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2021 ◽  
Guangjie Lv ◽  
Aili Li ◽  
Xincao Tao ◽  
Yanan Zhai ◽  
Yu Zhang ◽  

Abstract Background: Noninvasive assessment of pulmonary artery systolic pressure by Doppler echocardiography (sPAPECHO) has been widely adopted to screen for pulmonary hypertension (PH). But high proportion of overestimation or underestimation of sPAPECHO still remained. So we aimed to explore the accuracy and influencing factors of sPAPECHO with right heart catheterization (RHC) as reference. Methods: A total of 218 highly suspected pulmonary hypertension (PH) patients who underwent RHC and echocardiography within 7 days were included. The correlation and consistency between tricuspid regurgitation (TR) derived parameters and RHC results were tested by Pearson and Bland-Altaman methods. With mPAP ≥25mmHg measured by RHC as the standard diagnostic criteria of PH, ROC curve was used to compared the diagnostic efficacy of sPAPECHO with other TR related methods. The ratio of (sPAPECHO-sPAPRHC)/sPAPRHC was calculated and divided into three groups, namely, the underestimation group, accurate group and overestimation group by ±10% as the boundary. The influencing factors of sPAPECHO were analyzed by ordinal regression analysis.Results: sPAPECHO had the greatest correlation coefficient (r=0.781, P<0.001), best diagnostic efficiency (AUC=0.98) and lowest bias (mean bias= 0.07mmHg, 95% limits of agreement: -32.08 to +32.22mmHg) compared with other TR related methods. Ordinal regression analysis showed that TR signal quality, PAWP and sPAPRHC level affected the accuracy of sPAPECHO (P < 0.05). The OR value of PAWP was 0.94 (95%CI: 0.89, 0.99). Compared with high sPAPRHC level, the OR value of low and medium sPAPRHC level were 21.56 (95%CI: 9.57, 48.55) and 5.13 (95%CI: 2.55, 10.32) , respectively. Relative to the signal quality of type A, the OR value of type B and C signal quality were 0.26 (95%CI: 0.14, 0.48) and 0.23 (95%CI: 0.07, 0.73), respectively. While TR severity and right ventricular systolic function had no significant effect on the accuracy of sPAPECHO. Conclusions: sPAPECHO was superior to other TR-related methods in PH screening, and was often overestimated in patients with pre-capillary PH at low sPAPRHC level, even with good TR signal quality.Trial registration: This is a retrospectively registered study.

Li Zhou

E-learning is a teaching model formed during the informatization of colleges. It is of great significance to the promotion of teaching reform. This paper tries to evaluate the training effect of e-learning among college students, understand their perception and expectation of e-learning, and demonstrate the importance of the training to the practical ability and professional knowledge utilization of college students. In addition, the factors affecting e-learning training in colleges are evaluated one by one. The results show that e-learning training effect can be assessed well with an evaluation index system (EIS), consisting of a response layer, a learning layer, a behavior layer, and a result layer. The training effect of e-learning is influenced by the trainee characteristics, working environment, and training design. The research lays a theoretical basis for applying e-learning training in teaching.

2021 ◽  
Vol 0 (0) ◽  
pp. 1-26
Qingru Sun ◽  
Xiangyun Gao ◽  
Jingjian Si ◽  
Xian Xi ◽  
Siyao Liu ◽  

This paper provides the concept of import dependence between countries, which is a relative quantity. In order to reveal the evolutionary characteristics of the import dependence between countries in energy trade and its influencing factors, firstly, based on the network analysis method, this paper constructs a model of energy import dependence network (EIDN) among countries and regions along the Belt and Road (B&R countries). Crude oil and natural gas are taken as empirical objects, and the evolution characteristics of the two kinds of EIDNs are analysed. The result showed that most of the B&R countries had a small number of crude oil and natural gas trade partners. However, the import dependence in crude oil and natural gas trade between countries is relatively large, indicating that the risk of oil and gas security in B&R countries is high. Moreover, based on the QAP method, spatial distance, economic differences, the signing of free trade agreements, and the differences in energy consumption between countries have a significant impact on the import dependence in crude oil and natural gas trade among B&R countries.

Е.В. Ройтман ◽  
В.М. Печенников

Низкомолекулярные гепарины (НМГ) являются уникальными препаратами: образуя одну группу, объединенную антитромботическим действием, каждое МНН (международное непатентованное наименование) дополнительно предоставляет свой спектр плейотропного (неантитромботического) действия со своим профилем клинической эффективности. Из-за различий в структуре этих препаратов не следует переносить результаты, полученные с одним НМГ, на другой. Однако различия между ними не делают какой-то один НМГ лучше или хуже другого. Напротив, они позволяют выбрать если не оптимальный, то наиболее подходящий препарат для конкретного пациента. При выборе НМГ для конкретного пациента необходимо строго руководствоваться инструкцией по медицинскому применению и тщательным подбором индивидуальной дозы препарата, исходя из массы тела пациента, степени тяжести заболевания, сопутствующей патологии, а также принимая во внимание ряд других факторов. Low molecular weight heparins (LMWHs) make one pharmacological group due to their antithrombotic action, but each of their international nonproprietary names provides additionally its own spectrum of pleiotropic (non-antithrombotic) actions with a specific profile for clinical efficacy. Due to the differences in the structure of these medications the results obtained with one LMWH should not be transferred to another. However, differences between LMWHs do not make one better or worse than the other. On the contrary, it allows you to choose if not optimal then the most suitable LMWH for the patient taking into account a number of influencing factors as well.

2021 ◽  
Vol 5 (6) ◽  
pp. 49-54
Xiaoli Yue ◽  
Yang Wang ◽  
Hong’ou Zhang

In this paper, nine indicators selected from three perspectives (convenience, environmental and location characteristics) and three regression models (OLS, SLM and SEM) are used to explore the influencing factors of housing sales vacancy in the Guangzhou Metropolitan Area, China. The results show that subway accessibility, peripheral aversion municipal facilities and distance from the CBD (Central Business District) are consistent with theoretical expectations. Subway accessibility is negatively correlated with the housing sales vacancy rates, while peripheral aversion municipal facilities and distance from the CBD are positively correlated with housing vacancy rates.

Qian Feng ◽  
Beikun Feng

With the continuous progress of artificial intelligence technology, mobile online education is developing rapidly. Compared with traditional classrooms, the mo-bile online education mode can realize sharing of high-quality education resources efficiently and at a low cost, thus the education informatization policy can be im-plemented. However, the college students’ willingness to use mobile online edu-cation platforms is complicated due to the lack of a market access threshold and relatively single course resources. Based on the theory of perceived value, the hypothesis of the influencing factors of the college students’ willingness to use mobile online education platforms was proposed, and the hypothesis with a ques-tionnaire survey method and structural equation model was verified. Results show that the questionnaire designed in this study has good reliability and validi-ty. The exploratory learning and good public praise of the network positively af-fects the college students’ perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness of mo-bile online education platforms. The perceived usefulness has a significant direct and positive effect on their willingness to use online education platforms. The conclusions have a certain reference value for improving the quality and service of online education platforms and enriching the connotation and usage of mobile online education.

2021 ◽  
Zhankui Jin ◽  
Zhengming Sun ◽  
Xueyuan Wu ◽  
Ming Chen ◽  
Bo Yang ◽  

Abstract Objective: Kashin-Beck disease (KBD) is an endemic deformable bone and joint disease, which seriously affects the quality of life (QOL) of patients. We tried to conduct a cross-sectional study of the QOL of KBD patients by a new KBD quality of life (KBDQOL) questionnaire.Methods: 252 KBD patients came from Northwest China, and 260 healthy people living in the same area as KBD patients served as the control group. KBDQOL questionnaire was used to evaluate the QOL of all objects.Results: The average score of physical functions, activity limitations, support of society, mental health and general health of KBD patients was significantly lower than that in control group. There was no statistical difference in economics between KBD patients and control group. The univariate analysis showed that age, height, weight status, education level and grade of KBD had a statistically significant effect on KBDQOL score. The results of multivariate analysis showed that grade of KBD was the influencing factor of physical function score; sex, age, height, grade of KBD and duration of symptoms were the influencing factors of activity restriction score; grade of KBD was the influencing factor of economic score, age and grade of KBD were influencing factors of general health.Conclusions: The QOL of patients with KBD was significantly lower than that of healthy people living in the same place. The KBDQOL questionnaire may be a promising tool for assessing the QOL of KBD patients.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2021 ◽  
pp. 1-12
Yu Hao ◽  
Chaolun Sun ◽  
Jianping Wei ◽  
Sasa Gu ◽  
Fan Zhang

Emergency management of coal mines requires enhanced synergy among departments, institutions, and enterprises, which means overall efficiency in management. Their synergy can effectively lower the cost of emergency management, improve the effectiveness of it, and build a strong joint force for the prevention and control of emergencies. Accordingly, this study established a synergy system for regional coal mine emergency management and analyzed the interest relationship among key stakeholders in the system. Then, it established differential game models of the management synergy, explored the selection process of the behavior strategy of each stakeholder under different situations, and provided important tools for quantitative analysis on emergency management synergy practice. Furthermore, numerical simulation was carried out to analyze the influencing factors of their decision behaviors. The research results are of great significance for the comprehension of the evolution mechanism for the emergency management synergy of coal mines, the assistance for the government in determining the optimal method in emergency management synergy, the mobilization of the stakeholders, and the improvement of the current situation of emergency management synergy of coal mines in China.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2021 ◽  
pp. 1-16
Liu Ziyu ◽  
Zhao Lixia

In order to analyze the hot frontier of academic entrepreneurship and study the influencing factors of academic entrepreneurship, By using citespace V information visualization software and content analysis, 32 papers in CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure) database are retrieved which are indexed by CSSCI (Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index), and 66 papers are retrieved in Web of Science database which are indexed by SSCI (Social Sciences Citation Index); the Chinese and international sample papers were compared and analyzed, and a comparative analysis between Chinese and international papers was made. The results show that the influencing factors of academic entrepreneurship are divided into personal, environmental, and organizational factors. There are many researches on personal factors in China and external factors such as environment, organization, and system in international countries. Chinese research tends to the macrolevel, while international research pays more attention to the microlevel. The research frontier at home and abroad is the research of academic entrepreneurial process at microlevel. Finally, some suggestions are given to academic entrepreneurship: academic exchanges should be strengthened, more support platforms should be set up in university institutions, and the state should introduce incentive policies to enhance the strength and level of academic entrepreneurship.

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