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2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (3) ◽  
pp. 628-644
Mariani Dela Seran ◽  
Prayekti Prayekti

The purpose of this research is to find out the influence of education, work experience, contract work system and HR management on the quality of pt. Srikandi Mandiri Duta Mulia. The research method used in this study is descriptive quantitative by using a statistical correlation of multiple regressions. Popolasi in this study is the entire workforce available at PT. Srikandi Mandiri Duta Mulia, with a sample of 53 respondents. The results stated that education, work experience, contract work systems and HR management have a positive influence both partially and simultaneously on the quality of the workforce.  Keywords: education, work experience, contract work system, HR management, Quality of work.

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (2) ◽  
pp. 881
Valentina Pidlisnyuk ◽  
Tatyana Stefanovska ◽  
Olexander Zhukov ◽  
Artem Medkow ◽  
Pavlo Shapoval ◽  

The impact of the plant growth regulators (PGRs) Stimpo, Regoplant, and Charkor on the production of the second-generation energy crop Miscanthus × giganteus on marginal post-military soil was investigated during two vegetation seasons. The land, previously a tank training polygon, has not been in use since 1990 and has become marginal. Biological parameters (stem, shoot, and root lengths) and dry biomass values were evaluated in relation to the applied treatments. The multivariate general linear model (M-GLM) results showed a positive influence of Charkor on M. × giganteus development; the effect was markedly higher in the second year of vegetation. The impact of Stimpo and Regoplant was less noticeable; nevertheless, certain combinations of treatments showed satisfactory results. The M-GLM approach detected the inter-influence of the main factors of the production process, i.e., PGRs, soil, and year of growing. The results showed the predominant influence of year, PGRs and combined factor PGRs × year on the biological parameters; the other studied factors and their combinations were not as effective. Further research should focus on verifying the field-scale results for the M. × giganteus plantation established in a post-military area and compare the lab and field studies.

2022 ◽  
Vol 22 (1) ◽  
Bartosz Piątek ◽  
Tomasz Siwowski

AbstractThe paper presents the research on reinforced concrete (RC) beams strengthened with carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) strips with various configurations in terms of anchoring and tensioning. The five full-scale RC beams with the total length of 6.0 m were strengthened with passive strips, without and with mechanical anchorages at their ends, as well as with strips tensioned by the novel prestressing system with three various prestressing levels ranging from 30 to 50% of the CFRP tensile strength. All RC beams were tested under static flexural load up to failure and they were investigated in a full range of flexural behaviour, including the post-debonding phase. The main parameters considered in this study include the use of mechanical anchorages, the effect of tensioning the strips and the influence of the various prestressing levels. Several performance indicators have been established to evaluate the beams’ behaviour. The study revealed that the RC beams strengthened using tensioned CFRP strips exhibited a higher cracking, yielding and ultimate moments as compared to the beams with passively bonded CFRP strips. Moreover, increasing the beams’ prestressing level has a significant positive influence on the performance of strengthened beams. However, it did not affect the ultimate load-bearing capacity of the beams. The optimal prestressing level for the novel system has been determined as 60% of CFRP tensile strength.

2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 57
Lingbo Liu ◽  
Hanchen Yu ◽  
Jie Zhao ◽  
Hao Wu ◽  
Zhenghong Peng ◽  

The layout of public service facilities and their accessibility are important factors affecting spatial justice. Previous studies have verified the positive influence of public facilities accessibility on house prices; however, the spatial scale of the impact of various public facilities accessibility on house prices is not yet clear. This study takes transportation analysis zone of Wuhan city as the spatial unit, measure the public facilities accessibility of schools, hospitals, green space, and public transit stations with four kinds of accessibility models such as the nearest distance, real time travel cost, kernel density, and two step floating catchment area (2SFCA), and explores the multiscale effect of public services accessibility on house prices with multiscale geographically weighted regression model. The results show that the differentiated scale effect not only exists among different public facility accessibilities, but also exists in different accessibility models of the same sort of facility. The article also suggests that different facilities should adopt its appropriate accessibility model. This study provides insights into spatial heterogeneity of urban public service facilities accessibility, which will benefit decision making in equal accessibility planning and policy formulation for the layout of urban service facilities.

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 ◽  
Ni Putu Achintya Wibawa Putri ◽  
I Nyoman Wijana Asmara Putra ◽  
Made Gede Wirakusuma ◽  
I Dewa Gede Dharma Suputra

This study aims to examine the effect of independence, professionalism, and experience of internal auditors on fraud prevention with organizational culture as a moderating variable. The research data were collected through questionnaires, the research respondents were the internal auditors of Rural Banks in Bali. The method of determining the sample using purposive sampling with the criteria of internal auditors who have more then a year work experience, with 140 respondents. The data analysis technique used in this research is Path Analysis (SEM-PLS). The results showed that the independence, professionalism, and experience of internal auditors had a positive effect on fraud prevention; and organizational culture strengthen the positive influence of independence, professionalism, and experience of internal auditors on fraud prevention.

2022 ◽  
Vol 289 (1966) ◽  
Joshua P. Twining ◽  
Chris Sutherland ◽  
Neil Reid ◽  
David G. Tosh

Ongoing recovery of native predators has the potential to alter species interactions, with community and ecosystem wide implications. We estimated the co-occurrence of three species of conservation and management interest from a multi-species citizen science camera trap survey. We demonstrate fundamental differences in novel and coevolved predator–prey interactions that are mediated by habitat. Specifically, we demonstrate that anthropogenic habitat modification had no influence on the expansion of the recovering native pine marten in Ireland, nor does it affect the predator's suppressive influence on an invasive prey species, the grey squirrel. By contrast, the direction of the interaction between the pine marten and a native prey species, the red squirrel, is dependent on habitat. Pine martens had a positive influence on red squirrel occurrence at a landscape scale, especially in native broadleaf woodlands. However, in areas dominated by non-native conifer plantations, the pine marten reduced red squirrel occurrence. These findings suggest that following the recovery of a native predator, the benefits of competitive release are spatially structured and habitat-specific. The potential for past and future landscape modification to alter established interactions between predators and prey has global implications in the context of the ongoing recovery of predator populations in human-modified landscapes.

2022 ◽  
Damola Amosun

Different ideologies as been related to the role of Instagram on the psychological thinking of individuals health. With each issue detailing how Instagram has influenced its users in various ways. However, the influence has become increasingly unclear with different opinions on whether or not Instagram is a psychological tool for depression. This study aims to carry out an investigative study using various reviews to create a hypothesis(research question) and analyse those hypotheses to cut across each age group. With the stated hypothesis, the result helps to conclude if similarities in each age group are of positive influence or vice versa.

Chad N. Loes

This paper explores the effect of collaborative learning on academic motivation among students from 17 institutions throughout the United States. Even in the presence of a wide array of potential confounders, collaborative learning exerted a statistically significant and positive influence on students’ academic motivation levels across four years of undergraduate education. Tests for the presence of interaction effects suggest that the relationship between collaborative learning and academic motivation is similar for all students, regardless of racial or ethnic background.

2022 ◽  
Vol 14 (2) ◽  
pp. 757
Piotr Majdak ◽  
Antonio Manuel Martins de Almeida

Overtourism refers not only to situations in which carrying capacity levels have been exceeded, but also to those in which tourists and residents share negative feelings of discomfort and other emotions, loss of quality of life and unpleasant experiences in their activities of daily life. The growing number of places struggling with the problem of overtourism suggests that brand new approaches are required to minimize the effects of excessive tourism. However, the impacts of overtourism are place-specific and a one-size-fits-all approach is inappropriate. Many destinations still have a considerable margin to manoeuvre but are nonetheless heading towards increasingly unsustainable levels of tourists per square kilometer. Such regions have time to take some pre-emptive measures based on principles of sustainable development using greener and energy-saving technologies. Over the past few decades, degrowth has arisen as an unorthodox approach based on principles of fairness and social and environmental justice. In certain areas, such as island economies, the economic dynamics remain largely dependent on the tourism sector, which forces the local actors to think and act differently. In this study, we analyze the strategies employed by Madeira to counter the negative effects of oversaturation in a pre-emptive way. The findings of this case study, based on the data at the county level, are enhanced by a panel data analysis of a number of relevant explanatory variables explaining the dispersion of tourists to the rural hinterland. The results suggest that the development of the rural hinterland has proven capable of exerting a progressively positive influence well beyond the borders of the rural hinterland by accommodating a growing share of the increasing numbers of tourists welcomed in the region in the 2002–2019 period, at the expense of the main capital city. This study confirms the importance and potential of the development of the rural hinterland to tackle overtourism in the main tourism areas. In terms of recommendations, it is suggested that local operators and policy-makers must develop efforts to research new ways to adopt energy-saving projects and develop tourisms products that incorporate eco-friendly behaviors.

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (1) ◽  
pp. 42
Rieke Ammoneit ◽  
Andreas Turek ◽  
Carina Peter

The professional competencies pre-service geography teachers acquire in university influence their contribution to education for sustainable development (ESD) in their future school careers. We assessed pre-service geography teachers’ (n = 100) competencies and attitudes towards the official, German ESD orientation framework to determine the specific need for higher education action. The results are a high competence assessment and even higher importance assigned to the ESD-related professional competencies. In the context of ESD, pre-service teachers are most confident in their content knowledge and social and personal competencies and least confident in their pedagogical knowledge. The cross-sectional analysis shows the perceived competence level rising with the semester number and a strong positive influence of the school practice module.

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