A Case Study of a Successful Coffee shop in Korea: Analysis of the Marketing Mix 7Ps of ‘Haksan TERAROSA Co., Ltd.’

2020 ◽  
Vol 15 (2) ◽  
pp. 57-77
Hyangmu Lee
Asian Survey ◽  
2013 ◽  
Vol 53 (5) ◽  
pp. 979-1004
Ying-Kit Chan

This article, a preliminary observation of the kopitiam (coffee shop) in Singapore, argues that the informal and seemingly apolitical kopitiam has engendered a form of political resistance that we have often failed to see. Using a case study, the article examines how local practices could reflect a hitherto neglected understanding of Singaporean politics.

2020 ◽  
Vol 4 (1) ◽  
pp. 10-24
Adhi Nurcahyo Achmad ◽  
Samsir Samsir ◽  
Yulia Efni

This study aims to see and determine the direct effect of the marketing mix on purchasing decisions and customer satisfaction. Research site at the Kimteng coffee shop Pekanbaru. The population in this study were all customers who made repeat purchases at the Kimteng coffee shop Pekanbaru. The sampling technique used was non-probability sampling using the simple random sampling method, because the sampling of members from the population was done randomly without paying attention to the strata in the population. Determining the number of samples 5 times the number of variable indicators as many as 30 are used. Thus, the number of samples to be studied in this study was 150 people. In this study, researchers will use SEM (Structural Equation Modeling) analysis. The results of this study indicate that there is a positive and significant influence between the marketing mix on purchasing decisions and there is a positive and significant influence between the marketing mix and purchasing decisions on customer satisfaction. Purchasing decisions are able to positively and significantly mediate between marketing strategies and customer satisfaction.

2021 ◽  
Vol 4 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-15
Zi Jian Oh ◽  
Gai Sin Liem ◽  
Safina binti Ismail ◽  
Siti Aina Antasya binti Mohd Indera JR ◽  
Nur Muslihah binti Abdul Hakim ◽  

The purpose of this study is to investigate factors of the development and decline of 7-Eleven in the new industrial era. This study examined the relations between marketing mix strategy (4Ps) and customer satisfaction significantly predicting the development and decline of 7-Eleven. A total of 108 respondents, 56 Malaysian and 52 Indonesian, were involved to collect the data by questionnaires. The regression results provided sufficient evidence that factors of 7-Eleven development are positively related to its marketing mix strategy and customer satisfaction or vice versa. This finding provides profound understanding about the relationship between the development and decline factors in new industrial era, its marketing mix strategy and customer satisfaction.

2021 ◽  
Vol 4 (1) ◽  
pp. 16-33
Dilip D ◽  
Rupesh Sinha ◽  
Ooi Ler Wei ◽  
Daisy Mui Hung Kee ◽  
Oh Jia Leei ◽  

McDonald's has become one of the world's most known fast-food companies. The success of McDonald's in growing business makes some individuals genuinely curious as to how McDonald's developed their marketing process and strategy as marketing strategies perform crucial roles for businesses to grow eventually. This case study aims to determine the effective marketing strategies of McDonald in Malaysia compared to with those in other countries such as Indonesia and provide recommendations to deal with the situation McDonald's is faced with. This research, using comparative analysis and focusing on 4P marketing mix components, focuses on the analysis of products, prices, places, and promotions.

2017 ◽  
Vol 1 (2) ◽  
pp. 65
I Made Jaminyasa ◽  
I Made Pulawan ◽  
Anak Agung Media Martadiani ◽  
I Made Suniastha Amerta

The more intense competition within the similar business as well as happened in the business of making sausages, especially in Denpasar city. PT. Aroma was one of the companies in Denpasar that produces sausages, corned beef, and nuggets. In an effort to attract consumers to buy sausages, companies pay attention to product quality, price, and promotion. The attitude of each consumer varies before buying and in buying products. Consumer considerations in buying the products that need to be considered by marketers, so that products that are marketed can be accepted and would be bought by the consumers. The linear regression line equation: Y = 0.1920 + 0.2145 X1 + 0.2592 X2 + 0.3828 X3 explains that there was a simultaneous positive influence between product quality, price, and promotion on the buying decision of sausage. The result of t-test of regression coefficient obtained t1-count was 3,3628, t2-count was 3,9879 and t3-count was 6,2641 bigger than t-table equal to 1,980 was in rejection region Ho, hence Ho rejected or Hi accepted. It meant it was true, that there was a positive influence simultaneously between the marketing mix and the consumer buying decision.

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