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2021 ◽  
Vol 1 (1) ◽  
Ying Wu ◽  
Jikun Liu

AbstractWith the rapid development of gymnastics technology, novel movements are also emerging. Due to the emergence of various complicated new movements, higher requirements are put forward for college gymnastics teaching. Therefore, it is necessary to combine the multimedia simulation technology to construct the human body rigid model and combine the image texture features to display the simulation image in texture form. In the study, GeBOD morphological database modeling was used to provide the data needed for the modeling of the whole-body human body of the joint and used for dynamics simulation. Simultaneously, in order to analyze and summarize the technical essentials of the innovative action, this experiment compared and analyzed the hem stage of the cross-headstand movement of the subject and the hem stage of the 180° movement. Research shows that the method proposed in this paper has certain practical effects.

Prakash Mohan ◽  
Balasaravanan Kuppuraj ◽  
Saravanakumar Chellai

Information are generated over the internet for every second. These information are not fully secured. To increase the security of these information send over the internet there are two methods Cryptography and Steganography are combined to encrypt the data using RSA algorithm as well as to hide the data in multimedia image in Hadoop Cluster. Features of the resultant image such as color are extracted and stored separately in Hadoop cluster to enhance security. Then combining features of the Stenographic image for secret image retrieval, which has been then split into image and secret information. At last, decrypting the secret information, we retrieve the actual information. Application of this system in Hadoop will increase the speed of execution of the process.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2021 ◽  
pp. 1-11
Yan Yuejue ◽  
Sun Xinze ◽  
Li Bingyue ◽  
Wang Xiaoyuan

At present, the research on the theoretical system of multimedia image linguistics in my country is very limited. In order to further improve and develop the theoretical system of multimedia picture linguistics, this article extracts effective knowledge from the research results of educational technology, linguistics, psychology, and semiotics and establishes a teaching system based on image linguistics. Multimedia picture linguistics consists of three parts: structure, semantics, and pragmatics, corresponding to the artistic laws of multimedia pictures, the cognitive laws of multimedia pictures, and the humanization and naturalization of picture design. Therefore, the research in this article is an important part of establishing multimedia image linguistics. Starting from the research methods of multimedia technology and picture linguistics, this article introduces the theoretical framework and the relationship between the multimedia learning cognitive theory and Mayer’s multimedia learning cognitive theory and conducts in-depth discussion and demonstration. The thesis constructs a teaching system that combines picture linguistics and multimedia technology and makes it a language tool for developing and designing multimedia learning materials. Experiments have proved that the teaching system combining picture linguistics and multimedia technology proposed in this paper can provide a framework, ideas, and methods for the related research of multimedia picture linguistics and multimedia technology and make multimedia picture language a multimedia learning material design and development The language tools that can be followed can effectively improve the teaching effect under the background of information technology.

Yanbing Liu ◽  
Sanjev Dhakal ◽  
Binyao Hao

Maher Alrahhal ◽  
Supreethi K.P.

The authors propose WNAHVF, a combined weighted and normalized AlexNet with handcrafted visual features for extracting features from images and using those vectors for image retrieval and classification. The authors test the WNAHVF method on two general datasets, Corel-1k and Corel-10k, and one medical dataset. The outcomes demonstrate combining Bag of Features and Local Neighbor patterns with AlexNet enhances the accuracy and gives better results in general and medical image datasets in retrieval and classification problems. This algorithm gives results that are superior to existing strategies.

Md Mamunur Rashid

Image Processing in Multimedia Applications treats a number of critical topics in multimedia systems, with respect to image and video processing techniques and their implementations. These techniques include the Image and video compression techniques and standards, and Image and video indexing and retrieval techniques. Image Processing is an important tool to develop a Multimedia system design.

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