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Rowena Elsa P. Sagayadoro

Abstract: Background: Globally, local entrepreneurs have experienced an economic downturn brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Local businessmen in Qatar are not an exception. Method: This qualitative research paper utilized the phenomenological approach as it sought to understand the lived experiences of business owners in Qatar who are experiencing financial decline relative to the central question: “How do local business owners deal with financial decline brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic?”. Findings: The verbal ponderings and statements of the respondents revealed three major themes that local business partners had experienced before their businesses finally reached an upswing. These are (1) CUSTOMER RELATIONS, dealing with Acknowledging Achievements, Attaining Customer Values, and Operating Responses, (2) ADJUSTMENT REMODELING, focusing on Building Foundations, Adapting to Changes, and Coping with Mishaps, and (3) BEHAVIORAL DEVELOPMENT which is about Dealing Impacts, Relieving Stress, and Addressing Liabilities of the businesses impacted by the pandemic. Conclusion: Local Business Partners had a continuous downturn to a series of events revolving around its business, however, most of the respondents are satiated with operating the facility under circumstances. Recommendations: This study recommends that business owners here in Qatar enable themselves to be knowledgeable of the phases behind the strategies of managing a business. These can aid the entrepreneurs in their decision-making skills for the business to prosper. The upcoming related studies should further enlarge the concept of businesses as it will help begin a broader perception of the local businesses. Keywords: Qatar Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Finance, Recession, Financial

2022 ◽  
Vol 9 (1) ◽  
pp. 132-151
Ashadi Ashadi ◽  
Erna Andriyanti ◽  
Widyastuti Purbani ◽  
Ihtiara Fitrianingsih

Major potential effects of abrupt changes in educational settings particularly for education stakeholders such as teachers have been somewhat interesting to examine. This study examines how teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in different schooling levels acclimatize their experiences due to the unanticipated Covid-19 outbreak, which forced them to pursue Online Distance Learning (ODL). Employing a phenomenological approach, eight teachers from various educational and psychometric backgrounds in three different provinces in Indonesia shared their experiences in coping with the changes. Before engaging in two semi-structured interviews, they were invited to complete an e-reflection to share their feelings, concerns, difficulties, and challenges. To get to the core of their experience, the data were scrutinized following an interpretive phenomenological analysis which includes an early focus on the lines of inquiry, central concerns and important themes, identification of shared meanings, final interpretations, and the dissemination of the interpretations. The findings demonstrated that the changes created an ambivalent experience of being challenged and bored, prompting teachers to reflect on their existing practice and respond appropriately by combining empathy, new roles, and technology paramount through their self-directed learning (SDL). Further implications on teacher agency and identity are discussed to shed light on the reshaping of teacher identities due to ODL and SDL. 

2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (4) ◽  
pp. 978-989
Ahmad Fawaiq Suwanan ◽  
Syahrul Munir ◽  
Santi Merlinda

Sovereign Sukuk has become a promising instrument for a country to overcome difficulties in financing government projects. Sukuk is a financial instrument for the Islamic capital market with a low level of risk. Green sukuk becomes popular since most of the conventional investment activities ignore the environment aspect. Starting in 2018, Indonesian government has developed a green sukuk scheme as a financing instrument for environmentally friendly projects to reduce the impact of global climate change. This study aims to analyze the role and challenges of green sukuk for climate change resilience in highly vulnerable areas during the Covid-19 crisis. This study is conducted through a qualitative method with a phenomenological approach. Data collections are carried out through literature studies and case studies on some climate projects in highly vulnerable areas in Indonesia. The results show that during the Covid-19 pandemic, green sukuk has contributed an important impact for climate change resilience in highly vulnerable areas. There are some challenges in the development of green sukuk. The lack of awareness of social risks as well as environmental risks have become main challenges. In the future, the decision policy makers should provide greater incentives and a more inclusive legal umbrella for green financing schemes.

Esther Delgado-Pérez ◽  
Isabel Rodríguez-Costa ◽  
Fernando Vergara-Pérez ◽  
María Blanco-Morales ◽  
María Torres-Lacomba

This study aimed to determine the strategies used by women to adapt to the changes that affect the first sexual relations after childbirth. A qualitative study with a phenomenological approach used three data collection techniques (in-depth interviews, discussion groups, and online forums). Thirty-six women in the first six months postpartum participated in the study, from physiotherapy centers with maternal child specialties in several locations in Spain. Women with different types of delivery, presence or absence of perineal trauma during delivery, previous deliveries, and different types of breastfeeding were included. Among the strategies, closeness support and understanding were the ones that women used to adjust to the new situation, in order to improve the couple’s relationship, intimacy, and cope with the significant changes that appear in the first six months postpartum. Changes and adaptations in sexual practices become a tool for coping with a new sexuality, especially if it is affected by the presence of pain or discomfort associated with physical changes. Personal time facilitates emotional management and improvement of emotional changes related to the demands of motherhood. Accepting the changes that motherhood brings is critical to dealing with the new situation. Strategies used by postpartum women focus on acceptance, self-care, partner, couple time, personal time, and adapting encounters. The findings of this study are of interest to health professionals as they provide insight into how women cope with the changes that appear in the first six months postpartum. In this way, the findings will be able to transmit to couples the alternatives they can adopt before the resumption of sexual relations to improve satisfaction both as a couple and in terms of sexuality after childbirth.

2022 ◽  
Jeanette Pirlo

Abstract Background: Science identity formation is integral to the transformation from a student to a member of the STEM workforce. However, the formation of a student’s science identity is affected by various factors such as support from mentors and community members, the student’s perception of their peers’ acceptance of them, as well as the student’s own perception of their role in research. The aim of this study is to investigate mentors’ understanding of science identity formation, their mentoring style, and if it is effective when working with students from historically excluded populations. A phenomenological approach was used to conduct this study. Structured interviews were conducted with natural history collections faculty members of various backgrounds and career levels. Results: Three themes emerged that contribute to science identity formation through mentoring: 1. Factors for science identity formation; 2. Mentorship among different career stages, and 3. Defining own mentoring style. Predominantly, participants realized that their own experience as a mentee shapes how they approach mentoring.Conclusions: Although this study describes the mentee’s science identity formation from the mentor’s point of view, the study’s participants realized the importance they play in a student’s science identity formation, and that mindful mentoring is necessary for success when engaging historically excluded groups in the STEM workforce.

2022 ◽  
Isaac Commey Tetteh ◽  
Jerry PK Ninnoni ◽  
Evelyn Asamoah Ampofo ◽  
Naomi Kyeremaa Yeboa

Abstract Living with a chronic condition such as schizophrenia comes with significant challenges. Yet, there is little data on the experiences of people living with schizophrenia in Ghana. This study explored the experiences of persons living with schizophrenia in the Cape Coast Metropolis of Ghana. The study adopted a descriptive phenomenological approach using purposive sampling technique to select nine (9) persons living with schizophrenia for the study. Data was collected using face-to-face in-depth interviews. Interviews were taped, transcribed verbatim, and analysed following Colaizzi’s (1978) descriptive phenomenological data analysis approach. The study revealed that people with schizophrenia maintained their Activities of Daily Living such as washing, sweeping, maintenance of personal and environmental hygiene, so long as they were in their lucid interval. Study participants valued supportive relationship with family members, mental health practitioners, religious institutions and the social networks. Participants reported stigma and lack of job opportunities as some of the major challenges they faced. Non adherence to medication and stigmatization were perceived as common cause of relapse by participants.

2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (2) ◽  
pp. 51-56
Nur Cahyani Ari Lestari

Anxiety before labor in pregnant women is a physiological matter, but in facing labor process in which there are a series of physical and psychological changes that starting with uterine contractions, dilatation of the birth canal, and spending baby and placenta which ended with first punding between mother and baby. Anxiety and depression are two types of interference that related each other. The objectives of this study is to explore mother’s anxiety facing labor primigravid 20-35 years old in BPM Sulityowati Cengkalsewu Village Sub Kayen Pati Regency. This study used a qualitative method with phenomenological approach. Technique of data collection with in depth interview and purposive sampling. The results of in-depth interview in participant obtained information mother’s anxiety resolve labor primigravid 20-35 years old about definition, causes, family support, factors of anxiet. and how to prevent and resolve anxiety. All mothers who are facing labor already know about the content of the anxiety in the face of first child labor. As well as how to prevent and resolve that anxiety.Mother’s anxiety facing labor primigravid 20-35 years old is good.

2022 ◽  
Feni Betriana ◽  
Waraporn Kongsuwan ◽  
Rina Mariyana

Background: While aesthetics in nursing practice brings out the beauty in nursing, studies regarding how aesthetics are implemented in practice are lacking. Objective: To describe the meanings of aesthetics in nursing practice experienced by nurses in Indonesia. Methods: This qualitative study employed a hermeneutic phenomenological approach based on Gadamerian philosophy. Thirteen nurses were asked to reflect on their experiences of providing aesthetics in their practice through drawing, followed by individual face-to-face interviews. Data were collected in a public hospital in West Sumatra, Indonesia. The interview transcripts and the pictures were analysed following van Manen’s approach. Results: Five thematic categories were revealed: 1) Engaging in caring for persons; 2) Full of compassion; 3) Sympathetic place of care; 4) A joyful time of care; and 5) Distracting the inconvenience in care. Conclusion: Aesthetics in nursing practice is understood and experienced by Indonesian nurses in various ways, not only limited to the visual beauty, cleanness or tidiness of nursing intervention, but are expressed in other ways within caring, including providing care with compassion, applying the art of communication, relieving the pain, and applying innovation in care. These findings can be used to inform nurses in practising aesthetic nursing for enhancing the quality of care. Funding: Faculty of Nursing Research Grant, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand.

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 ◽  
Gunawan Widjaja

The challenge and application of law in Indonesia is to find the relevance of the thoughts of academics, researchers, and policymakers in the Jokowi era, which is the core objective of this study. We believe that from applying the law in a country is the key to the success of leadership supported by academic thinking and government or public policymaking. For this reason, we have reviewed many of the findings of scientific studies that we have summarized from various scientific and practitioner points of view and also various views from different countries, all of which we found in various legal journal applications, books, and also websites for democracy and justice and justice. Before presenting this data as findings, we first answer high-quality questions. We have used a phenomenological approach to get the cellular data, then we have done high echolocation, coding systems, and concluding. Based on the findings of the study data and its discussion, we can summarize that the challenges of legal application in Indonesia can be seen from the irrelevance between the thoughts of academics, experts in this field, and the decision-making governments in enforcing the law in Indonesia.

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