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Povzetek Namen te presečne kvantitativne raziskave je ugotoviti, katera oblika nasilja je v madžarskih zdravstvenih ustanovah najpogostejša. Z njo želimo oceniti, ali se v teh ustanovah izvaja usposabljanje za komunikacijo, simulacijo in samoobrambo. Cilj je ugotoviti, ali bi se zaposleni udeležili takega usposabljanja, ter oceniti povezanost med usposobljenostjo (komunikacija, simulacija, samoobramba) in stopnjo samozavesti. Žrtve večine nasilnih dejanj pacientov so zdravstveni delavci. Najpogostejša oblika agresije pacientov in njihovih svojcev je verbalna agresija, vključno z zbadanjem, verbalno zlorabo in grožnjami z zlorabo. Podatki kažejo, da zgolj usposabljanje v komunikaciji ni dovolj za dvig samozavesti pri zdravstvenih delavcih. Treba jim je zagotoviti orodje, kot so na primer praktične vaje po usposabljanju iz samoobrambe ali simulacija, saj to olajša komunikacijo zaposlenega. Ključne besede Agresija, zdravstvo, preventiva, usposabljanje, samoobramba, samozavest. Abstract The present cross-sectional quantitative research aims to gain a sense of which form of violence is the most common in Hungarian healthcare institutions. It aims to assess whether communication, simulation, and self-defence training is provided in institutions, to find out whether workers would participate in such training, and to assess the relationship between training (communication, simulation, self-defence) and confidence. Healthcare workers are affected by most acts of violence coming from patients. The most common type of aggression on the part of patients and relatives is verbal aggression, including teasing, verbal abuse, and threats of abuse. The data show that communication training alone is not enough to make health workers confident. They should have a tool in their hands, e.g., practice after self-defence education, simulation practice, as this makes it easier for the employee to communicate. Key words Aggression, healthcare, prevention, training, self-defence, confidence.

2021 ◽  
Vol 38 (4) ◽  
pp. 1232-1238
Emilda K. JOSEPH ◽  
Bindi VARGHESE ◽  
Jose K. ANTONY ◽  

The Tourism Industry in South Kerala focuses more on Houseboat Tourism and Backwater Tourism. The unique, natural features set this destination apart from nearby places, as backwater destinations are rich in numerous natural resources. The sustainable development of these resources will highly enhance the livelihood of the communities in the backwater regions. They will be able to attract tourists seeking unique backwater experiences. Therefore, this article intends to comprehend the stakeholders’ perceptions on Sustainable Tourism Development in the backwater destinations of South Kerala in India. A total of 277 respondents participated in the research and the study adopted a quantitative research design, while considering the influence of various factors on the Economic, Social and Environmental Sustainability. The data gathered from the study illustrated that the perception of stakeholders about Sustainable Tourism Development varied across different groups. Hence, all the stakeholders in the Tourism Industry need to work together, as this coordination will help to strengthen future development plans, in order to minimize the negative impacts of tourism in the backwater destinations of South Kerala. The study has also identified key turning points that will help to reshape the Sustainable Development of backwater tourism destinations of South Kerala.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2021 ◽  
pp. 1-9
Rui Guo ◽  
Jingna Ding ◽  
Weihua Zang

The purpose is to realize the intelligent reform of piano online teaching and the intelligent optimization of wireless networks. Empirical research is realized with quantitative research and algorithm simulation as the starting point. First, regression fitting algorithm and Relief F weight algorithm are adopted to extract the effectiveness of each characteristic variable. Next, under the guidance of metric learning theory, K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) in Projected Feature Space (P-KNN) algorithm is proposed to complete the hierarchical recognition of piano teaching influence features. Metric Learning With Support Vector Machine (ML-SVM) classification algorithm is employed to identify the feature performance affecting piano teaching. Finally, the performance of P-KNN algorithm and ML-SVM algorithm is compared with KNN algorithm and Information-Theoretic-Metric-Learning (ITML) algorithm. It is concluded that the recognition accuracies of P-KNN and ML-SVM are 82.78% and 83.97%, respectively. Based on the quantitative research on the characteristics affecting piano teaching, artificial intelligence and wireless network optimization are combined to explore the implementation path of intelligent technology in piano teaching reform, reflect the use value of modern science and technology in piano teaching, and innovate the process of music online education reform of piano teaching.

Oby B.O. ◽  
Ananaba U. ◽  
Udoka S.O. ◽  
Samuel N.N.

Extant literature indicates that despite the growing importance of retailing to the development of nations, it is imperative to ask; to what extent does retail channel service relates to customer retention in chain stores in Nigeria. The main objective of the study is to examine the significant relationship between retail channel service and customer retention in chain stores in Nigeria. The study adopted a quantitative research design using a survey method. The study population comprised 65 retail chain stores registered with the Enugu Branch of Pillars Association of Nigeria as of July 2020. The questionnaires were pretested for comprehension, relevance and validity through ten operators of retail superstores and three scholars in the field of distribution channel management. The reliability of the instrument was tested using Cronbach’s alpha coefficient analysis in order to ensure the internal consistency and reliability of measures. The reliability coefficient obtained was 0.85. The findings of the study show that bulk breaking, spatial convenience, waiting time and product variety are positively related to customer retention. We conclude that retail channel service has a positive and significant influence on customer retention of retail chain stores in Nigeria. The retail chain stores, if effectively coordinated, and their marketing channel service properly managed, is capable of enhancing the tendencies of these retail stores in retaining their existing customers.

2021 ◽  
Vol 39 (12) ◽  
Esti Dwi Rinawiyanti ◽  
Xueli Huang ◽  
Sharif As-Saber

This study investigates how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) conduct corporate social responsibility (CSR) and how it affects their performance. This study used quantitative research with data collected from 138 manufacturing SMEs in Java. By using partial least square structural equation modeling, this study discovers that economic and philanthropic responsibilities have a significant effect on customer and employee performances, whereas legal responsibility has a substantial impact on customer, employee, operational and financial performances. In contrast, ethical responsibility does not affect any aspect of company performance. The findings also highlight that legal responsibility is the most significant predictor of all four performances, and economic and philanthropic responsibilities are the second biggest predictors as each of them has a substantial effect on one performance. The results also show that customer and employee performances receive the most effect from two dimensions. Customer performance is significantly influenced by economic and legal responsibilities, while employee performance is significantly affected by legal and philanthropic responsibilities. These findings can encourage SMEs, particularly in developing countries, like Indonesia, to implement CSR beyond profit maximization and compliance to achieve higher social and financial performance.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2 (11 (299)) ◽  
Edita Pociutė ◽  
Rasa Liutikienė ◽  
Žaneta Stoukuvienė

Aim of the study: to analyse parents' feelings about preterm birth and cooperation with nurses in hospital. Research methods. After the analysis of scientific sources, a quantitative research was conducted - online written survey from 26-11-2020 to 21-12-2020, in the focused groups "Klaipėda premature babies", "Mothers", "Premature babies", "Premature babies and Mothers' Fears", "Natural Motherhood", "Helping to Grow". The study involved 106 parents who had premature births in the last two years and had been admitted to hospital for more than 48 hours. SPSS version 24.0 was used for the statistical analysis of the study data. Results. The majority of the participants were women (68,9%), more than half of the parents (51,9%) were aged between 31 and 40 years, and the majority of the participants had a university degree. For more than a third of the participants this was their first birth. The study showed that the majority of parents of preterm newborns were afraid for their child's health/life (4.41±0.85) and sad that they could not be with their child all day (4±0.97). The most important factors for parents to cooperate with nurses were pleasant communication (4.68±0.54), sharing of experience (4.65±0.68), taking responsibility (4.65±0.82) and timely information (4.63±0.64). Slightly less important for parental cooperation are individual personal characteristics (4.5±0.96) and personal attitudes (4.3±1.12). Conclusions. Parents with a premature newborn feel fear for their child's health/life and sad that they cannot spend all their time together. When caring for a premature newborn in hospital, the following factors are important for cooperation with nurses: pleasant communication, sharing of experience, taking responsibility and timely information.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2 (4) ◽  
pp. 118-137
Trinh Le Tan ◽  
Nguyen Trinh Mai Thy ◽  
Nguyen Tuan Anh ◽  
Pham Ngoc Hoang Quyen ◽  
Dao Dang Nhu Quynh ◽  

The purpose of this paper is to identify the factors affecting customers' choice of vegetarian restaurants in Da Nang, Vietnam by surveying 118 people. We modified appropriately through evaluation by Cronbach’s Alpha tool, correlation, regression analysis, EFA exploratory factor analysis, qualitative research, and quantitative research. The results show that four factors of the analysis model affect the intention and behaviour of customers to choose a vegetarian restaurant: (1) Quality of food, (2) Service, (3) Location and (4) Ambience of the restaurant. Since then, the study proposes some implications for restaurant owners to understand their customers' behavioural needs, to successfully market and achieve customers loyalty.

2021 ◽  
Vol 3 (2) ◽  
pp. 218-230
Zulfikar Akbar ◽  
Nanang Agung Rohmandiyas

This study aims to determine the effect of training, compensation, and work discipline on job satisfaction that has an impact on the performance of employees of PT. Astra Honda Motor. This research uses a case study method with a quantitative research methodology that uses 200 respondents from PT. Astra Honda Motor in the Engineering Plant Division 1 to Plant 5, Purchasing Division (P & PC) Plant 2, Procurement Plant 2 Division, PPIC Plant 1 Division to Plant 5. In this study, the Likert scale was used to model the questionnaire. The statistical testing technique in this study is multiple linear regression and hypothesis testing using the SPSS series 22 program. Meanwhile for mahalanobise distance test, path analysis, and trimming use the Amos series 22 program.

2021 ◽  
Vol 4 (2) ◽  
pp. 211-228
Novita Sari ◽  
Prayekti Prayekti

This study aims to determine the effect of extrinsic motivation and communication on employee loyalty with organizational commitment as intervening variables. This type of research is quantitative research. The population is all employees at CV TWIN SETIA, Sewon Subdistrict, Panggungharjo, Sewon, Bantul, Yogyakarta. The sample is 44 samples or 44 respondents. Sampling techniques use saturated sampling techniques. The data collection method in this study was a questionnaire distributed to all employees of the CV TWIN SETIA. The data analysis techniques used multiple descriptive analysis, classic assumption test, linear regression, t test (partial), and coefficients of determination (R2). The results of this study showed that the influence of extrinsic motivation and communication on employee loyalty with organizational commitment as an insignificant variable mediating, communication had a significant positive effect on organizational commitment, and extrinsic motivation had a significant positive effect on employee loyalty.  Keywords: Extrinsic Motivation, Comunication, Organizational Commitment, Employee Loyalty  

2021 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Intan Hapsari Surya Putri ◽  
Imam Buchori ◽  
Wiwandari Handayani

Purpose This study aims to prove that land-use change plays a role in the occurrence of hydro-meteorological disasters in Central Java, especially in relation to its upstream and downstream. Design/methodology/approach The paper presents empirical findings from quantitative research using a spatial analysis and descriptive analysis. Findings The upstream and downstream area of Central Java is categorized as a rapid development area that results in changes in land use and land cover. The findings showed that there was an increasing number of hydrometeorological disasters such as floods and landslides as the impact of land-use change and rainfall conditions. Research limitations/implications Analysis of the relationship between rainfall and disaster events with more technical and specific analysis could be done in the further research. Originality/value In this study, more analysis in the context of river basin systems including upstream and downstream in different periods to examine the linkage between them have been considered and incorporated.

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