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2022 ◽  
Vol 14 (2) ◽  
pp. 800
George Pavlidis ◽  
Alexandra Solomou ◽  
Spyridoula Stamouli ◽  
Vassilis Papavassiliou ◽  
Kosmas Kritsis ◽  

Tourism is a phenomenon that dates back to ancient times. Ancient Greek philosophers recognised, adopted, and promoted the concept of rest-based tourism. Ecotourism is a particular type of tourism that connects with activities that take place in nature, without harming it, along with the herbal and animal wealth. According to estimates, the global ecotourism industry is currently booming due to various reasons, and it is becoming an important factor of sustainable regional development. This article presents the vision, work, and outcomes of project AdVENt, a project focusing natively in sustainable ecotourism through natural science and technological innovation. AdVENt’s study area includes the National Parks of Oiti (or Oeta) and Parnassus in Central Greece, where there is a remarkable native flora with a high endemism rate integrated with areas of cultural value and national and European hiking routes and paths of varying difficulty.

2022 ◽  
Irina Kuznecova ◽  
Mihail Prohorov

One of the forms of teaching physics in high schools with a natural science specialization and in the junior courses of universities can be an educational research project. The use of modern open scientific data makes it possible to make the project interesting, modern, relevant and multidisciplinary. The implementation of such a project allows the student to understand some areas of modern scientific research and the relationship between various natural sciences. Direct comparison of the project results with published fundamental research and discussion of the differences obtained are possible. As the first example of a training project, the determination of the frequency of asteroids and large meteorites (of the Tunguska and Chelyabinsk class) falling to Earth by counting craters on the surface of the Moon and Mercury is considered. Meets the requirements of the federal state educational standards of higher education of the latest generation. For students of higher educational institutions studying in natural science specialties: physics, astronomy, geography, geology, soil science, biology, etc—, and students of engineering and technical specialties of full-time and distance learning.

2022 ◽  
Vol 8 (1) ◽  
pp. 67-72
Muhammad Asy'ari ◽  
Baiq Mirawati ◽  
Siti Zubaidah ◽  
Susriyati Mahanal

This study aimed to identify the metacognitive awareness of high school students in natural science learning based on gender. This research is a descriptive study with a sample of 24 students. Data on students' metacognition awareness was collected using the Metacognition Awareness Inventory (MAI) which was analyzed descriptively and statistically. The results showed that students' metacognitive awareness was categorized as good enough (1.33 < MA ≤ 2.33) and low (MA ≥ 1.33). Students' metacognition awareness was not significantly different in terms of gender (p> 0.05). Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that metacognitive awareness needs to be improved through good interventions in learning. Student gender differences need to be investigated further using a larger sample to obtain more relevant and comprehensive data on metacognitive awareness

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 (1) ◽  
Novelia Pertiwi

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengembangkan media pembelajaran pada tema 9 untuk siswa kelas iv sd dengan konteks Pop-Up Book yang valid dan praktis. Penggunaan media Pop-Up Book di lakukan karena di lapangan guru belum mengembangkan media pembelajaran ini. Media pembelajaran yang digunakan hanya buku pegangan guru dan buku penunjang untuk siswa, buku ini kurang menarik bagi siswa dan isinya sulit dipahami. Jenis penelitian ini adalah penelitian pengembangan dengan menggunakan model ADDIE dengan tahapan analisis, perancangan, pengembangan, implementasi, dan evaluasi. Subjek penelitian ini adalah ahli media, ahli materi, ahli bahasa, guru, dan siswa. Instrument yang digunakan adalah lembar validasi dan angket. Data yang diperoleh di analisis menggunakan teknik analisis statistic. Nilai rata-rata hasil uji validitas adalah 89,5% dengan kategori sangat valid. Dan hasil uji kepraktisan guru kelas IV SDN 02 Koto Tangah Batu Hampa yaitu 91.42% kategori sangat valid, dan angket kepraktisan respon siswa yaitu 95,71% kategori sangat valid. Sementara itu berdasarkan respon guru Kelas IV SDN 04 Koto Tangah Batu Hampa di peroleh persentase 94,28%, dan angket respon kepraktisan siswa 92,42% kategori sangat valid. Hasil penelitian ini diharapkan dapat membuat siswa lebih memahami materi yang di sampaikan guru. Penelitian ini menghasilkan media pembelajaran Pop-Up Book yang belum ada dalam pembelajaran.

2022 ◽  
pp. 197-222
Michail Kalogiannakis ◽  
Kalliopi Kanaki

In the contemporary digital era, introducing computational thinking concepts is considered an imperative need at all stages of schooling, since they are inextricably linked to skills applicable and beneficial in everyday life. This chapter presents a novel educational framework that aims to foster the growth of computational thinking at early childhood stages, within the context of physical and natural science courses, pursuing the unplugged philosophy and following the principles of game-based, project-based and collaborative learning. This chapter also presents a relevant pilot study, conducted with second grade students of a Greek primary school, with the objective of assessing the feasibility of the proposed educational framework, as well as examining its effectiveness. The results stemming from the pilot are promising and reveal that the proposed approach serves our goal to enhance computational thinking at the first stages of schooling through engaging and fun educational activities that appeal to young students.

2022 ◽  
Vol 15 (1) ◽  
pp. 701-716
Syafrial Syafrial ◽  
Ashadi Ashadi ◽  
Sulistyo Saputro ◽  
Sarwanto Sarwanto ◽  

2021 ◽  
Vol 16 (1) ◽  
pp. 17
Tingting Liu ◽  
Haibin Sun

The French Enlightenment directly influenced and promoted the Enlightenment in other European countries. During the Enlightenment, the development of natural science and the dissemination of scientific knowledge greatly promoted the emancipation of human minds. D&rsquo;Alembert is a famous French mathematician, physicist, astronomer, and philosopher. As a representative on mission during the French Enlightenment, d&rsquo;Alembert made important contributions to mechanics, mathematics, and astronomy that greatly promoted the development of natural sciences.

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