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Nagaraja Gadde ◽  
Basavaraj Jakkali ◽  
Ramesh Babu Halasinanagenahalli Siddamallaih ◽  
Gowrishankar Gowrishankar

Heterogeneous wireless networks (HWNs) are capable of integrating the different radio access technologies that make it possible to connect mobile users based on the performance parameters. Further quality of service (QoS) is one of the major topics for HWNs, moreover existing radio access technology (RAT) methodology are designed to provide network QoS criteria. However, limited work has been carried out for the RAT selection mechanism considering user QoS preference and existing models are developed based on the multi-mode terminal under a given minimal density network. For overcoming research issues this paper present quality of experience (QoE) RAT (QOE-RAT) selection methodology, incorporating both network performance criteria and user preference considering multiple call and multi-mode HWNs environment. First, this paper presents fuzzy preference aware weight (FPAW) and multi-mode terminal preference aware TOPSIS (MMTPA-TOPSIS) for choosing the best RAT for gaining multi-services. Experiment outcomes show the QOE-RAT selection method achieves much superior packet transmission outcomes when compared with state-of-art Rat selection methodologies.

2022 ◽  
Vol 168 ◽  
pp. 108658
Abdullah Alshaya ◽  
Khaled Alhazza

Fan Yang ◽  
Lingyue Ye ◽  
S.M. Muyeen ◽  
Dongdong Li ◽  
Shunfu Lin ◽  

2022 ◽  
Vol 169 ◽  
pp. 104651
Shun Yao ◽  
Ran Liu ◽  
Yan-an Yao

Photonics ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 9 (1) ◽  
pp. 46
Xiao Liu ◽  
Xin-Ting Zeng ◽  
Wen-Jian Shi ◽  
Shang-Feng Bao ◽  
Tao Yu ◽  

Laser exhibition technology has been widely used in the virtual environment of exhibitions and shows, as well as in the physical conference and exhibition centers. However, the speckle issue due to the high coherence of laser sources has caused harmful impacts on image quality, which is one of the obstacles to exhibition effects. In this paper, we design a compact Nd:YAG/PPMgLN laser module at 561.5 nm and use two different types of big-core multi-mode fibers to lower the spatial coherence. According to our experiment, the speckle contrasts relating to these two types reduce to 7.9% and 4.1%, respectively. The results of this paper contribute to improving the application effects of key optical components in the exhibitions. Only in this way can we provide technical supports and service guarantee for the development of the exhibition activities, and an immersive interactive experience for the audiences.

2022 ◽  
pp. 1-18
Tao Deng ◽  
Zhihan Gan ◽  
Hui Xu ◽  
Changjun Wu ◽  
Yuxiao Zhang ◽  

Abstract Hybrid powertrains with planetary gearset(PG) have been widely used. However, there are few types of powertrains in use, more powertrains have not been found. Based on the principle of organic chemistry, a design and screening method of multi-mode 2-PGs hybrid powertrain is proposed, which is divided into five stages. Firstly, powertrains are expressed in the form of molecules. Secondly, powertrains split into the libraries of PGs and power sources. The power sources can be mutually identified to construct new library. Thirdly, the mode switching rules are defined to screen power source group. Fourthly, two libraries interact with each other to promote the generation of new molecules, namely, new powertrains. And the more modes, the greater the vehicle performance potential. Powertrains are screened with mode richness theory firstly. Finally, taking the comprehensive evaluation of power performance and fuel economy as the optimal standard, powertrains are screened and evaluated twice. Through the method, hybrid powertrains with smooth mode switching, simpler structure, and optimal power and economy can be obtained.

2022 ◽  
Vol 13 (1) ◽  
Daniel Perez-Salinas ◽  
Allan S. Johnson ◽  
Dharmalingam Prabhakaran ◽  
Simon Wall

AbstractSpontaneous C4-symmetry breaking phases are ubiquitous in layered quantum materials, and often compete with other phases such as superconductivity. Preferential suppression of the symmetry broken phases by light has been used to explain non-equilibrium light induced superconductivity, metallicity, and the creation of metastable states. Key to understanding how these phases emerge is understanding how C4 symmetry is restored. A leading approach is based on time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau theory, which explains the coherence response seen in many systems. However, we show that, for the case of the single layered manganite La0.5Sr1.5MnO4, the theory fails. Instead, we find an ultrafast inhomogeneous disordering transition in which the mean-field order parameter no longer reflects the atomic-scale state of the system. Our results suggest that disorder may be common to light-induced phase transitions, and methods beyond the mean-field are necessary for understanding and manipulating photoinduced phases.

2022 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
An Ping ◽  
Chunyan Zhang ◽  
Jie Yang

Purpose This study aims to make the mobile robot better adapt to the patrol and monitoring in industrial field substation area, a multi-mode mobile carrying mechanism which can carrying data collector, camera and other equipment is designed. Design/methodology/approach Based on the geometric axis analysis and interference analysis, the multi-mode mobile carrying mechanism is designed. The screw constraint topological theory and zero-moment point (ZMP) theory is used to kinematic analysis in mechanism mobile process. Findings The mobile carrying mechanism can realize the folding movement, hexagonal rolling and quadrilateral rolling movement. A series of simulation and prototype experiment results verify the feasibility and actual error of the design analysis. Originality/value The work of this paper provides a mobile carrying mechanism for carrying different data acquisition equipment and surveillance camera in industrial field substation zone. It has excellent folding performance and mobile capabilities. The mobile carrying mechanism reduces the workload of human being and injuries suffered by workers in industrial substation area.

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