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2022 ◽  
Vol 75 (suppl 1) ◽  
José Luís Guedes dos Santos ◽  
Fernando Henrique Antunes Menegon ◽  
Gustavo Baade de Andrade ◽  
Etiane de Oliveira Freitas ◽  
Silviamar Camponogara ◽  

ABSTRACT Objective: to describe the changes implemented in the work environment of nurses in university hospitals considering the COVID-19 pandemic. Methods: this qualitative and descriptive research was developed from an online survey with 75 nurses from three Brazilian university hospitals. Data processing occurred through textual analysis with the aid of software IRAMUTEQ. Results: five semantic classes were obtained: Organization of units for exclusive care of patients with COVID-19; Adaptations in the use of personal protective equipment; Physical structure adaptation; Care flow institution; Increased number of beds and training courses. Final considerations: the results show the effort of healthcare and nursing professionals/managers in the development of structural adaptations and reorganizations of care processes, in the hospital context, to respond with quality and efficiency to the demands arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

2021 ◽  
Vol 16 (3) ◽  
pp. 386
Anisa Nur Afifah ◽  
Khuliyah Candraning Diyanah

ABSTRACTSanitation is a public health effort that emphasizes mastery of various environmental factors that affect the degree of human health. Agencies that have a good and comfortable work environment will support improved performance for their employees. This study aimed to identify the description of working environment sanitation in the warship division office building at PT PAL INDONESIA (PERSERO). This research was observational. From the entire office space in the Warship Division, the five rooms with the most employees were selected for this research. The research instrument was an observation sheet with variables of building facilities, water supply, toilet, disease vector, lighting, noise, temperature, and humidity. Data analysis was performed descriptively with scoring. The results showed that four out of the five rooms (80%) that were observed had poor sanitation because they had a score of less than 75%. The results showed that the variables that were included in the criteria of lack of sanitation were toilets, lighting, temperature, and humidity. Suggestions given for the company are for building facilities, water supply, noise, and disease vector to be maintained because they are included in good sanitation criteria. Toilets, lighting, temperature, and humidity need to be fixed immediately, and reported to the officer responsible if things that can reduce the quality of office sanitation are observed. Keywords: sanitation, indoor air quality, work environment

2021 ◽  
Vol 5 (6) ◽  
pp. 605
Axamina Christi Unawekla ◽  
Riris Loisa

The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of work-life balance, leadership style, and work environment on turnover intentions in the millennial generation in Jakarta. This research is a descriptive quantitative study, using a purposive sampling technique with a sample of 105 respondents. The data were analyzed using multiple linear regression analysis techniques using SPSS version 26. The results of this study indicate that the work-life balance variable does not affect the turnover intention for the millennial generation in Jakarta. The leadership style variable has a negative and significant effect on the turnover intention of the millennial generation in Jakarta. Work environment variables have a negative and significant effect on the turnover intention of the millennial generation in Jakarta. Work-life balance, leadership style, and environment variables simultaneously influence turnover intention for the millennial generation in Jakarta. Work-life balance, leadership style, and work environment contributed 63.8 percent to turnover intention. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk menguji pengaruh work life balance, gaya kepemimpinan dan lingkungan kerja terhadap keinginan pindah kerja pada generasi milenial di Jakarta. Penelitian ini adalah penelitian kuantitatif deskriptif, menggunakan teknik purposive sampling dengan sampel berjumlah 105 responden. Data dianalisis dengan teknik analisis regresi linier berganda dengan menggunakan SPSS versi 26. Hasil dari penelitian ini menunjukkan variabel work life balance tidak berpengaruh terhadap keinginan pindah kerja generasi milenial di Jakarta. Variabel gaya kepemimpinan berpengaruh negatif dan signifikan terhadap keinginan pindah kerja generasi milenial di Jakarta. Variabel lingkungan kerja berpengaruh negatif dan signifikan terhadap keinginan pindah kerja generasi milenial di Jakarta. Variabel work life balance, gaya kepemimpinan, dan lingkungan kerja secara bersama-sama secara simultan berpengaruh terhadap keinginan pindah kerja. Work life balance, gaya kepemimpinan, dan lingkungan kerja memberikan kontribusi sebesar 63,8 persen terhadap keinginan pindah kerja.

2022 ◽  
Vol 24 ◽  
pp. 101295
Alexander M. Crizzle ◽  
Jennifer Malkin ◽  
Gordon A. Zello ◽  
Ryan Toxopeus ◽  
Philip Bigelow ◽  

Muchtar ◽  
Ray Wagiu Basrowi

Introduction: During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers have physical and psychosocial pressure in carrying out their work. The requirement for healthcare workers in dealing with the pandemic is so high, the identification process for the resilience of healthcare workers is not going well. The purpose of this article is to review about how to optimize the resilience of healthcare workers exposed to COVID-19 outbreak working conditions. Methods: This literature review is conducted in October 2021. Research related to the resilience of healthcare workers during COVID-19 Pandemic by using valid keywords, including resilience, healthcare workers, COVID-19 through ProQuest, ScienceDirect and SpingerLink. Results: A total of 10 articles were selected for the literature review. The process of self-reflection is one of the important things for healthcare workers. Optimizing relisience of healthcare workers by carrying out an efficient division of tasks to reduce workloads, give more attention to their needs, provide training and knowledge about digital applications to increase capacity in carrying out their work, provide mental health support for healthcare workers and creating a safe and comfortable work environment for them. Conclusions: Maintaining health during the COVID-19 pandemic is an important thing that needs to be done by healthcare workers. Stress management is an important factor in dealing with a pandemic. Create an assessment of the resilience of healthcare workers by detecting gaps, determining priorities, developing plans to prevent psychosocial hazards at all levels both individual and organizational levels.

2021 ◽  
Vol 4 (4) ◽  
pp. 140-148
Pojwan M.A. ◽  
Osoki M.

This paper reviewed the perception of sexual harassment of employees in the work environment. It examined the nature of sexual harassment, its causes and its implication on the Nigerian worker. A review of related works of literature on the topic under study was done and the paper shows that workplace sexual harassment is a social problem that depends on gender, context and perceived ideology. It also buttressed that apart from the social and political factors that make women more vulnerable to sexual harassment than men, cultural factors play a prominent role. The researchers recommend among other things that psychological dynamics underlying the perception of sexual harassment should be examined critically by researchers, in order to be able to identify harassment that is just a figment of the perceiver’s imagination and actual sexual harassment. Also, victims of sexual harassment should be protected by stringent legislation to deter any harasser in the workplace, and there should be a forum for victims to report and voice out their grievances.

Tri Yuliyatin ◽  
Siti Dewi Ismayatun

Introduction: Noise is any unwanted sound in the work environment that comes from production machines that can cause various health problems. Noise can also cause an increase in blood pressure as a physiological reaction of the body. Apart from the noise factor, an increase in workers' blood pressure can also be triggered by several factors such as worker characteristics (worker’s nutritional status, work experience and work duration). The purpose of this study is to examine whether there is a relationship between noise and worker characteristics and blood pressure. Methods: The design of this study was cross-sectional with a descriptive observational method. The sample in this study was the total population of workers in the company's production area, as many as 42 respondents. Workers' blood pressure was measured before and after work, work environment noise was measured using sound level meter, and questionnaires were used to determine individual characteristics. Results: The increase in blood pressure before and after work occurred most in the unit with the highest noise intensity. The increase in blood pressure before and after work also occurred in the categories of the longest work period and the longest work duration in a day. Conclusion: There was a strong correlation between noise and systolic blood and a weak relationship with diastole. Nutritional status had a weak relationship with blood pressure. Period of work and blood pressure had a moderate relationship, and duration of work and blood pressure had a strong relationship. Keywords: blood pressure, individual characteristics, noise

2021 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Yemisi F. Awotoye ◽  
Christopher C. Stevens

Theoretical basis The case primarily revolves around the establishment, alignment and maintenance of expectations within a work environment. Specifically, the case focuses on the challenges that were created by the expectations that Kofi Nyarkoh had of his employee, Kwame Owusu, and the expectations that Kwame in turn formed based on the process surrounding his employment relationship with Kofi. The case is intended to help students assess a business situation and define the perceptions and expectations of stakeholders; assess the impact of differences in perceptions and expectations on the attitudes, behaviors and motivation in the workplace and develop appropriate recommendations. Research methodology The case was written based on a combination of field and telephone interviews and other communication between one of the authors and Kofi. Case overview/synopsis The case presents the story of Rococo LLC's founder and one of his key employees. Both men were originally from Ghana. They met in the USA through a mutual friend, and Kofi hired him to work on a client site for Rococo LLC despite Kwame's insufficient work experience. Complexity academic level This case is intended for students of organizational behavior, human resource management and management both at advanced undergraduate and graduate levels.

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