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2021 ◽  
Vol 5 (5) ◽  
pp. 1313-1329
Kátia Martins Soares ◽  
Liane Margarida Rockenbach Tarouco ◽  
Patrícia Fernanda da Silva

O artigo aborda as contribuições do agente conversacional/chatbot/tutor virtual no ensino e aprendizagem dos conteúdos da Física. O chatbot é um programa que simula um diálogo entre o homem e um robô em linguagem natural. A pesquisa bibliográfica contempla estudos internacionais e nacionais, mediado pela busca das palavras-chave: (chatbot, education, high school, physics); com recorte temporal de 2016-2020, utilizou-se 08 artigos que atendiam aos critérios de inclusão. Os benefícios para aprendizagem compõem-se: estabelecimento de uma metodologia ativa de ensino, proposição de mais um “espaço virtual” para receber feedback; capacidade de simular experimentos, proporcionando uma alternativa à escassez de laboratórios de Ciências. O agente conversacional, comparado a outros métodos pedagógicos, demonstra-se superior à leitura de um livro sobre os mesmos conteúdos, em tempos iguais. A evolução na aprendizagem foi equivalente em pesquisas relacionando o tutor virtual e tutores humanos, prevalecendo  os tutores humanos em situações de esclarecimento de dúvidas.

Gracia M. N. Otta

During the covid 19 pandemic, online learning, and its terms are not strange things in East Nusa Tenggara. The establishment of Learning from home was started from March to June 2020 to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This research is a case study of eleven English teachers who serve in certain areas around East Nusa Tenggara; five teachers of Senior High School/Vocational School, five teachers of Junior High School, and one Elementary School teacher. Its purpose was to describe the methods in the English teaching-learning process in a pandemic situation. The data of this descriptive study were obtained through WhatsApp non-facial interviews and analyzed by reducing and categorizing similar results. The results showed that the teachers applied two methods, both offline and online.  From March to June 2020, the teachers managed their classes in the online process by using some applications. Whereas, in the Uneven Semester 2020-2021, the safe areas return to face-to-face learning in limited learning duration. The most prominent obstacle in online learning was the limitation of gadgets since the students did not have adequate tools. Financially, parents' income has decreased for they could not meet the needs of internet data packages. Students who returned to their hometown also experienced problems regarding network services. These conditions cause more obstacles to teachers in managing online classes. Therefore, teachers implemented several strategies to solve these obstacles by creating a WhatsApp group or arranging them into small groups based on their locations and there were students with smartphones to browse for materials or send the assignments. In addition, students were allowed to consult and collect the assignments at school based on scheduled agreements. The situation continues to Even Semester 2020-2021 and gradually turned to limited face-to-face meetings at school in the Uneven Semester 2021-2022.

2021 ◽  
Vol 7 (4) ◽  
pp. 788-793
Renol Afrizon ◽  
Hidayati Hidayati ◽  
Letmi Dwiridal ◽  
Najmil Khaira

The background of this research is the lack of competence of physics teachers in using physics KIT. This research was conducted with the hope that there will be an increase in the competence of senior high school physics teachers in West Pasaman in using the physics KIT. This research was conducted with a quasi-experimental design and one group pretest-posttest. This study has a population of all physics teachers who join physics teachers group in West Pasaman Regency. The sample was taken by using simple random sampling technique, selecting 22 teachers as representatives of the physics teachers group in West Pasaman Regency. The results showed an increase in teachers' competence in using the physics KIT after mentoring the use of the physics KIT. The increase in teacher competence can be described through the value of again, the N-gain value obtained is 0.33 (moderate). This means that the teacher's competence in using the physics KIT can increase after mentoring the use of the physics KIT.

GeoHealth ◽  
2021 ◽  
Evan Sefchick ◽  
Daniel Dusevic ◽  
Jack Dougherty ◽  
Andrew Terraciano ◽  
Tyler Ellis ◽  

2021 ◽  
pp. 108705472110442
Rosanna Breaux ◽  
Nicholas C. Dunn ◽  
Joshua M. Langberg ◽  
Caroline N. Cusick ◽  
Melissa R. Dvorsky ◽  

Objective: Researchers have speculated that the COVID-19 pandemic may expand the academic performance gap experienced by at-risk students. We examined learning experiences during the 2020 to 2021 school year and the impact the pandemic has had on high school student grade point average (GPA), including predictors of change in GPA from 2019–2020 to 2020–2021. Method: Participants were 238 adolescents (55.5% male), 49.6% with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), in the United States. Adolescents reported on their GPAs via online surveys. Results: GPA significantly decreased on average from 2019–2020 to 2020–2021 school year. ADHD status and biological sex significantly moderated change—students with ADHD and male students reported decreased GPA, whereas students without ADHD and female students’ GPA did not change. Low income and Black/Latinx students had lower GPAs in both school years. Conclusion: It is imperative that additional supports be provided for at-risk students to help them catch up on missed learning during the pandemic.

2021 ◽  
pp. 001312452110484
Sandra R. Kalu

Obtaining a college degree can enhance many aspects of one’s life including health outcomes and lifetime earnings. Given the racial opportunity gap that remains prevalent in the education system, and the gendered racial biases held against Black girls and women, they face many obstacles on their path to higher education. Considering the relationship between higher education and financial status, when these obstacles hinder their academic success Black women face serious economic issues that adversely impacts their livelihood and the wellbeing of their families. Still, there remains limited investigation into the indicators of college completion among this population. Assessing indicators related to college completion during their high school years can support educators in recognizing and monitoring students who require extra support early in their academic careers. This study uses an intersectional lens to investigate whether various school factors predict intent to complete college among this sample of Black high school girls ( N = 1,811). Findings show that teacher bias, school discipline, and school resources are significant predictors of college expectations among this sample.

2021 ◽  
Vol 4 (3) ◽  
pp. 57-64
Nery S. Garinganao ◽  
Francis Jose D. Bearneza

Mathematics achievement is an essential part of a student's academic achievement. However, teaching and learning mathematics is a significant concern in education, especially in distance learning.  This paper described the algebraic skill level and academic achievement in mathematics of Grade 7 students of a Chinese high school. Also, it determined the difference in their level of algebraic skills according to learning modality. It determined whether a significant relationship exists between algebraic skills and academic achievement. Using the researcher-made questionnaire and students' secondary data (average grade from the first quarter to the fourth quarter in Mathematics), mean, standard deviation, Kruskal-Wallis, and Spearman's rho were used. Results reveal that the level of algebraic skills were average while academic achievement levels were approaching proficient. No significant difference was found in their algebraic skills level according to learning modality. However, the significant low relationship was found between the students’ level of algebraic skills and academic achievement.

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