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2022 ◽  
Vol 148 ◽  
pp. 107786
Saeed Azad ◽  
Mahnaz Khosravi ◽  
Alireza Nikzad ◽  
Satyendra Kumar Mishra

Binfang Wu ◽  
Haitao Xu ◽  
Yufeng Shi ◽  
Zhijie Yao ◽  
Jiayu Yu ◽  

Abstract Microelectrode glucose biosensor based on three-dimensional hybrid nanoporous platinum/graphene oxide nanostructure was developed for rapid glucose detection of tomato and cucumber fruits. The nanostructure was fabricated by a two-step modification method on microelectrode for loading a larger amount of glucose oxidase. The nanoporous structure was prepared on the surface of the platinum microelectrode by electrochemical etching, and then graphene oxide was deposited on the prepared nanoporous electrode by electrochemical deposition. The nanoprorous platinum/graphene oxide nanostructure had the advantage of improving the effective surface area of the electrode and the loading quantity of glucose oxidase. As a result, the biosensor achieved a wide range of 0.1-20.0 mM in glucose detection, which had the ability to accurately detect the glucose content. It was found that the three-dimensional hybrid nanostructure on the electrode surface realized the rapid direct electrochemistry of glucose oxidase. Therefore, the biosensor achieved high glucose detection sensitivity (11.64 μA mM -1cm -2), low detection limit (13 μM) and rapid response time (reaching 95% steady-state response within 3 seconds), when calibrating in glucose standard solution. In agricultural application, the as-prepared biosensor was employed to detect the glucose concentration of tomato and cucumber samples. The results showed that the relative deviation of this method was less than 5% when compared with that of HPLC, implying high accuracy of the presented biosensor in glucose detection in plants.

2022 ◽  
Kasci D Pelucarte ◽  
Tashi A Hatchell ◽  
Gibin George ◽  
Sivasankara Rao Ede ◽  
Menuka Adhikari ◽  

Glucose biosensors are widely used for clinical, industrial, and environmental applications. Nonenzymatic electrochemical glucose biosensors based on metal oxides with a perovskite structure have exhibited high sensitivity, excellent stability, and...

2022 ◽  
Gonzalo Eduardo Fenoy ◽  
Waldemar Alejandro Marmisollé ◽  
Wolfgang Knoll ◽  
Omar Azzaroni

We introduce a new approach for glucose oxidase (GOx) immobilization on graphene field-effect transistors (gFETs) to fabricate highly sensitive glucose sensors. The strategy relies on the electropolymerization of a layer...

Lab on a Chip ◽  
2022 ◽  
Aditi R. Naik ◽  
Yiliang Zhou ◽  
Anita A. Dey ◽  
D. Leonardo González Arellano ◽  
Uzodinma Okoroanyanwu ◽  

An inexpensive microfluidic sweat sensor platform for single-use and continuous biomarker measurements integrated with a synthetic skin for characterization at various sweat rates.

2022 ◽  
pp. 163789
Baoyuan Man ◽  
Guilin Wang ◽  
Zhen Li ◽  
Shicai Xu ◽  
Chonghui Li ◽  

hong zhao ◽  
Liping Tang ◽  
Man Zhou ◽  
Kai Li ◽  
Jinguang Hu ◽  

Due to increased attentions on diabetes mellitus, flexible and multifunctional electrodes toward glucose detection have been desired for the construction of a wearable glucose self-monitoring system (WGSS). Herein, bifunctional Ni-Co-S...

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