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Krithika Vaidyanathan ◽  
Nandhini Murugan ◽  
Subramani Chinnamuthu ◽  
Sivashanmugam Shivasubramanian ◽  
Surya Raghavendran ◽  

Extracting text from an image and reproducing them can often be a laborious task. We took it upon ourselves to solve the problem. Our work is aimed at designing a robot which can perceive an image shown to it and reproduce it on any given area as directed. It does so by first taking an input image and performing image processing operations on the image to improve its readability. Then the text in the image is recognized by the program. Points for each letter are taken, then inverse kinematics is done for each point with MATLAB/Simulink and the angles in which the servo motors should be moved are found out and stored in the Arduino. Using these angles, the control algorithm is generated in the Arduino and the letters are drawn.

Kiran Poudel

Abstract: This paper describes the techniques for design and development of areca-nut leaf plate making machine which uses manual power (foot operated) as the main power source. The primary purpose of this research is the utilization of generally wasted areca-nut leaf sheath for the production of bio-degradable areca-nut leaf plates by the development of machine, which can be operated easily at home. This machine mainly uses mild steel for the development of the parts such as lower and upper die, frame, pedal, connecting links and shafts. The force applied at the pedal is transferred to moving upper die, which then presses the areca-nut leaf sheath placed above the fixed lower die, resulting areca-nut leaf sheath plates within 15 seconds of pressing. Keywords: Areca-nut leaf, Bio degradable, Foot operated

Алексей Николаевич Копайгородский ◽  
Елена Павловна Хайруллина

В статье рассмотрены подходы к проектированию и реализации отдельных компонентов инструментальных средств для семантического анализа извлекаемой из открытых источников информации о научных и технологических решениях в области энергетики. Рассмотрена структура билингвистической онтологии, позволяющая решать задачу классификации информации с учётом ее представления в различных языках и синонимии. Рассмотрен подход к поиску и обработке информации из открытых источников, основанный на применении разработанных авторами средств семантического анализа, реализация которых выполнялась на Python с использованием библиотеки Natural Language Toolkit. The article discusses approaches to the design and implementation of individual components of instrumental tools for semantic analysis of information on scientific and technological solutions in the field of energy. This information has already been placed open sources. The structure of billinguistic ontology is considered, which makes it possible to solve the task of classifying information, taking into account its submission in various languages and synonyms. The authors reviewed the approach to the search and processing of information from open sources based on the use of semantic analysis developed by authors, the implementation of which was performed on Python using the Natural Language Toolkit library

2022 ◽  
Vol 24 (1) ◽  
pp. 152-164
Vrushabh A.Madnaik ◽  
V.R. Naik ◽  

Broaching machine is mainly developed for special purposes where cycle times are less and number of job quantity is very high. Only at such points development of broaching machine is justified. Design of such broaching machine is totally customizable. This paper discuss about frame design of machine, selection of guideways, design of hydraulic power pack for hydraulic operated machine and also selection of various cylinders, pipe fittings, mandrels, pump, motor, etc. So, main purpose of this paper is designing the broaching machine which includes all its components. This paper focuses on selection of bought out parts too.

2022 ◽  
Anup B. Katake ◽  
Alejandro San Martin ◽  
Eli Skulsky ◽  
Fred Serricchio ◽  
Nikolas Trawny ◽  

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