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Life ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (1) ◽  
pp. 113
Noah Isakov

Reproduction in certain deep-sea anglerfishes involves the permanent attachment of dwarf males to much larger females and fusion of their tissues leading to the establishment of a shared circulatory system. This unusual phenomenon of sexual parasitism enables anglerfishes to maximize reproductive success in the vast and deep oceans, where females and males otherwise rarely meet. An even more surprising phenomenon relates to the observation that joining of genetically disparate male and female anglerfishes does not evoke a strong anti-graft immune rejection response, which occurs in vertebrates following allogeneic parabiosis. Recent studies demonstrated that the evolutionary processes that led to the unique mating strategy of anglerfishes coevolved with genetic changes that resulted in loss of functional genes encoding critical components of the adaptive immune system. These genetic alterations enabled anglerfishes to tolerate the histoincompatible tissue antigens of their mate and prevent the occurrence of reciprocal graft rejection responses. While the exact mechanisms by which anglerfishes defend themselves against pathogens have not yet been deciphered, it is speculated that during evolution, anglerfishes adopted new immune strategies that compensate for the loss of B and T lymphocyte functions and enable them to resist infection by pathogens.

Tamara V Azizova ◽  
Maria V Bannikova ◽  
Evgenia S Grigoryeva ◽  
Ksenia Briks ◽  
Nobuyuki Hamada

Abstract The paper reports on findings of the study of mortality from diseases of circulatory system (DCS) in Russian nuclear workers of the Mayak Production Association (22,377 individuals with 25.4% of females) who were hired at the facility in 1948–1982 and followed up until end-2018. Using the AMFIT module of EPICURE software, relative risks and excess relative risks per unit absorbed dose (ERR/Gy) for the entire Mayak cohort, the subcohort of workers who were residents of the dormitory town of Ozyorsk and the subcohort of migrants from Ozyorsk were calculated based on maximum likelihood. The mean cumulative liver absorbed gamma-ray dose from external exposure was 0.45 (0.65) Gy (mean (standard deviation) gray) for males and 0.37 (0.56) Gy for females. The mean cumulative liver absorbed alpha dose from internal exposure to incorporated plutonium was 0.18 (0.65) Gy for males and 0.40 (1.92) Gy for females. By the end of the follow-up, 6019 deaths from DCS as the main cause of death were registered among Mayak PA workers (including 3828 deaths in the subcohort of residents and 2191 deaths in the subcohort of migrants) over 890,132 (622,199/267,933) person-years of follow-up. The linear model that took into account non-radiation factors (sex, attained age, calendar period, smoking status and alcohol drinking status) and alpha radiation dose (via adjusting) did not demonstrate significant associations of mortality from DCS, ischemic heart disease (IHD) and cerebrovascular disease (CeVD) with gamma-ray exposure dose in the entire cohort, the resident subcohort and the migrant subcohort (either in males or females). For the subcohort of residents, a significant association with gamma dose was observed for mortality from ischemic stroke in males with ERR/Gy=0.43 (95% CI 0.08; 0.99); there were no significant associations with liver absorbed gamma dose for any other considered outcomes. As for internal exposure, for males no significant associations of mortality from any of the DCS with liver absorbed alpha dose were observed, but for females positive associations were found for DCS (the entire cohort and the resident subcohort) and IHD (the entire cohort) mortality. No significant associations of mortality from various types of DCS with neutron dose were observed either in males or females, although neutron absorbed doses were recorded only in 18% of the workers.

2022 ◽  
health not provided

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2022 ◽  
Vol 9 (1) ◽  
pp. 22
Neha Ahuja ◽  
Paige Ostwald ◽  
Alex Gendernalik ◽  
Elena Guzzolino ◽  
Letizia Pitto ◽  

Heart valve development is governed by both genetic and biomechanical inputs. Prior work has demonstrated that oscillating shear stress associated with blood flow is required for normal atrioventricular (AV) valve development. Cardiac afterload is defined as the pressure the ventricle must overcome in order to pump blood throughout the circulatory system. In human patients, conditions of high afterload can cause valve pathology. Whether high afterload adversely affects embryonic valve development remains poorly understood. Here we describe a zebrafish model exhibiting increased myocardial afterload, caused by vasopressin, a vasoconstrictive drug. We show that the application of vasopressin reliably produces an increase in afterload without directly acting on cardiac tissue in zebrafish embryos. We have found that increased afterload alters the rate of growth of the cardiac chambers and causes remodeling of cardiomyocytes. Consistent with pathology seen in patients with clinically high afterload, we see defects in both the form and the function of the valve leaflets. Our results suggest that valve defects are due to changes in atrioventricular myocyte signaling, rather than pressure directly acting on the endothelial valve leaflet cells. Cardiac afterload should therefore be considered a biomechanical factor that particularly impacts embryonic valve development.

Sensors ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 22 (2) ◽  
pp. 529
Eric J. Snider ◽  
Saul J. Vega ◽  
Evan Ross ◽  
David Berard ◽  
Sofia I. Hernandez-Torres ◽  

Future military conflicts will require new solutions to manage combat casualties. The use of automated medical systems can potentially address this need by streamlining and augmenting the delivery of medical care in both emergency and combat trauma environments. However, in many situations, these systems may need to operate in conjunction with other autonomous and semi-autonomous devices. Management of complex patients may require multiple automated systems operating simultaneously and potentially competing with each other. Supervisory controllers capable of harmonizing multiple closed-loop systems are thus essential before multiple automated medical systems can be deployed in managing complex medical situations. The objective for this study was to develop a Supervisory Algorithm for Casualty Management (SACM) that manages decisions and interplay between two automated systems designed for management of hemorrhage control and resuscitation: an automatic extremity tourniquet system and an adaptive resuscitation controller. SACM monitors the required physiological inputs for both systems and synchronizes each respective system as needed. We present a series of trauma experiments carried out in a physiologically relevant benchtop circulatory system in which SACM must recognize extremity or internal hemorrhage, activate the corresponding algorithm to apply a tourniquet, and then resuscitate back to the target pressure setpoint. SACM continues monitoring after the initial stabilization so that additional medical changes can be quickly identified and addressed, essential to extending automation algorithms past initial trauma resuscitation into extended monitoring. Overall, SACM is an important step in transitioning automated medical systems into emergency and combat trauma situations. Future work will address further interplay between these systems and integrate additional medical systems.

Plants ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (2) ◽  
pp. 186
Lyanne Rodríguez ◽  
Diego Mendez ◽  
Hector Montecino ◽  
Basilio Carrasco ◽  
Barbara Arevalo ◽  

In terms of safe and healthy food, beans play a relevant role. This crop belongs to the species of Phaseolusvulgaris L., being the most consumed legume worldwide, both for poor and developed countries, the latter seek to direct their diet to healthy feeding, mainly low in fat. Phaseolus vulgaris L. stands out in this area—an important source of protein, vitamins, essential minerals, soluble fiber, starch, phytochemicals, and low in fat from foods. This species has been attributed many beneficial properties for health; it has effects on the circulatory system, immune system, digestive system, among others. It has been suggested that Phaseolus vulgaris L. has a relevant role in the prevention of cardiovascular events, the main cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide. Conversely, the decrease in the consumption of this legume has been related to an increase in the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases. This review will allow us to relate the nutritional level of this species with cardiovascular events, based on the correlation of the main bioactive compounds and their role as cardiovascular protectors, in addition to revealing the main mechanisms that explain the cardioprotective effects regulated by the bioactive components.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2 (1) ◽  
pp. 50-56

Inviting someone to be able to study according to a predetermined plan is not easy, especially after the covid-19 pandemic, many children are lazy in learning, especially reading, so teaching materials are needed that can attract students' interest. For junior high school students who still want to play dominantly, the teacher must be able to provide teaching materials in which there is an element of play so that students can be motivated in learning. Based on this background, the researchers conducted a Development Research on Puzzle-based LKPD to improve the science learning outcomes of class VIII SMPN 15 Mukomuko students on the material of the Human Circulatory System. The puzzle that the researcher means is a crossword puzzle. From the results of research and testing from the validator team, researchers got a Puzzle-based worksheet that can be used after the validator team's assessment of the presentation aspect with a value of 18 on the criteria 72% is in the category of quite valid and suitable for use with minor revisions, and the content aspect with a value of 23 on the 76% criteria are in the valid category and suitable for use without revision. From this research we get a reference that can be used by science subject teachers to teach material on the human circulatory system. ABSTRAKMengajak seseorang untuk bisa belajar sesuai dengan rencana yang sudah ditetapkan bukanlah hal yang mudah, apalagi setelah pandemi covid-19, banyak anak yang malas dalam belajar terutama membaca, sehingga diperlukan bahan ajar yang dapat menarik minat siswa. untuk siswa SMP yang masih dominan ingin bermain maka guru harus dapat menyediakan bahan ajar yang didalamnya ada unsur bermain sehingga siswa dapat termotivasi dalam belajar. Berdasarkan latar belakang tersebut peneliti melakukan Penelitian Pengembangan teradap LKPD berbasis Puzzle untuk meningktkan hasil belajar IPA siswa kelas VIII SMPN 15 Mukomuko pada materi Sistem Peredaran Darah manusia. Puzzle yang peneliti maksud adalah teka-teki silang. Dari hasil penelitian dan pengujian dari tim Validator peneliti mendapatkan LKPD berbasis Puzzle yang dapat digunakan setelah penilaian dari tim validator terhadap aspek sajian dengan nilai 18 pada kriteria 72% berada pada kategori cukup valid dan layak digunakan dengan revisi kecil, dan aspek Isi dengan nilai 23 pada kriteria 76% berada pada kategori valid dan layak digunakan tanpa revisi.dari penelitian ini kita mendapatkan sebuah referensi yang dapat digunakan oleh guru mata pelajaran IPA untuk mengajarkan materi sistema peredaran darah manusia.

Biomolecules ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (1) ◽  
pp. 110
Michiaki Nagai ◽  
Carola Yvette Förster ◽  
Keigo Dote

Takotsubo syndrome (TTS), a transient form of dysfunction in the heart’s left ventricle, occurs predominantly in postmenopausal women who have emotional stress. Earlier studies support the concept that the human circulatory system is modulated by a cortical network (consisting of the anterior cingulate gyrus, amygdala, and insular cortex (Ic)) that plays a pivotal role in the central autonomic nervous system in relation to emotional stressors. The Ic plays a crucial role in the sympathovagal balance, and decreased levels of female sex hormones have been speculated to change functional cerebral asymmetry, with a possible link to autonomic instability. In this review, we focus on the Ic as an important moderator of the human brain–heart axis in association with sex hormones. We also summarize the current knowledge regarding the sex-specific neuroanatomy in TTS.

2022 ◽  
Vol 20 (4) ◽  
pp. 33-44
A. V. Frolov ◽  
Yu. I. Loktionova ◽  
E. V. Zharkikh ◽  
V. V. Sidorov ◽  
A. I. Krupatkin ◽  

Introduction. Yoga breathing exercises improve the ability to significantly reduce the respiratory rate. A decrease of the minute respiration volume results in compensatory reactions of the microcirculatory bed caused by changes in the gas composition. The reaction of the regulatory mechanisms of the microvascular bed can be evaluated by the optical non-invasive laser Doppler flowmetry method. The aim of the study was to assess the tissue microcirculation parameter changes in people performing yoga breathing exercises. Materials and methods. 25 volunteers performed yoga breathing exercises at a frequency of 3 times per minute, 2 times per minute, 1.5 times per minute, 1 time per minute for 5 minutes, and free breathing for 6 minutes before and after breathing exercises. Parameters aimed to defin the reaction of skin microcirculation in different body areas were simultaneously recorded in six sites by laser Doppler flowmetry using a distributed system of wearable analyzers. The parameters of tissue microcirculation recorded by the method of laser Doppler flowmetry were: the index of microcirculation (Im), nutritive blood flow (Imn), the amplitude of myogenic (Am), neurogenic (An), endothelial (Ae), respiratory (Ar) and cardiac (Ac) regulation circuits. Results. Yoga breathing exercises led to increase of microcirculation index at all breathing frequencies. Breathing at a frequency of 1.5 and 1/minute leads to a significant increase in nutritional blood flow. Low-frequency breathing exercises lead to an increase in blood pressure at the lowest breathing rates – 1.5/minute and 1/minute. The most significant changes were achieved at the lowest respiration rates (1 and 1.5/minute), that could be associated with hypoxic-hypercapnic mechanisms. Conclusion. The absence of significant changes in microcirculation parameters after low-frequency respiration during measurements in the supraorbital arteries in both groups characterizes the work of homeostatic mechanisms for maintaining brain perfusion in stressful situations for the body (low-frequency types of respiration, hypercapnia and hypoxia). When measured in the extremities, a change in the effect of the circulatory system regulatory mechanisms was observed; along with an increase in skin perfusion and the nutritional component, it can characterize the compensatory reaction of the microcirculation to respiration change.

2022 ◽  
Vol 15 (1) ◽  
pp. 75
Chaithanya Chelakkot ◽  
Hobin Yang ◽  
Young Kee Shin

Shedding of cancer cells from the primary site or undetectable bone marrow region into the circulatory system, resulting in clinically overt metastasis or dissemination, is the hallmark of unfavorable invasive cancers. The shed cells remain in circulation until they extravasate to form a secondary metastatic lesion or undergo anoikis. The circulating tumor cells (CTCs) found as single cells or clusters carry a plethora of information, are acknowledged as potential biomarkers for predicting cancer prognosis and cancer progression, and are supposed to play key roles in determining tailored therapies for advanced diseases. With the advent of novel technologies that allow the precise isolation of CTCs, more and more clinical trials are focusing on the prognostic and predictive potential of CTCs. In this review, we summarize the role of CTCs as a predictive marker for cancer incidence, relapse, and response to therapy.

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