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2022 ◽  
pp. 1-5
Grant Abt ◽  
Simon Jobson ◽  
Jean-Benoit Morin ◽  
Louis Passfield ◽  
Jaime Sampaio ◽  

2022 ◽  
Vol 961 (1) ◽  
pp. 012091
Muhaimen Faleh ◽  
Amjad Al-Hamood ◽  
Mahir H. Majeed

Abstract Infinitely variable transmission (IVT) is a system which delivers the ratio between two turning elements to a continuous (non-discrete) variation (including zero). This article uses Solidworks software to build and simulate a cam-based IVT system. There are two identical units in the system under examination. Each unit comprises a cam with an oscillating slot connection that swings on a hinge and can be vertically shifted by changing the transmission rate. This modifier can be a power screw or a hydraulic ram. In addition, a grooved wheel and followers or an actuator are included in the system units. The raised wheels swing rotating movement, such that they are coupled by a single-way clutch to the output shaft (ratchet) to move the output shaft one way. During the performance research, cam shapes are considered and examined inside the mechanism. a mixture of the unchanging speed and 1-5 polynomial shapes, used for the current investigation and tailored for The results produced from the simulation generally reveal the theoretical results expected in accordance with the layout of the current IVT system. For all parts in these units, the findings imply a uniform velocity while each unit is powered. In this investigation, nevertheless, the ratchets used cause remarkable fluctuations in the angular speed of the output axis. Further research is therefore urgently needed in the choice and investigation of more efficient ratchets.

High-road approach organizations deploy commitment-based / high performance working HRM systems and see employees as a sales driver rather than a cost driver They have a long-term perspective and make more investment in their HR by paying them above the industry average and implement policies and practices that focus on employee engagement, satisfaction, and service orientation to enhance organizational performance. This research views compensation and benefits practices through the lens of a high-road approach and provides various frameworks to emphasize the role of the high-road approach in enhancing employee commitment, engagement, loyalty, productivity, and retention thus, leading to healthier organizational growth. The research provides various illustrations to explain how companies have initiated a high-road approach to compensation and benefits practices and improved their overall performance. Research also discusses the barriers to high-road approach adoption and identifies prerequisites for its successful implementation.

Yanson Dion

This research aims to describe and analyze the performance of services and what factors affect the service performance of the Regional Staffing Agency in the framework of the promotion of Civil Servants of the Regional Staffing Agency in the framework of the promotion of Civil Servants in Murung Raya Regency. The approach taken in this study is a qualitative approach with the instrument is an interview. Measured, as well as documents that support the author in using informant data in this study amounted to 15 people consisting of Employees at the Regional Staffing Agency of Murung Raya Regency. The results of the Regional Staffing Agency's service performance research in terms of promotions seen from productivity, service quality, responsiveness, responsibilities and accountability in Murung Raya Regency have been good. That is, from the receipt of files, file verification, management to BKN Regional Kalimantan to the issuance of the promotion decree is basically in accordance with the regulations, in accordance with the vision of BKD's mission and provides good satisfaction to the community of service users (PNS) of Murung Raya regency. The performance of promotion services in BKD Murung Raya which is an obstacle factor such as changing rules about the technical requirements of promotion, there are still some civil servants who are late to submit their files or files submitted incomplete and the distance between BKD and BKN Regional Banjarbaru so that the enactment is scheduled earlier or faster.

2021 ◽  
Vol 29 (4) ◽  
Krzysztof Fonfara ◽  
Aleksandra Hauke-Lopes ◽  
Marcin Soniewicki

Objective: The objective of the article is to fill a research gap regarding the impact of psychic distance on the initiation of relationships by managers from Poland-based firms and to analyze the psychic distance’s influence on firm performance. Research methodology: The article is based on quantitative research conducted among managers from 201 Poland-based companies operating in foreign markets. The study used a structured questionnaire consisting mainly of closed questions. The dataset contained companies representing all sizes, industries, and ownership status from all over Poland. Findings: Two types of companies were identified following managers’ (un)willingness to initiate relationships with actors located in psychically distant markets. The study conclusions reveal that psychic distance matters for Polish managers and that business activities conducted in psychically distant markets are often perceived as more complex than in close markets. These activities involve additional risk, but they bring companies better performance. Limitations: The limitation of the study is that the measurements are based on the subjective perceptions of psychic distance. The research was conducted in Poland only. Originality: The article is a pioneer work on the psychic distance paradox among Polish managers from a diversified group of companies (from small to multinational). The article seeks to identify to what extent Polish managers perceive psychic distance as an important factor in the decision-making process concerning the initiation of relationships with foreign partners.

2021 ◽  
Vol 16 (04) ◽  
pp. 39-58
Dermeval Martins Borges Júnior

Purpose - The aim of this study is to examine the evaluation of Brazilian equity funds from different performance measures. Theoretical framework - In the literature, several indexes are available that can be used to evaluate the performance of investment funds. Design/methodology/approach - Monthly return data were collected from 1,901 Brazilian equity funds. Fund performance was estimated using four indexes: the Sharpe ratio, the Sortino ratio, Jensen’s alpha, and the Treynor ratio. Findings - The results showed that all four performance measures are positively associated. This means that there are no significant differences in the ranking of Brazilian equity funds in terms of performance. Research, Practical & Social implications - The comparison of different performance indexes contributes to the literature on the subject by providing further data for researchers to adequately define the indexes considered in studies on the performance of funds. Originality/value - This study fills a gap in the literature regarding the analysis of performance measures of investment funds. Keywords - Mutual funds. Equity funds. Performance.

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