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N’Negue Mezui-Mbeng MA ◽  

Introduction: The oxidative stress and the deterioration of the antioxidant system demonstrated by the dosage of antioxidant enzymes and the by-products of lipid peroxidation are involved in the occurrence of uterine myomas. Objectives: To measure the antioxidant activity of the plasma of patients with uterine myoma and that of the plasma of their age-matched controls by trapping the free radical ABTS+. The study aims to confirm by another assessment technique. Results: The anti-free radical activities of the plasmas of patients with myomas and those of their respective controls vary from 1.3 to 6%. In addition, two cases were observed: either the anti-radical activity of the control subjects turned out to be slightly higher than that of the patients; or the anti-free radical activity of patients with uterine myomas was slightly stronger than those of their controls. In addition, our results showed that the anti-free radical activity of patients aged over 40 years is slightly higher than that of patients aged less than or equal to 40 years. Finally, the anti-free radical activity decreases with an increase in BMI and increases with the number of gestities and parity. Conclusion: Assessment of the total antioxidant capacity of blood by trapping the ABTS+ radical can be used to assess, at a certain threshold, the oxidative stress involved in the development of uterine myoma. This method can also be used to assess the effect of age, BMI, pregnancy and parity on the occurrence of myomas.

2022 ◽  
Vol 171 ◽  
pp. 104340
G. Marcolini ◽  
M. Toselli ◽  
P. Gioacchini ◽  
C. Ciavatta ◽  
M. Quartieri ◽  

2022 ◽  
Vol 22 ◽  
pp. 100998
Mohd Khalid Hazreen-Nita ◽  
Zulhisyam Abdul Kari ◽  
Khairiyah Mat ◽  
Nor Dini Rusli ◽  
Suniza Anis Mohamad Sukri ◽  

Fuel ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 309 ◽  
pp. 122171
Miriam Tena ◽  
Luz S. Buller ◽  
William G. Sganzerla ◽  
Mauro Berni ◽  
Tânia Forster-Carneiro ◽  

2022 ◽  
Vol 176 ◽  
pp. 114344
Reham S. Darwish ◽  
Marina A.A. Fares ◽  
Hala M.A. Hammoda ◽  
Abdelrahman M. Yassin ◽  
Doaa A. Ghareeb ◽  

2022 ◽  
Vol 304 ◽  
pp. 114194
Antonio Alfonzo ◽  
Vito Armando Laudicina ◽  
Sofia Maria Muscarella ◽  
Luigi Badalucco ◽  
Giancarlo Moschetti ◽  

LWT ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 155 ◽  
pp. 112931
Nailín Carvajal-Mena ◽  
Gipsy Tabilo-Munizaga ◽  
Mario Pérez-Won ◽  
Robert Lemus-Mondaca

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