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2022 ◽  
Vol 8 (1) ◽  
pp. 407-428
Somjit Barat

The author conducts a pilot study to investigate whether the benefits of global marketing and the purported liberal policies of the Government of India have percolated to the Indian middle-class since the year 2014, when the present government came to power. The author collects data through online surveys from Indian citizens, and then conducts a qualitative analysis of the same to test six propositions based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Model and the Theory of Reasoned Action. The author finds moderate to strong support for five of his propositions and sets the stage for a more robust research study that the author is planning to conduct on this highly relevant topic. Keywords: globalization, consumer experience, marketing strategy, political marketing

2022 ◽  
Vol 9 (1) ◽  
pp. 78-93
Meta Keumala ◽  
Dohra Fitrisia ◽  
Iskandar Abdul Samad ◽  
Sofyan Abdul Gani

For English teaching practice, productive talks that spur students’ comprehension, creativity, and problem-solving ability are vital. This research aimed at finding out the spoken discourse based on six phases of microstructure in English classrooms. The data were obtained recordings and observations of two English teachers, chosen through purposive sampling, from Islamic senior high schools in Aceh. The data were concerned with the lexical density or the ratio of content to grammatical or function words within a clause. They were analyzed through thematic analysis which consists of five steps: data familiarization, code generation, theme search, themes revision, and theme definition. It was found that the total lexical density obtained by the first teacher in Class A was 63.66% and in class, B was 66.52%, while the second teacher in Class A was 71. 74% and in Class B was 68.12%. The second teacher 2 in Class A had a higher lexical density than the first teacher even though both of them are considered to produce a high lexical density of around 60-70%. The formality of spoken discourse of the two teachers shows that the first teacher produced 172.5 while the second teacher produced 184. It means that the second teacher's spoken discourse was more formal than the first teacher’s discourse. To analyze the utterances of teachers and to find the density of language used in the classrooms during the teaching and learning process is important because they implicitly inform whether the language used is understandable for the students or not.

Electronics ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (2) ◽  
pp. 280
Michael Haider ◽  
Dominik Bortis ◽  
Grayson Zulauf ◽  
Johann W. Kolar ◽  
Yasuo Ono

The motor integration of singe-phase-supplied Variable-Speed Drives (VSDs) is prevented by the significant volume, short lifetime, and operating temperature limit of the electrolytic capacitors required to buffer the pulsating power grid. The DC-link energy storage requirement is eliminated by using the kinetic energy of the motor as a buffer. The proposed concept is called the Motor-Integrated Power Pulsation Buffer (MPPB), and a control technique and structure are detailed that meet the requirements for nominal and faulted operation with a simple reconfiguration of existing controller blocks. A 7.5 KW, motor-integrated hardware demonstrator validated the proposed MPPB concept and loss models for a scroll compressor drive used in auxiliary railway applications. The MPPB drive with a front-end CISPR 11/Class A EMI filter, PFC rectifier stage, and output-side inverter stage achieved a power density of 0.91 KW L−1 (15 W in−3). The grid-to-motor-shaft efficiency exceeded 90% for all loads over 5 kW or 66% of nominal load, with a worst-case loss penalty over a conventional system of only 17%.

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 (POPL) ◽  
pp. 1-30
Ningning Xie ◽  
Matthew Pickering ◽  
Andres Löh ◽  
Nicolas Wu ◽  
Jeremy Yallop ◽  

Multi-stage programming using typed code quotation is an established technique for writing optimizing code generators with strong type-safety guarantees. Unfortunately, quotation in Haskell interacts poorly with type classes, making it difficult to write robust multi-stage programs. We study this unsound interaction and propose a resolution, staged type class constraints, which we formalize in a source calculus λ ⇒ that elaborates into an explicit core calculus F . We show type soundness of both calculi, establishing that well-typed, well-staged source programs always elaborate to well-typed, well-staged core programs, and prove beta and eta rules for code quotations. Our design allows programmers to incorporate type classes into multi-stage programs with confidence. Although motivated by Haskell, it is also suitable as a foundation for other languages that support both overloading and quotation.

Retos ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 44 ◽  
pp. 774-782
Guadalupe Del Rosario Martínez Aguilera

 Este trabajo buscó descubrir de qué manera la clase de educación física puede favorecer la manifestación de las inteligencias múltiples en la resolución de problemas en 27 alumnos de ocho a nueve años de un grupo de cuarto grado de una escuela primaria. Mediante el método cualitativo en la aplicación de una secuencia didáctica de siete sesiones se recogieron datos mediante una evaluación formativa utilizando entrevistas, observación y el cuaderno de educación física que los niños utilizaron a lo largo de la intervención donde expresaron parte de su experiencia y aprendizajes que adquirieron en la clase de educación física. Como resultado se observa que los alumnos expresan de manera específica los aprendizajes obtenidos en la secuencia didáctica en donde se manifiestan las inteligencias múltiples para la resolución de problemas permitiendo conseguir los objetivos de la secuencia didáctica. Se concluye la importancia de fortalecer una clase de educación física inclusiva mediante el enfoque de las inteligencias múltiples en donde los alumnos puedan expresar sus habilidades y capacidades para lograr los aprendizajes esperados de educación física, se enfatiza la necesidad de trabajar las competencias didácticas en los docentes para planificar escenarios aptos y estimulantes que permitan en el alumnado lograr un desarrollo integral.  Abstract. This work sought to discover how physical education class can favor the manifestation of multiple intelligences in problem solving in eight- to nine-year-old elementary school students. Through the qualitative method in the application of a didactic sequence of seven sessions, data was collected through a formative evaluation using interviews, observation and the physical education notebook that the children used throughout the intervention where they expressed part of their experience and learning that acquired in physical education class. As a result, it is observed that the students express in a specific way the learning obtained in the didactic sequence where multiple intelligences are manifested for solving problems, allowing to achieve the objectives of the didactic sequence. The importance of strengthening an inclusive physical education class through the approach of multiple intelligences is concluded where students can express their abilities and capacities to achieve the expected learning of physical education, the need to work on didactic skills in teachers is emphasized to plan suitable and stimulating scenarios that allow students to achieve development.

Vidhu Agarwal ◽  
Tara Chand Yadav ◽  
Akhilesh Tiwari ◽  
Pritish Varadwaj

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 (1) ◽  
K. Dedy Sandiarsa S ◽  
Muhamad Suhaili

This Research aimed at finding the effect of Peer Feedback strategy towards fifth semester students’ ability in translation subject at S1 Degree of English Department FBMB, Mandalika University. This research was quasi experimental design of experimental research. The population was 3 classes (118 students), in which 2 classes were selected as the sample that was divided into two groups; Class A with 30 students as the experimental group and Class B with 30 students as the control, the groups were divided by using Simple Random Sampling technique. The data collection got from translation test of translating texts given, then the data were analyzed by using SPSS 2019 computer program for windows 10. The result showed that the significant value of = 0.000 was lower than 0.05. Therefore, it can be concluded that the students in Class A who were taught by using Peer Feedback strategy have higher score in translation than the students of Class B who were taught by using the grammar translation strategy. Based on the conclusion, the researcher suggested that Peer Feedback strategy should be used to teach translation for the fifth semester students at S1 degree of English Department of FBMB, Mandalika University.

Hongyan Luo ◽  
Dekang Zhu ◽  
Mengru Li ◽  
Yunhan Tang ◽  
Wenyu Zhang ◽  

Whole genome sequencing of Riemerella anatipestifer isolate RCAD0122 revealed a chromosomally-located β-lactamases gene, bla RAA-1 , which encoded a novel class A extended-spectrum β-lactamases (ESBL), RAA-1. The RAA-1 shared ≤ 65% amino acid sequence identity with other characterized β-lactamases. The kinetic assay of native purified RAA-1 revealed ESBL-like hydrolysis activity. Furthermore, bla RAA-1 could be transferred to a homologous strain by natural transformation. However, the epidemiological study showed that the bla RAA-1 gene is not prevalent currently.

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