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2051-8161, 2051-8153

Jianan Yin ◽  
Guohe Huang ◽  
Chunjiang An ◽  
Renfei Feng

The widespread cellulose nanomaterials from industrial production and natural plant degradation inevitably lead to the accumulation of nanocellulose in aquatic environment. However, the effect of nanocellulose on the fate, transport...

Xianli Duan ◽  
Xianyu Song ◽  
Shi Ruifang ◽  
Wang Xuan ◽  
Suhang Chen ◽  

Toluene is an important constituent of liquid fuel, and it contributes to the formation of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) under photochemical conditions. However, the underlying mechanism of toluene SOA is...

Huan Yi ◽  
Cui Lai ◽  
Xiuqin Huo ◽  
Lei Qin ◽  
Yukui Fu ◽  

The use of antibiotics for beings is a most significant milestone in present era. However, owing to the chemical diversity and complexity, antibiotics removal from water has been an issue...

Xiaohui Zhong ◽  
Zuqi Zhong ◽  
Shujie Liang ◽  
Gongchang Zeng ◽  
Shuang Cheng ◽  

Electrochemical CO2 reduction reaction (CO2RR) to HCOOH offers a promising strategy for the carbon-neutral cycle. Sn-based materials have been demonstrated for extensive studies of CO2RR to HCOOH, but great challenges...

Yingdong Li ◽  
Hongbin Liu ◽  
Wen-Xiong Wang

Despite the extensive studies on the toxicity of antibacterial silver (either ionic Ag+ or nanoparticle - AgNPs) at the cellular or organismic levels, little is known about their differences in...

R. D. Handy ◽  
N. J. Clark ◽  
D. Boyle ◽  
J. Vassallo ◽  
C. Green ◽  

This meta-analysis identifies linkages between the tiers in the bioaccumulation testing strategy.

Melanie Kah ◽  
Divina Navarro ◽  
Walter Schenkeveld ◽  
Rai Kookana ◽  
Jason Kirby ◽  

Nanotechnology may be used to design more performant copper agrochemicals. Assessing the benefits and risks of the novel nano-products requires a good understanding of their fate in soil relative to...

Lin Liu ◽  
Qinghua Zhang ◽  
Juan Gui ◽  
Baijuan Zhang ◽  
Hang Yang ◽  

Anthropogenic magnetite nanoparticles have been identified to present in human brain and circulatory system, which are potentially linked with the incidence of neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases. Specifically, magnetite nanoparticles originated...

Jialin Chi ◽  
Chonghao Jia ◽  
Wenjun Zhang ◽  
Christine V Putnis ◽  
Lijun Wang

The stability of soil organic matter (SOM) plays a key role in controlling global climate change as soil stores a large amount of organic carbon, compared with other ecological systems....

Kaisong Xiang ◽  
Fenghua Shen ◽  
Yingxue Fu ◽  
Lin Wu ◽  
Zhujiang Wang ◽  

The global warming problem due to greenhouse gases (GHGs), mainly CO2, appears to be a serious concern in our global society. Electrocatalytic CO2 conversion provides an environment-friendly approach to reduce...

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