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2022 ◽  
Vol 9 (2) ◽  
pp. 142-148
Nico Manzonelli ◽  
Taylor Brown ◽  
Antonio Avellandea-Ruiz ◽  
William Bagley ◽  
Ian Kloo

Traditionally, a significant part of assessing information operations (IO) relies on subject matter experts’ time- intensive study of publicly available information (PAI). Now, with massive amounts PAI made available via the Internet, analysts are faced with the challenge of effectively leveraging massive quantities of PAI to draw meaningful conclusions. This paper presents an automated method for collecting and analyzing large amounts of PAI from China that could better inform assessments of IO campaigns. We implement a multi-model system that involves data acquisition via web scraping and analysis using natural language processing (NLP) techniques with a focus on topic modeling and sentiment analysis. After conducting a case study on China’s current relationship with Taiwan and comparing the results to validated research by a subject matter expert, it is clear that our methodology is valuable for drawing general conclusions and pinpointing important dialogue over a massive amount of PAI.

Nova Tellus ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 40 (1) ◽  
pp. 109-135
Agustín Moreno ◽  

This paper proposes a state of the matter on the scholarship about ethnic stereotypes in Ab urbe condita from the classic work by Walsh written in 1961 to nowadays. With this goal in mind, the paper is divided in five parts. The first part shows how the analyses of the subject matter became more complex as the ethnographic tradition with which Livy dealt, as well as the Roman identity and the notion itself of stereotype became an issue. In the second part, this article criticizes binary conceptions of otherness and suggests a wider gradation of it. The third part deals with some interesting observations made by Moore in 1989 that were later disregarded. In the fourth, it reviews Levene’s suggestion based on ethnic identity studies that we should look for a non-Romancentric view within Livy’s work. Finally, it studies the relevance of considering three kinds of contexts —the genre of the work, episodic and temporal frameworks— while analyzing the ethnic stereotypes in Ab urbe condita.

2022 ◽  
Vol 5 (1) ◽  
pp. 229-253
Issa Kohler-Hausmann

After featuring prominently in early law and society research, the study of subfelony enforcement and processing was largely eclipsed by the study of mass incarceration. Of late, the subject matter has enjoyed a resurgence. This review addresses what things might be included in a study of subfelonies, what aspects about them researchers have studied, and why it might be theoretically interesting to study them.

2022 ◽  
Vol 1 (2) ◽  
pp. 232-239

The goal of this study is to develop persuasive speech skills and confidence in the Indonesian language subject for class IX of SMP Negeri 22 West Jakarta in the 2021/2022 academic year. This is a classroom action research study (CAR). The participants in this study were 34 students in grade IX from SMP Negeri 22 West Jakarta during the academic year 2021/2022. This study was classified into four stages: (1) preparation, (2) implementation, (3) observation, and (4) reflection. The study was divided into three (three) cycles: cycle I, cycle II, and cycle III. The findings of this study show that self-confidence has an impact on Indonesian students' learning outcomes, particularly their capacity to deliver compelling speeches in class IX at SMP Negeri 22 during the 2021/2022 academic year. The average value of 58.69 was calculated from the results of the first cycle analysis, with a degree of completeness of 70%. The average value was 74.59 in the second cycle, with an 84.29 percent completion rate. This indicates that students have not yet attained full mastery of their subject matter. Cycle III saw a rise, with an average value of 83.99 or already being included in very good criteria with a percentage of completion of 90.67 percent.This demonstrates that the average value and percentage of mastery learning scores increased in cycle III, and this research is completed in cycle III because these 3 (three) criteria matched the criteria for completeness. ABSTRAKPenelitian ini bertujuan untuk meningkatkan hasil belajar kemampuan berpidato persuasif dengan tingkat percaya diri pada mata pelajaran bahasa Indonesia untuk kelas IX SMP Negeri 22 Jakarta Barat tahun pelajaran 2021/2022. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian tindakan kelas (PTK). Subjek dalam penelitian ini yaitu siswa kelas IX SMP Negeri 22 Jakarta Barat tahun ajaran 2021/2022 berjumlah 34 siswa. Prosedur penelitian ini dilakukan melalui empat tahapan yaitu: (1) perencanaan, (2) pelaksanaan, (3) pengamatan dan (4) refleksi. Penelitian ini dilaksanakan melalui 3 (tiga) siklus terdiri dari siklus I dan siklus II. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa tingkat percaya diri berpengaruh terhadap hasil belajar bahasa Indonesia khususnya kemampuan berpidato persuasif pada siswa kelas IX SMP Negeri 22 tahun ajaran 2021/2022. Dari hasil análisis siklus I diperoleh nilai rata-rata 58,69 dengan persentase ketuntasan 70%. Pada siklus II diperoleh nilai rata-rata adalah 74,59 dengan persentase ketuntasan 84,29%. Hal ini menunjukkan bahwa siswa belum sepenuhnya mencapai ketuntasan belajar. Pada siklus III, ada peningkatan, peningkatan untuk siklus III dengan nilai rata-rata 83,99 atau sudah termasuk kriteria sangat baik dengan persentase ketuntasan mencapai 90,67%. Hal ini menunjukkan bahwa adanya peningkatan nilai rata-rata dan presentase nilai ketuntasan belajar pada siklus III, karena 3 (tiga) kriteria ini sudah memenuhi kriteria ketuntasan maka penelitian ini diselesaikan di siklus III.

2022 ◽  
Richard Read

William Molyneux's question to John Locke about whether a blind man restored to sight could name the difference between a cube and a sphere without touching them shaped fundamental conflicts in philosophy, theology and science between empirical and idealist answers that are radically alien to current ways of seeing and feeling but were born of colonizing ambitions whose devastating genocidal and ecocidal consequences intensify today. This Element demonstrates how landscape paintings of unfamiliar terrains required historical and geological subject matter to supply tactile associations for empirical recognition of space, whereas idealism conferred unmediated but no less coercive sensory access. Close visual and verbal analysis using photographs of pictorial sites trace vividly different responses to the question, from those of William Hazlitt and John Ruskin in Britain to those of nineteenth-century authors and artists in the United States and Australia, including Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Cole, William Haseltine, Fitz Henry Lane and Eugene von Guérard.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-7

The real conditions at SMP Negeri 10 Malang, especially for grade VIIIA semester 2 in KD 4.1, were developed material for specific motion variations in various simple and or traditional big ball games. One of the materials presented is football with a discussion of under-passing. Several techniques for variations of the lower passing exercise have been given but at the time of the evaluation the results were not satisfactory.Based on the results of observations made on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 on the learning process with the subject matter of the game of football, especially underpassing at SMP Negeri 10 Malang, researchers found several problems in learning to pass under football including the foot not beside the ball, the swing leg not rotating. 90º, the touch of the foot on the ball is not on the back of the ball, the result of the passing is not on the target.With this research, it is hoped that this research will improve the mastery of the football underhand passing technique, so that it can support maximum results on the football underpassing material at SMP Negeri 10 Malang. ABSTRAKKondisi riil di SMP Negeri 10 Malang khususnya kelas VIIIA semester 2 pada KD 4.1 dikembangkan materi variasi gerak spesifik dalam berbagai permainan bola besar sederhana dan atau tradisional. Salah satu materi yang disajikan adalah sepakbola dengan pembahasan passing bawah. Beberapa teknik variasi latihan passing bawah telah diberikan namun pada saat dilakukan evaluasi hasilnya belum memuaskan.Berdasarkan hasil observasi yang dilakukan pada hari Rabu, tanggal 10 Januari 2018 terhadap proses pembelajaran dengan materi pokok permainan sepakbola khususnya passing bawah di SMP Negeri 10 Malang, peneliti menemukan beberapa masalah pada pembelajaran passing bawah sepakbola diantaranya: kaki tumpu tidak disamping bola, kaki ayun tidak diputar 90º, sentuhan kaki pada bola tidak pada bagian belakang bola, hasil passing tidak pada sasaran. Dengan adanya penelitian ini diharapkan dapat meningkatkan penguasaan teknik passing bawah sepakbola, sehingga dapat mendukung hasil yang maksimal terhadap materi passing bawah sepakbola di SMP Negri 10 Malang

Agus Yosep Abduloh ◽  
Uus Ruswandi ◽  
Mohamad Erihadiana ◽  
Naeli Mutmainah ◽  
Hisam Ahyani

The complexity of the challenges posed by teaching staff who are not ready and do not understand multicultural education today has become a major obstacle, especially in the 4.0 era as it is today. In addition, materials and resources must be free from biases, such as social class, gender, ethnicity, religion, and urban bias. Thus, authors of sources, materials, need to use the perspective of multicultural education, democracy and human rights in Era 4.0 in terms of implementing Islamic education in Indonesia. The purpose of this study is to determine the urgency and reflection of multicultural education, democracy and human rights in Indonesia, where Islamic education today continues to experience its own complexities of challenges. The results of the study show that multicultural education can be implemented for teachers, leaders, school members and campus communities who have a multicultural attitude and have the ability to properly organize Islamic education in the era 4.0 which is full of challenges. This will also be a challenge, because schools in general cannot be separated from stereotypes and prejudices that stem from a sense of primordialism, ethnicity, religion and social class. There is the Islamic concept of Rahmatan Lil 'Alamin as a solution, and also a method of paying attention to the situation in the delivery of subject matter without disturbing the students' souls.

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (1) ◽  
pp. 445
Bartosz Wieczorek ◽  
Mateusz Kukla ◽  
Łukasz Warguła

The purpose of this article was to present an algorithm for creating an ellipse for any data set represented on a two-dimensional reference frame. The study objective was to verify the developed method on real results of experimental tests with different subject matter. This article contains a mathematical algorithm to describe a set of points with elliptical areas. In addition, four results of tests with different subject matter are cited, based on which the developed method was verified. The verification of the method included checking the deviation of the geometric dimensions of the ellipse, the number of points contained within the ellipse, and the area of the ellipse. The implemented research methodology allowed to demonstrate the possibility of using the method of describing a set of points with elliptical areas, in order to determine quantitative parameters evaluating the results of the test. The presented results show the method’s applicability for the results obtained in four different operational tests: measurement of the human body’s gravity center position for a person propelling a wheelchair, measurement of marker position using motion capture methods, measurement of particulate emissions when using equipment powered by an internal combustion engine, and measurement of the muscle activity of the upper limb when propelling a hybrid manual-electric wheelchair. The performed experiments demonstrated that the method allows to describe about 85% of all measurement points with an ellipse.

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