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2021 ◽  
Vol 13 (2) ◽  
pp. 84
Adelia Hanny Rachman

Society grows and develops rapidly while the theory of culture itself in Indonesia mostly refers to Koentjaraningrat’s paradigm. His theory is basically general and commonly used as a basic examination. The fact concerns me due to its deficiency – less relevant to accommodate currently cultural development. To answer this problem, I pertain to the Ahimsa-Putra’s cultural theory.  He proposed his thoughts to a more specific concept of culture. In his article entitled Mendefinisikan Kembali Kebudayaan, Ahimsa-Putra not merely describes definition of culture yet along with its dimensions and elements. This review would like to show whether his theory possibly can stipulate an answer to his criticism towards Koentjaraningrat's theory. Later on, I shall offer my disagreements in some of his views.

Ram Khanna

Out of the numerous confirmations conspires in this paper, we are attempting to focus on the exhibition and grouping of one of the validation strategies, biometric verification. Even though endeavours of the whole global biometric local area, the estimation of the precision of a biometric framework is far to be totally examined and, ultimately, normalized. The paper presents a basic examination of the analysis of accuracy and execution of a biometric framework.

2021 ◽  
Vol 9 (5) ◽  
pp. 57-65
Varun Kumar Chaudhary

This paper means to address Virginia Woolf's own substitute her answer to "ladies can't paint, ladies can't compose", a reflection on the Victorian bias of the part of ladies in the family and society shared by both her people, Leslie and Julia Stephen. By connecting a nearby literary investigation with the latest mental basic examination, I contend that aside from the political, social and imaginative ramifications, Woolf's disposition to the Victorian generalizations identified with sexual orientation jobs convey a profoundly close to home message, being obviously affected and controlled by the relationship with her folks and her need to deceive rest some unsure issues concerning her status as a woman skilled worker. This paper further means to investigate Woolf's 1926 novel, To the Beacon, which is, without a doubt, her most self-portraying novel. Lily Briscoe, the unmarried painter who at long last figures out how to conceptualize Woolf's vision toward the finish of the novel has a twofold mission in this novel. In the first place, she needs to determine her own weaknesses and come to harmony with the memory of the expired Mrs Ramsay, an image of the Victorian lady what's more, Julia Stephen's creative change personality. Second, she needs to associate with Mr Ramsay and demonstrate to herself that ladies can, in fact, paint. As she develops as a painter Virginia Woolf is defeating her resentment and dissatisfaction caused by the way that she didn't not find a way into the by and large acknowledged example of the lady's part in the public eye and in the everyday life, and particularly of the situation with ladies as specialists. By making quite possibly the most difficult books of the English Literature, Virginia Woolf likewise demonstrates to herself and to the perusers that ladies can, to be sure compose.

Anantha Raj A. Arokiasamy ◽  
Alice Tamah

Colleges under the ceaseless tension of the worldwide rivalry in violent occasions, need to change their administration models dependent on collegiality and popularity-based customs to new ones dependent on scholastic authority. Advanced education in Thailand, as in numerous nations, has moved towards being self-governing. Having acknowledged that self-governing status of the colleges would lead them to be more beneficial and responsible, Thai government has set out a strategy to change all state funded colleges into self-ruling colleges. Subsequently, there are right now 16 self-ruling colleges under the oversight of Higher Education Commission in Thailand. The motivation behind this paper is to play out a basic examination of the pretended by enactment and hierarchical culture on scholarly initiative, to comprehend the possibility structure of any system of creating it. The examination addresses driving our examination are the accompanying: a) what are the invigorating impacts of enactment and authoritative culture on creating scholastic initiative? b) what are the controlling impacts of enactment and hierarchical culture on creating scholarly authority? furthermore, c) what is the impression of personnel staff in the Thai colleges on creating scholastic administration? The last inquiry is inspired by the way that this scholastic year in all Thai colleges there were races for the new overseeing bodies (ie: workforce gatherings and college senates) and new ministers, bad habit ministers, dignitaries and bad habit senior members of resources and division heads dependent on another enactment. Exploration results show that enactment and hierarchical culture are amazing forming powers of scholastic initiative, yet they need to unite to make the vital cooperative energy of progress. This investigation shows that the need to complete scholastic authority at colleges in Thailand is arising. Further exploration should zero in on down to earth approaches to change authoritative culture and inspire scholastic administration.

Krishma Kataria ◽  
Amy Ilsley

Incontinence is a problem that can affect individuals of all ages. However, it is more frequently seen in older adults. It is a common geriatric syndrome, and its investigation should form part of a comprehensive geriatric assessment. Continence problems are usually ignored by patients and not reported to a medical professional, but with simple assessment and even simpler interventions, a significant improvement can be made for those living with incontinence. Most cases need a simple clinical assessment consisting of a good history and basic examination covering the abdomen, external genitalia and rectum. If no reversible causes are found, further investigations can be considered. The treatment for incontinence can be split into non-surgical and surgical management. Simple conservative measures, such as education around fluid intake, weight loss, managing constipation and pelvic floor exercises, can make a huge and positive impact on managing incontinence. If these are not effective, pharmaceutical therapies and surgical management can be considered, but there needs to be a careful consideration of the risk vs benefit in frail older adults.

Masayoshi OZAWA ◽  
Haruki TAKAHASHI ◽  
Toshihiko SHIMIZU ◽  
Masahiko SAKAI ◽  
Tadahiro OYAMA

Andrew Thomas ◽  
Mohan. T Shenoy ◽  
Kottacherry T. Shenoy

We thank the editor for allowing us to respond to the comments by Akshara et al. The authors concur with us on unpreparedness and goes on to highlight how female doctors are over-worked during the pandemic. In this response, we also discuss why providing free data will not bring about significant change in students’ perception of online classes. We then advise how students can learn basic examination skills during the pandemic. Finally, we express our views on government and universities and finish with a recommendation that would help future doctors in times like the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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