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Sarmad Hameed ◽  
Faraz Junejo ◽  
Naqi Jafr ◽  
Dania Rashid ◽  
Fabiha Shoaib

Bicycle Renting Service or sharing service is about renting a cycle. Bicycle sharing schemes offer a minimal effort and ecologically helpful mean of transportation for short journeys. It can likewise be utilized as a shared mode to other open travel, for example, transports, neighborhood trains. Bicycle sharing systems unite the benefits of open and private transportation to all the more likely adventure the given transportation foundation. This paper high point smart bicycle sharing service which is totally accessed by android application. This research paper also states facts and figures that bicycle sharing services are environmentally friendly and also great for an individual health. The main scope of this bicycle renting schemes is to implement it to reduce environmental pollution and for health purposes. This scheme is smart bicycle renting scheme in which GPS tracking, QR scanning, online payment, automatic locking/unlocking through android application, and all features on just one android application. This scheme also has admin website where all the information of user and bikes are stored also history of bikes, payment and rides for security purpose. From a distinctive individual's perspective, bicycle share systems take out the burden of bicycle proprietorship, the need to look for parking places, and the dread of burglary. It helps in decreasing rush hour jam clog as number of vehicles on street can be fundamentally reduced.

2021 ◽  
Vol 4 ◽  
Francisco S. Melo ◽  
Manuel Lopes

In this paper, we propose the first machine teaching algorithm for multiple inverse reinforcement learners. As our initial contribution, we formalize the problem of optimally teaching a sequential task to a heterogeneous class of learners. We then contribute a theoretical analysis of such problem, identifying conditions under which it is possible to conduct such teaching using the same demonstration for all learners. Our analysis shows that, contrary to other teaching problems, teaching a sequential task to a heterogeneous class of learners with a single demonstration may not be possible, as the differences between individual agents increase. We then contribute two algorithms that address the main difficulties identified by our theoretical analysis. The first algorithm, which we dub SplitTeach, starts by teaching the class as a whole until all students have learned all that they can learn as a group; it then teaches each student individually, ensuring that all students are able to perfectly acquire the target task. The second approach, which we dub JointTeach, selects a single demonstration to be provided to the whole class so that all students learn the target task as well as a single demonstration allows. While SplitTeach ensures optimal teaching at the cost of a bigger teaching effort, JointTeach ensures minimal effort, although the learners are not guaranteed to perfectly recover the target task. We conclude by illustrating our methods in several simulation domains. The simulation results agree with our theoretical findings, showcasing that indeed class teaching is not possible in the presence of heterogeneous students. At the same time, they also illustrate the main properties of our proposed algorithms: in all domains, SplitTeach guarantees perfect teaching and, in terms of teaching effort, is always at least as good as individualized teaching (often better); on the other hand, JointTeach attains minimal teaching effort in all domains, even if sometimes it compromises the teaching performance.

Moh Haidar Fajrul Ulum ◽  
Mahifan Muhammad Syafi'udin ◽  
Muhammad Ainul Yaqin

Stakeholder adalah hal yang sangat penting untuk mencapai tujuan proyek. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah merancang strategi yang tepat agar Pemimpin Pondok Pesantren dapat melakukan manajemen stakeholder. Data Primer didapatkan dari data standar sekolah asrama (SSA) yang dibuat oleh Welsh Assembly Government kementerian kesehatan dan pelayanan sosial Inggris untuk boarding school pada tahun 2003 yang terdiri dari 52 standar dan Data Skunder sebagai pendukung yang didapatkan dari   Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Pada penelitian ini menggunakan analisis Management Stakeholder dalam Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Dan hasil penelitian strategi stakeholder tergolong menjadi stakeholder key player ada mudir/kyai dan kepala pengurus, Stakeholder Keep Informed ada Kurikulum dan Pengajaran, Staf Pesantren, Stakeholder Keep Satisfied Santri dan Orang  Tua Santri, Stakeholder Minimal Effort tidak ada.

2021 ◽  
Jin Kim

This article presents Exploratory Only: an intuitive tool for conducting large-scale exploratory analyses easily and quickly. Available in three forms (as a web application, standalone program, and R Package) and launched as a point-and-click interface, Exploratory Only allows researchers to conduct all possible correlation, moderation, and mediation analyses among selected variables in their data set with minimal effort and time. Compared to a popular alternative, SPSS, Exploratory Only is shown to be orders of magnitude easier and faster at conducting exploratory analyses. The article demonstrates how to use Exploratory Only and discusses the caveat to using it. As long as researchers use Exploratory Only as intended—to discover novel hypotheses to investigate in follow-up studies, rather than to confirm nonexistent a priori hypotheses (i.e., p-hacking)—Exploratory Only can promote progress in behavioral science by encouraging more exploratory analyses and therefore more discoveries.

2021 ◽  
Vol 28 (4) ◽  
pp. 1-32
Anam Ahmad Khan ◽  
Joshua Newn ◽  
Ryan M. Kelly ◽  
Namrata Srivastava ◽  
James Bailey ◽  

Annotation is an effective reading strategy people often undertake while interacting with digital text. It involves highlighting pieces of text and making notes about them. Annotating while reading in a desktop environment is considered trivial but, in a mobile setting where people read while hand-holding devices, the task of highlighting and typing notes on a mobile display is challenging. In this article, we introduce GAVIN, a gaze-assisted voice note-taking application, which enables readers to seamlessly take voice notes on digital documents by implicitly anchoring them to text passages. We first conducted a contextual enquiry focusing on participants’ note-taking practices on digital documents. Using these findings, we propose a method which leverages eye-tracking and machine learning techniques to annotate voice notes with reference text passages. To evaluate our approach, we recruited 32 participants performing voice note-taking. Following, we trained a classifier on the data collected to predict text passage where participants made voice notes. Lastly, we employed the classifier to built GAVIN and conducted a user study to demonstrate the feasibility of the system. This research demonstrates the feasibility of using gaze as a resource for implicit anchoring of voice notes, enabling the design of systems that allow users to record voice notes with minimal effort and high accuracy.

Deni Wardani ◽  
Nuri Wulandari ◽  
Chico Adhi Baskara

In the Era of Digital 4.0, technology is of undeniable importance to any industry, including banking and finance. The disruption of technology and economic crisis has brought us the innovation of financial technology which is now mushrooming throughout the world. Financial Technology is an instrumental tool for financial inclusion thus has a big potential value in countries such as Indonesia. However, the acceptance of this new way of financial alternative still leaves a huge area for investigation. Especially in the acceptance of this technology as an alternative to conventional way of doing financial investment.The article is trying to investigate the acceptance of the financial technology sector to customers and the intention to use it in the future. The research found that the minimal effort and the availability of resources that facilitate contribute greatly to the acceptance of financial technology to the users. Furthermore, the result implies that social factors, hedonic motivation and habits have no significant effect on the intention of adapting this new way of doing financial activities. 

Buildings ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 11 (5) ◽  
pp. 203
Matthew S. K. Yeo ◽  
S. M. Bhagya P. Samarakoon ◽  
Qi Boon Ng ◽  
M. A. Viraj J. Muthugala ◽  
Mohan Rajesh Elara

Vertical gardens have emerged alongside the increase in urban density and land scarcity to reintegrate greenery in the built environment. Existing maintenance for vertical gardens is labour-intensive, time-consuming and is being increasingly complemented by robotic applications. While research has been focused on enhancing robot design to improve productivity, minimal effort has been done on ‘design for robots’ in creating suitable environments for optimal robot deployments. This paper proposed a multi-disciplinary approach that brings together architects, designers, and roboticians to adapt the design of the vertical garden infrastructure to counteract the limitations of the maintenance robot. A case study on an existing plant maintenance robot ‘Urodela’ was conducted to determine the limitations encountered by robotic aid during operation. A robot-inclusive modular design for vertical gardens is proposed based on robot-inclusive principles, namely manipulability and safety, along with architectural design considerations. Design explorations for different configurations of track layouts of the proposed robot-inclusive modular design for vertical gardens is further analysed to validate its applicability and scalability.

2021 ◽  
Vol 10 ◽  
pp. 668-674
Lanny Ramli ◽  
Samuel Nikodemus Kaban

The research purpose is to study the professional relationship between workers and employers which is called industrial relations. This is motivated by the fact that workers and employers need to synergize in the process of producing goods and services for the community. In fulfilling the purpose and object of their role and activities and the quid pro quo relationship, the stakeholders pursue different interests. Employers try to earn a maximum profit by spending the least cost possible. In contrast, workers earn the maximum results with the least minimal effort. By using the socio-legal approach, the results showed that the circumstances that exist in these two different interests are prone to conflict and prone to irregularities in legislation. The government as a regulator is obliged to provide legal protection. Legal protection from the government is manifested in the role of labor inspectors, in which they have the right to conduct inspections in a preventive and repressive manner. If there is a violation, the inspectors shall issue the inspection memo. However, the implementation of the ruling of the Constitutional Court Number 7/PUU-XII/2014 results in a new problem which is an unclear execution of the said Constitutional Court ruling about the status of workers.

2021 ◽  
Vol 13 (8) ◽  
pp. 1550
Emanuele Alcaras ◽  
Claudio Parente ◽  
Andrea Vallario

Pan-sharpening methods allow the transfer of higher resolution panchromatic images to multispectral ones concerning the same scene. Different approaches are available in the literature, and only a part of these approaches is included in remote sensing software for automatic application. In addition, the quality of the results supplied by a specific method varies according to the characteristics of the scene; for consequence, different algorithms must be compared to find the best performing one. Nevertheless, pan-sharpening methods can be applied using GIS basic functions in the absence of specific pan-sharpening tools, but this operation is expensive and time-consuming. This paper aims to explain the approach implemented in Quantum GIS (QGIS) for automatic pan-sharpening of Pléiades images. The experiments are carried out on data concerning the Greek island named Lesbo. In total, 14 different pan-sharpening methods are applied to reduce pixel dimensions of the four multispectral bands from 2 m to 0.5 m. The automatic procedure involves basic functions already included in GIS software; it also permits the evaluation of the quality of the resulting images supplying the values of appropriate indices. The results demonstrate that the approach provides the user with the highest performing method every time, so the best possible fused products are obtained with minimal effort in a reduced timeframe.

Vladimir Donici ◽  

The dynamics of science development and the accumulation of an enormous amount of information impose upon corrections in physics didactics, from the perspective of optimization of the teaching and learning process and the improvement of the content assimilation by the pupils. In this article is proposed the method of systemic learning of physics theories, which uses the idea of learning algorithmization, creation of mental models, which would allow for the realization of the theory acquisition with a minimal effort consumption by both pupils and teachers. In support of this position, it is presented a model of study and systematization of thermodynamics, with the use of certain criteria from the general plan of physics theory study, promoted by experts in this field.

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