Particular attention is then paid to providing detailed illustrations, and the volume holds more than 300 compound plates of line drawings and photographs in its extensive taxonomic treatment. Comprehensive information is given on the geographical and seasonal distributions, synonymy, morphology, anatomy, cytology, reproduction, life histories, taxonomy, systematics and bibliographic material pertaining to each species. Notably, this flora offers a much fuller consideration of many of the lesser known, more cryptic microscopic brown algae than previously available. Further, the book also contains the results of much original research undertaken by the author. This will surely remain a standard reference work on brown seaweeds for many years to come – an indispensable research tool and field guide for phycologists and students throughout the North Atlantic region and beyond.

Odilia Renaningtyas Manifesty ◽  
Jin Young Park ◽  

The 15-Minute city concept emerged as a response to the hyper-motorized city. First popularized by the Mayor of Paris in 2020, 15-Minute City is an evolving concept that derived from its predecessors such as neighborhood-unit planning and walkable city. This paper explores the implementation of the 15-Minute City concept in city planning by using Singapore as the case study. In 2018, Singapore released its Land Transport Master Plan 2040 and which includes an ambitious concept of 20-Minute Towns and a 45-Minute City (2MT45MC) and has similar ideas to the 15-Minute City concept. Through various journal articles and media coverage, Singapore’s policy and regulation regarding its transport planning were thoroughly reviewed to find Singapore’s strategy and challenges in realizing the objective of its 2MT45MC concept. Normalizing active mobility and enhancing connectivity nationwide are the main strategies to overcome the biggest challenges faced: lack of legal backing in personal mobility devices and the country’s rigid zoning. Even though it is too early to say whether 2MT45MC is achievable or not, projects such as the North-South Corridor show that for a long-term plan, it seems feasible.

2022 ◽  
Vol 113 ◽  
pp. 190-203
Xiaoyu Hu ◽  
Gan Yang ◽  
Yiliang Liu ◽  
Yiqun Lu ◽  
Yuwei Wang ◽  

2022 ◽  
Simon Young

Comprising three parts, this book is a companion volume to The Boggart: Folklore, History, Place-Names and Dialect. Part one, ‘Boggart Ephemera’, is a selection of about 40,000 words of nineteenth-century boggart writing (particularly material that is difficult to find in libraries). Part two presents a catalogue of ‘Boggart Names’ (place-names and personal names, totalling over 10,000 words). Finally, part three contains the entire ‘Boggart Census’ – a compendium of ground-breaking grassroots research. This census includes more than a thousand responses, totalling some 80,000 words, from older respondents in the north-west of England, to the question: ‘What is a boggart?’ The Boggart Sourcebook will be of interest to folklorists, historians and dialect scholars. It provides the three corpora on which the innovative monograph, The Boggart, is based.

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