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Shilpa Atwal ◽  
Jitender Thakur

Background: To describe the outcome of statin therapy in patients by checking lipid profile after 3 months of starting treatment in statin naive patients Methods: Study was conducted on Patients with indications for statins presenting to cardiology OPD, Medicine OPD and Endocrinology OPD and started on statins at PGIMER, Chandigarh, within a period of 9 months. Results: The mean decrease in total cholesterol, triglycerides, VLDL and LDL levels in primary prevention group mean decrease in after 3 months of statin treatment in comparison to baseline were 17.24%,21.24%, 22.83 % and 33.19% respectively and increase in mean HDL level was 9.55%. The mean decrease in total cholesterol, triglyceride, VLDL and LDL levels in secondary prevention group after 3 months of statin treatment in comparison to baseline were 14.35% 15.80%, 16.17% and 36.92% respectively and increase in mean HDL level was 8.77%. Concluded: So there was statistically significant change in lipid profile from baseline in both primary and secondary prevention groups after 3 months of statin treatment. Keywords: Statin, LDL,VLDL, HDL

2022 ◽  
Vol 9 (1) ◽  
pp. 26-41
Kholil Kholil ◽  
Andi Amrullah ◽  
Fahrudin Faiz

This research aimed to see how BAZNAS communicates its authority based on Law 23/2011 to its stakeholders. Zakat management in Indonesia is being regulated by the Law Number 23 of 2011 which replaced Law Number 38 of 1999. The change of regulation was expected to push Zakat collection higher as its great potential, but until 2019 there was no significant change in the amount of Zakat collection. We see the problem in the authority changes that have not working optimally. Thus, this research can help BAZNAS to map out the problems related to the implementation of Law 23/2011. The research used a qualitative approach by conducting in-depth interviews, library and documentation studies. Eleven expert informants were chosen for their connection and understanding of BAZNAS. The results showed that the BAZNAS authority was accepted by all stakeholders even though it did not take place as the prerequisite for the acceptance of Barnard's authority. The changes in authority had been understood by the leaders but only halfway understood by the employees. The changes in the authority were following the vision and mission of BAZNAS. However, they were still not in line with the expectations of many parties. Finally, the changes in the BAZNAS authority were still not fully implemented by BAZNAS stakeholders. The regulatory changes could not be fully implemented yet due to differences in the interpretation of legal authority between each level of BAZNAS.  

2022 ◽  
Vol 1 (3) ◽  
pp. 133-143

The learning process is less effective, the teaching teacher does not use methods that can increase students' curiosity in exploring knowledge, so that the teacher seems to be watching. This can affect student learning outcomes that do not achieve the desired results, especially in learning Geography of the material for the distribution of flora and fauna. This study aims to find out and obtain information from the field on matters relating to improving student learning outcomes on the material Geography of the Distribution of Flora and Fauna through the use of the Picture To Picture model in class XI-SOS 3 students of SMA Negeri 106 East Jakarta. Classroom Action Research (CAR) conducted by collaborating researchers and teachers through 2 cycles. Where each cycle is carried out 2 meetings. Each cycle consists of four activities, namely planning, implementing actions, observing and evaluating, and reflecting. Geography learning outcomes of students can be improved by applying the Picture To Picture method. This can be seen from the value of the results of individual questions in cycles I and II. From the results before the first cycle experienced an increase, also in the second cycle there was an increase. After there was action and reflection on the implementation of cycles I and II using the picture to picture method, there was a very significant change in a very good direction. ABSTRAKProses pembelajaran yang kurang efektif, guru mengajar tidak menggunakan metode yang bisa meningkatkan rasa ingin tahu siswa dalam menggali ilmu, sehingga terkesan guru tersebut menoton. Hal demikian dapat mempengaruhi hasil belajar siswa tidak mencapai hasil yang diinginkan, khususnya dalam pembelajaran Geografi materi Persebaran Flora dan Fauna. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui dan memperoleh informasi dari lapangan tentang hal-hal yang berhubungan dengan peningkatan hasil belajar siswa terhadap Geografi materi Persebaran Flora dan Fauna melalui penggunaan model Picture To Picture pada siswa kelas XI-SOS 3 SMA Negeri 106 Jakarta Timur. Penelitian Tindakan Kelas (PTK) yang dilakukan oleh peneliti dan guru kolaborator melalui 2 siklus. Dimana setiap siklus dilaksanakan 2 kali pertemuan. Setiap siklus terdiri dari empat kegiatan yaitu perencanaan, pelaksanaan tindakan, observasi dan evalusi, serta refleksi. Hasil belajar Geografi siwa dapat ditingkatkan dengan penerapan metode Picture To Picture. Hal ini dapat dilihat dari nilai hasil soal individu pada siklus I dan II . Dari hasil sebelum siklus I mengalami peningkatan, juga pada siklus II mengalami peningkatan.Setelah ada tindakan dan refleksi pada pelaksanaan siklus I dan II dengan menggunakan metode picture to picture maka ada perubahan yang sangat berarti ke arah yang sangat baik.

Güzella Yılmaz ◽  
Hakan Karadağ

In the study, it was aimed to increase the vase life of Basic, Ulaş and Terra Ozan cultivars of Gerbera sp. For this purpose, microcapsules containing lavender oil (1000 and 1500 ppm) and naturally obtained walnut tea (33% and 50%) were used. Sucrose (4%) was added to all vase solutions, including the control group solutions. The experiment was set up with 3 replications (three vases) for each treatment and one flower per replication. As a result of the experiment, it was observed that both walnut tea and lavender treatments did not cause a significant change in the vase life of the Terra Ozan cultivars. In the Basic cultivar, the vase life of the flowers in the solution containing lavender oil was longer than that in the solution containing walnut tea, but both treatments did not make a significant difference compared to the control. In Ulaş, both walnut tea and lavender oil applications caused significant increases in the vase life of the flowers. The applications made in the study caused significant changes in the water intake of the flower stems. The treatments that increase the water intake also increased the vase life.

2022 ◽  
Putu Bayu Hardika Raharja Pande

The era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 gave a very significant change not only in terms oftechnology, but also in terms of marketing. Be it service marketing or product marketing.Usually when we market a service or product at least we have to give a little effort. Supposewe have to go to a nearby radio outlet or newspaper print media. Nowadays with the rapiddevelopment of technology, we can do marketing from anywhere only through an object thatwe call a smartphone or smart phone. The purpose of this study is to determine the credibilityvalue of the Instagram account performance of the 5 Best Local Shoe Brands version of Dr.Tirta. There are several steps that must be taken in this research, so as to be able to find thefirst rank of the Instagram account of the Best Local Shoe Brand version of Dr. Tirta that hasthe best performance. In this study, Compass Shoes have better performance credibility thanother local shoe brands.

Tamanna Poonia ◽  
Weslley G. D. P. Silva ◽  
Jennifer van Wijngaarden

Rotational spectroscopy and quantum mechanical calculations reveal a significant change in conformational landscapes when oxygen is substituted with sulfur: observation of features from nine conformers of diallylether versus one of the sulfide.

2022 ◽  
pp. 122-137
Karthigai Prakasam Chellaswamy ◽  
Nagarjuna Gururaj Rao ◽  
Sharon Varghese ◽  
Georgy P. Kurien ◽  
Sreedhara Raman ◽  

Game-based learning is an exciting and interactive tool used by many teachers across the globe. This research aims to check whether any significant change is found in the learning of the student before and after introducing game-based learning in classroom teaching. MBA students were identified as the target group for this research. The production dice game was used for this experiment. The teacher engaged the first session traditionally and later with the production dice game. Student learning was captured through a Google form before and after the game. The Google form had questions ranging from understanding to analyzing to application-level to capture exactly the effectiveness of game-based learning, Paired sample t-test was applied to check the before and after test results, and it was found that there was a significant change in the learning among the identified target group. Through this study, the authors conclude that game-based learning provides better results in student learning as compared to regular classroom teaching.

М.К. Бахадирханов ◽  
Н.Ф. Зикриллаев ◽  
С.Б. Исамов ◽  
Х.С. Турекеев ◽  
С.А. Валиев

It was found that the silicon preliminarily doped with a high concentration of phosphorus during the diffusion of gallium, there is a significant increase in the solubility of the gallium. The results obtained are explained by the interaction of gallium and phosphorus atoms, as a result of which quasi-neutral molecules [P+Ga-] are formed. It is assumed that the formation of such quasineutral molecules [P+Ga–] stimulates the formation of Si2GaP binary unit cells in the silicon lattice. It is shown that a sufficiently high concentration of such unit cells can lead to a significant change in the electrophysical parameters of silicon, i.e. the possibility of obtaining a new material based on silicon.

2022 ◽  
Vol 132 ◽  
pp. 01005
Jiří Kučera ◽  
Yaroslava Kostiuk ◽  
Daniel Kortiš

The aim of this paper is to determine the possible cause of lagging Czech companies in the field of HR transformation. The basic source of data is data from the Czech Statistical Office. The paper uses the method of classification analysis of graduates in the field of information and communication technologies. The paper is divided into two parts, where the first part deals with the evaluation of tabular data and the second with the testing of the established hypothesis (H0). The number of graduates in the field of information and communication technologies in the Czech Republic has been steadily declining since 2015, although the results achieved so far do not indicate a significant change, which could be the main cause of Czech companies lagging behind in HR transformation. The low involvement of graduates in this field is also caused by older and backward employees in companies, who do not like to change established systems.

2021 ◽  
Vol 15 (1) ◽  
pp. 329-337
Mohamed Salah El-Din Mahmoud ◽  
Ebtesam E. Hassan ◽  
Ahmed S. Abdelhalim

Purpose: To study the effect of LASIK with accelerated CXL on corneal endothelium in myopic diabetic patients. Methods: A prospective comparative interventional case series study on 120 eyes of 60 myopic patients treated with LASIK with accelerated CXL. They were divided into two groups; group A included 60 eyes of diabetic patients, group B included 60 eyes of non-diabetic patients. Corneal endothelium was evaluated by specular microscope preoperatively and after 3 and 6 months postoperatively. Results: The endothelial cells density (ECD) showed statistically significant changes after 3 and 6 months postoperatively (p-value <0.001) in group A while group B showed statistically significant changes after 3 months without significant change after 6 months (p-value= 0.103), both groups had improved to near preoperative levels, with no significant differences between them at the end of 6 months follow-up (p-value = 0.219). Regarding pleomorphism, there was a significant change in group A during 6 months follow-up (p-value <0.001) with no significant change in group B (p-value= 0.884), and in comparing both groups, there was a significant change at the end of 6 months follow-up (p-value <0.001). Regarding polymegathism, there was a significant change in group A during 6 months follow-up (p-value <0.001) with no significant change in group B after 3 (p-value= 0.178) and 6 (p-value= 0.866) months follow-up, and in comparing both groups, there was a significant change at the end of 6 months follow-up (p-value <0.001). Conclusion: LASIK with accelerated CXL is safe on corneal endothelium in diabetic myopic patients but needs to follow up for a long period.

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