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2022 ◽  
Vol 22 (1) ◽  
pp. 147-160
Cristiane do Bom Conselho Sales Alvarenga ◽  
Rosemary do Bom Conselho Sales ◽  
Rodrigo Barreto Caldas ◽  
Paulo Roberto Cetlin ◽  
Maria Teresa Paulino Aguilar

Abstract Metakaolinis the principal raw material utilized in the synthesis of geopolymers, although its ratio of silica and alumina contents is not ideal. Normally, the SiO2 content is adjusted with the use of silicates present in the activating solution. An eco-efficient alternative would be the use of glass waste as an additional source of silica.This work evaluates the efficiency of the alkaline activation of metakaolin, using potassium hydroxide and silicate, with and without the substitution of 12.5% of metakaolin by microparticles of glass. The efficiency of the alkaline activation was evaluated by X ray diffractometry, spectroscopy in the infrared region with the Fourier transform, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of 27Al and 29Si, specific mass and compressive strength. The results indicate the occurrence of geopolymerization with and without the use of glass waste. It was observed that the substitution of 12.5% favors the mechanical performance of the compounds at 28 days, with increases by 37% and 47% in the mechanical strength of the material with thermal curing and ambient temperature curing, respectively.

Yang Xiao ◽  
Wentao Xiao ◽  
Guoliang Ma ◽  
Xiang He ◽  
Huanran Wu ◽  

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