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S. I. Kseneva ◽  
E. V. Borodulina ◽  
O. Yu. Trifonova ◽  
V. P. Fisenko ◽  
V. V. Udut

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (2) ◽  
pp. 574
Diana Duma ◽  
Raul Zaharia ◽  
Dan Pintea ◽  
Ioan Both ◽  
Francois Hanus

The slim floor beams, characterized by the steel profile embedded in the concrete slab, may be found in different configurations, based on the shape of the steel profile cross-section, which can vary from a rectangular to double-T section. While the most common shape used nowadays is the double-T cross-section, the Eurocodes do not provide a simplified method for the fire resistance assessment. The literature offers a simplified method for computation of bending resistance under elevated temperature, based on existing research on thermal models, and was validated for a particular type of slim floor beams (SFB). The current study extends the scope of application of this method, for different types of slim floor beam, which include an asymmetric double-T steel cross-section. The objective was reached through a numerical procedure, by analyzing 162 configurations subjected to four different fire requirements (R30, R60, R90, R120), resulting in a total of 648 analyses, performed with a validated numerical model in SAFIR software. The results in terms of bending resistance showed that the simplified method represents a strong tool for the fire design of slim floor beams.

2022 ◽  
Vol 27 (1) ◽  
pp. 31
Samuel Ebede ◽  
Ifeyinwa Nwafia ◽  
Martin Ohanu ◽  
Chukwudi Okoil ◽  
Paul Nwachukwu ◽  

N. V. Tsybrovska ◽  
Y. N. Mazur

Introduction of an important importance acquires issues of drought resistance of plants that are closely linked to the problems of studying the water regime. The main negative consequence of modern warming is drought. Therefore, we have been conducted by drought resistance to G. biloba and its varieties of G. biloba 'Mariken' and 'Troll', which were compared with the indicators of the water mode of the aboriginal leaves for the Right-Bank of Forest-Steppe of Ukraine species Carpinuз betuluз L. and Acer platanoideз L. Determination of the actual and potential drought resistance of the plant studied was carried out with the help of field and laboratory techniques. It is found that all G. biloba plants are characterized by high actual drought resistance. G. biloba plants by most of the water regime exceeds the value of aboriginal species C. betuluз and A. platanoideз. This indicates a high degree of acclimatization and wide plasticity G. biloba to the conditions of introduction.

2021 ◽  
pp. 105158
Michael G. Ison ◽  
Frederick G. Hayden ◽  
Alan J. Hay ◽  
Larisa V. Gubareva ◽  
Elena A. Govorkova ◽  

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