A novel concept for ultra-low concentration methane treatment based on chemical looping catalytic oxidation

2022 ◽  
Vol 228 ◽  
pp. 107159
Chen Song ◽  
Fang Liu ◽  
Weiliao Kang ◽  
Jiangyuan Zhao ◽  
Li Yang ◽  
2014 ◽  
Vol 113 ◽  
pp. 1916-1923 ◽  
Yongxing Zhang ◽  
Elham Doroodchi ◽  
Behdad Moghtaderi

1972 ◽  
pp. 1847-1853
Haruo KURONUMA ◽  
Hiromitsu KOJIMA ◽  

Fuel ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 286 ◽  
pp. 119311
Ruiming Fang ◽  
Zhongqing Yang ◽  
Xianwei Liu ◽  
Yunfei Yan ◽  
Jingyu Ran ◽  

2017 ◽  
Vol 320 ◽  
pp. 667-676 ◽  
Min Wang ◽  
Lingxia Zhang ◽  
Weimin Huang ◽  
Tongping Xiu ◽  
Chenggang Zhuang ◽  

RSC Advances ◽  
2016 ◽  
Vol 6 (74) ◽  
pp. 70261-70270 ◽  
Tao Zhang ◽  
Dongdong Wang ◽  
Zhenyuan Gao ◽  
Kunfeng Zhao ◽  
Yousong Gu ◽  

Performance optimization of a MnO2 NS/CNT series of catalysts could be realized via doping methods or acid treatment.

2013 ◽  
Vol 671-674 ◽  
pp. 2769-2772 ◽  
Min Zhao ◽  
Ji Hui Jiang ◽  
Li Hui Zhou ◽  
Peng Kang Jin ◽  
Dong He

Though analysis and determination on wastewater quality of Gas Field, it can be seen that the main organic matter in wastewater is low concentration methanol. Aiming at the characteristics of higher degree of mineralization, methanol and lower pH ,the experiment is focusing on the effect of manganese dioxide & hydrogen peroxide catalytic oxidation process on methanol wastewater treatment properties and functions.The results show, for low concentration methanol wastewater,the manganese dioxide used has a diameter of 5nm with a dosage of 300mg/L, also a illumination intensity of 120Q, when the dosing ratio with hydrogen peroxide is 1:10, after 8h reaction period, the degradation rate of methanol were all above 70.0%.The methanol content after treated can meet the reference standard for Gas Field reinjection water

2017 ◽  
Vol 38 (10) ◽  
pp. 1759-1769 ◽  
Bin Zhu ◽  
Xiao-Song Li ◽  
Peng Sun ◽  
Jing-Lin Liu ◽  
Xiao-Yuan Ma ◽  

2011 ◽  
Vol 356-360 ◽  
pp. 1379-1385
Wen Ge Hao ◽  
Ding Nan Zhao ◽  
Yue Feng Cui

In order to achieve the catalytic oxidation of the low concentration SO2 flue gas in SNOX process, screen out the appropriate type of V2O5 catalyst for high-efficient transformation of the low concentration SO2. In order to provide foundation for reaction progression design, calculate the reaction depth of the process condition through the reaction thermodynamics analysis. According to the technological factors of affecting the effect of catalytic oxidation, investigate the reaction temperature, the space velocity and the mole ratio between O 2and SO2 on the SO2 transformation. Based on the experimental results, we did the reaction kinetics calculation. Above theoretical and experimental results provide the necessary technical parameters for designing catalystic oxidation of the low concentration SO2 in SNOX process.

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