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2021 ◽  
Vol 5 (2) ◽  
pp. 183-188
Yuliana Firmanda ◽  
Widiarini Widiarini ◽  
Siti Rofi’ah ◽  
Istina Atul Makrifah

This paper aims to develop ESP Supplementary book for mechanical engineering students in high level education. This is a Borg & Gall Research and Development (R&D) by using questionnaire and unstructured interview instrument. The research subject is 20 fourth semester students of mechanical engineering major in UNU Blitar. The limitation of this study is developing ESP supplementary book based PBL with engineering materials as the topic of the book. The process development of Engineering Materials Supplementary Book Based on ESP and PBL consists of some steps those are (1) Need analysis; (2) Product arrangement; (3) Product testing; and (4) Product revision if it is necessary. This research finds that the supplementary book is valid in three aspects of media (77.5%), content (83.3%) and language (83.3%) and feasible to use as supplement material for the mechanical engineering students. Based on the satisfaction questionnaire this product is appropriate for the mechanical engineering students to learn about English for Specific Purposes in form of Project Based Learning model implementation in percentage about 80% agree and 15% very agree.

2021 ◽  
Min Zhu ◽  
Yiwen Han ◽  
Xuechao Hu ◽  
Lujing Ren

Abstract Ergothioneine is a natural and safe antioxidant playing an important role in anti-aging and the prevention of various diseases. Mushrooms are the main dietary source of ergothioneine. This study aims to report a kind of medicinal mushroom Panus conchatus with great potential for the bioproduction of ergothioneine. Molasses and soy peptone could promote cell growth of Panus conchatus and enhance the accumulation of ergothioneine. Meanwhile, three precursors of cysteine, histidine and methionine were added to the broth, and the highest ergothioneine concentration of 148.79mg/L was obtained when adding 0.4 g/L cysteine. Finally, the crude ergothioneine extract was purified and further evaluated. The ergothioneine from Panus conchatus showed higher antioxidant activity than vitamin C and glutathione with good stability at lower pH environment. This research would provide a new method for the bioproduction of ergothioneine and lay foundation for the in-depth study about the exploration of natural products from Panus conchatus.

Processes ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 9 (12) ◽  
pp. 2129
Christoph Jensch ◽  
Larissa Knierim ◽  
Martin Tegtmeier ◽  
Jochen Strube

For the first time, a universally applicable and methodical approach from characterization to a PAT concept for complex mixtures is conducted—exemplified on natural products extraction processes. Bearberry leaf (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) extract is chosen as an example of a typical complex mixture of natural plant origin and generalizable in its composition. Within the quality by design (QbD) based process development the development and implementation of a concept for process analytical technology (PAT), a key enabling technology, is the next necessary step in risk and quality-based process development and operation. To obtain and provide an overview of the broad field of PAT, the development process is shown on the example of a complex multi-component plant extract. This study researches the potential of different process analytical technologies for online monitoring of different component groups and classifies their possible applications within the framework of a QbD-based process. Offline and online analytics are established on the basis of two extraction runs. Based on this data set, PLS models are created for the spectral data, and correlations are conducted for univariate data. In a third run, the prediction potential is researched. Conclusively, the results of this study are arranged in the concept of a holistic quality and risk-based process design and operation concept.

Michael Pirnot ◽  
Kevin Stone ◽  
Timothy J. Wright ◽  
David J. Lamberto ◽  
Jochen Schoell ◽  

Cecilia Bottecchia ◽  
François Lévesque ◽  
Jonathan P. McMullen ◽  
Yining Ji ◽  
Mikhail Reibarkh ◽  

Nastaran Salehi Marzijarani ◽  
Adam J. Fine ◽  
Stephen M. Dalby ◽  
Rekha Gangam ◽  
Samiksha Poudyal ◽  

2021 ◽  
Louisa J. Wilson ◽  
Will Lewis ◽  
Richard Kucia‐Tran ◽  
Daniel G. Bracewell

Zhiwei Chen ◽  
Nastaran Salehi Marzijarani ◽  
Scott Quirie ◽  
Gregory F. Pirrone ◽  
Stephen M. Dalby ◽  

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