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Ganna Samchuk ◽  
Denis Kopytkov ◽  
Alexander Rossolov

The article deals with the problem of estimating the rational number and utilization rate of the vehicles' fleet. According to the analysis results of the state-of-the-art literature it has been revealed that the issue of substantiating the rational fleet size and the rate of its utilization were not fully solved. The purpose of the study was to increase the efficiency of servicing transportation orders by determining the required number of vehicles. The goal of the research was the influence of the transportation process parameters on the truck utilization rate. Originating from the probabilistic nature of the transportation process, it has been proposed to use the AnyLogic software product to develop a simulation model for vehicle orders' servicing. From the processing of the experimental results by the regression analysis methods, it has been found that the dependence of changes in the vehicle utilization rate is of a linear form.

2022 ◽  
Vol 14 (4) ◽  
pp. 100-105
Aleksey Skrypnikov ◽  
Vladimir Denisenko ◽  
Oksana Stukalo ◽  
M. Krasyuk ◽  
V. Toropcev

In the realities of the pandemic, chat bots have become indispensable helpers. They do not need a lot of resources and constant human control. A method of interacting with social networks through a specialized software interface Web API, which is the basis of the REST architecture, is considered. The basic structure of requests for receiving and sending data to servers is presented. On the example of the implementation of a chatbot for, capable of automating a dialogue with users, the main design stages are presented, including the requirements for the implementation and operation mode based on the client-server architecture, implementation and testing. The project server is implemented on a Raspberry Pi4 single-board computer. Demonstrated code for performing basic queries and implemented a Long Polling approach to continuously track and distribute user messages. Methods were formed to obtain the necessary resources from the server, to declare a new resource on the server, to update information on the server, and to delete certain objects from the database. The result was a patented software product "Intelligent assistant of VSUIT for social networks".

2022 ◽  
pp. 491-507
Saikat Gochhait ◽  
Shariq Aziz Butt ◽  
Tauseef Jamal ◽  
Arshad Ali

The software industries follow some patterns (i.e., process model to develop any software product). Agile methodology is the most famous and used process model. It is a trend to develop efficient software products with high client satisfaction. In this chapter, the authors discuss agile methodology and its components, benefits, and drawbacks while using the cloud computing in agile software development, existing frameworks for agile-cloud combination, and some security measures.

2022 ◽  
Vol 41 (1) ◽  
pp. 271-288
Komeil Raisian ◽  
Jamaiah Yahaya ◽  
Aziz Deraman

2022 ◽  
pp. 777-791
Danilo F. S. Santos ◽  
André Felipe A. Rodrigues ◽  
Walter O. Guerra Filho ◽  
Marcos Fábio Pereira

Agile Software Development (ASD) can be considered the mainstream development method of choice worldwide. ASD are used due to features such as easy management and embrace of changes, where change in requirements should be taken as a positive feature. However, some domain verticals, such as medical-healthcare, are classified as critical-safety system, which usually requires traditional methods. This chapter presents a practical use case describing the evolution of a software product that was conceived as a wellness software for end-users in mobile platforms to a medical-healthcare product restricted to regulatory standard recommendations. It presents the challenges and how the ASD is compatible to standards such as ISO/IEC 82304-1.

2022 ◽  
pp. 458-480
Manuel Alejandro Barajas Bustillos ◽  
Aide Aracely Maldonado-Macías ◽  
Juan Luis Hernández Arellano ◽  
Liliana Avelar Sosa ◽  
Rosa María Reyes Martínez

Usability is the characteristic of a software product of being effective and efficient and producing satisfaction for users and traditionally is assessed through questionnaires but most of them are only available in English. A software usability assessment questionnaire (SUAQ) is proposed in two languages: Spanish and English. The methodology comprises four stages: 1) questionnaire development, 2) administration, 3) statistical validation, and 4) sample size determination. Twenty items were evaluated in terms of clarity, consistency, and relevancy. Then, the SUAQ was administered to 95 respondents. Overall, reliability values were acceptable in Spanish and English version, respectively. The factor analysis was feasible since the KMO index, and the Bartlett sphericity test was statistically significant. Both versions of SUAQ were tested to determine their validity. The findings show that the proposed methodology is an effective usability assessment instrument and thus an effective software improvement tool from a bilingual approach.

2021 ◽  
Vol 1 (4) ◽  
pp. 669-681
Muhammad Agung Alghifaari ◽  
Nani Kurniati ◽  
Wahidaturrahmi ◽  
Muhammad Turmuzi

The purpose of this research are to develop macromedia flash-based mathematics learning media for cartesian coordinate material for class VIII SMPN 19 Mataram. Macromedia flash-based learning media is an audio-visual media presented in the form of software consisting of basic competencies, learning objectives, materials and quizzes. This development aims to overcome the weaknesses in the learning process that have occurred due to the lack of use of media in classroom, besides that it can also assist students in learning the concept of cartesian coordinates, especially in visualizing the objects in the material. The research methodology used in developing this learning media is 4D (Define, Design, Developement, Dissemination). Data collection techniques using interview guidelines and questionnaires. The result of this research is a software product of learning media for cartesian coordinates based on macromedia flash in the CD form. The product has been declared valid with good criteria by 4 validators. Based on the limited trial, it is known that the response of class VIII students of SMPN 19 Mataram that use the macromedia flash-based learning media cartesian coordinate is good.

2021 ◽  
Vol 3 (4) ◽  
pp. 258-269
Milena Shitova ◽  
Sergey Ovanesyan

This study examined the problems of calculating the time to create a software product using the example of the company "RKIT" LLC. The article discussed the analysis of the most effective, from the point of view of the authors, methods for assessing the complexity of projects. As a result of the review, the authors suggested to create a decision support system. This system will consist of two blocks: an automated information computing system based on the PERT method and an artificial intelligence system in the form of an expert system, which is a repository of expert knowledge. The creation of a DSS will reduce the time for experts to make decisions and reduce the likelihood of a decrease in the profitability of the project, which will lead to an increase in the company's profit.

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