scholarly journals Automated Security Light Motion Sensor with SMS Notification

Bella Gertrude B. Alpasan ◽  

The purpose of this study was to assist the faculty of the Institute of Information and Computer Studies in securing their records and personal devices that were left at the office. This study made use of developmental-descriptive research. In software development, the Rapid Application Development (RAD) model was used. The system was developed using the n-tier architectural design. Because the developed system will be deployed in the IICS Building, the concerned faculty can be added as secondary users of the system so that they, along with the guard-on-duty, receive notification whenever there is motion detected during the night. A short message service (SMS) support is essential as a communication tool in notifying the room custodian and security guard-on-duty.

Bella Gertrude B. Alpasan ◽  

This study put emphasis on the improvement of the current system used in Estancia National High School for the class advisers, subject teachers, and 4P’s Coordinator for the easy viewing and monitoring student’s attendance. A Short Message Service (SMS) Support, was added as an additional feature to inform parents or guardians that their child was absent. Reports can be printed in real-time. The developmental-descriptive research was employed in this study. The Rapid Application Development (RAD) was used as the model in the software development. The n-tier architectural design was used in development system. Since the developed system would be deployed at the Estancia National High School, the developed system will be applied by the person in-charge in monitoring the attendance of the students, it should provide proper maintenance to keep the system work well. A total of 51 respondents were surveyed as respondents of the study. The data were gathered through survey questionnaires that primarily solicited feedbacks from the respondents using the researchers-made survey instrument. The mean statistic was employed to describe the level of usability, understandability, learnability, and operability. Findings revealed that in terms of understandability, learnability, and operability, the developed system was describe as “Very Good” while its level of performance and efficiency in terms of in terms of time behavior and resource utilization was also described as “Very Good”. The usability features of the developed system was operational, accessible with effectiveness, efficiency, and the performance was appropriate to the need of the users.

Compiler ◽  
2012 ◽  
Vol 1 (1) ◽  
Wangsit Setyoadi ◽  
Hero Wintolo ◽  
Yuliani Indrianingsih

Advances in technology are increasing rapidly, especially in the field of information and communication technology provides convenience in exchanging information. One widely used communication tool today is the mobile phones which have facilities sending messages or SMS (Short Message Service). With the mobile phone application development, application technology of short message or SMS widely used for more general purposes, one of which is in the academic field. To facilitate the exchange of academic information, including financial data, grades, and exam schedules, distributed systems into tools that are able to provide and process information dynamically.To facilitate the exchange of academic information between the school and students, they invented a system that is distributed for the dissemination of academic information that can be accessed via SMS.Academic information dissemination system based on short message or SMS can enhance the effectiveness of the dissemination of information between the school and students. With a system of information exchange is expected to be faster and more controlled because the cost for all messages can be recorded.

2021 ◽  
Vol 11 (2) ◽  
pp. 112-118
Buhori Muslim

The purpose of this research is to produce a prototype of measuring the flow and height of river water that can help to find out in monitoring the flow and height of river water remotely by using SMS (Short Message Service) on the cellphone. So that it can anticipate before the occurrence of catastrophic floods caused by the height and flow of the river that exceeds the limit. The device used to build a flow meter and river water level with an arduino-based SMS Gateway is a GSM module, Ultrasonic sensor, Water Flow sensor, arduino uno and an arduino IDE application that functions to include programs on arduino The system development method in this research is the RAD method (Rapid) Application Development) and the stages are requirements planning, design workshops and implementation. The way it works on this system is that if the user sends an SMS to the device, the tool will provide information on the strength of the flow and height of the river water using the SMS Gateway facility and the user can find out the information about the current strength and height of the river water via SMS contained on the handphone.

2002 ◽  
Vol 72 (5) ◽  
pp. 369-369 ◽  
Eugene Sherry ◽  
Beatrice Colloridi ◽  
Patrick H. Warnke

Ade Bastian ◽  
Dony Susandi

[Id]Perkembangan kehidupan modern berpengaruh terhadap meningkatnya aktivitas manusia yang lebih sering meninggalkan rumah. Kondisi tersebut menimbulkan atau mengundang tindak kejahatan.Dalam dunia Information Technology (IT) segala upaya dilakukan dengan membuat berbagai macam eksperimen, guna membuat suatu sistem yang baru dan semakin mempermudah kerja sistem tersebut. Diantaranya ada suatu sistem pemantau atau monitoring system menggunakan kamera.Sistem Pemantau adalah suatu sistem yang dapat mengawasi segala aktivitas atau kegiatan yang terjadi pada suatu ruangan atau daerah tertentu yang dianggap penting untuk dijaga keamanannya, sehingga dalam penelitian ini dibuataplikasi pengembangansmartcamberbasis auto motion detectdan Sms Alertdengan tujuan untuk memanfaatkan? image dan video capturing agar bisa mengontrol keadaan rumah tanpa harus selalu ada di dalam rumah. Aplikasi smartcam dibangun menggunakan perangkat lunak sistem operasi windows 7 ultimatedan bahasa pemrograman Visual Basic.Net 2010.Hasil penelitian ini adalah aplikasi smartcam berbasis auto motion detect dan sms agar dapat menjaga keamanan rumah saat pemilik sedang tidak berada di tempat serta mengantisipasi dengan cara mengetahui tindak kejahatan lebih dini.Kata Kunci:Smartcam, Auto Motion Detect, SMS Alert[En]Modern life is affecting an increasing human activity more often leave the house . These conditions pose or invite crime . In the world of Information Technology ( IT ) every effort was made to create a wide range of experiments , in order to create a new system and further simplify the system works . Among them there is a monitoring system or monitoring system using a camera .Monitoring System is a system that can oversee all activities or events that occur in a particular room or area that is considered essential to safeguard , so in this study were made based application development SmartCam auto detect movement and SMS Alert with the aim to utilize image and video capturing in order to control the state of the house without having to always be in the house . SmartCam applications built using the software windows 7 operating system and programming language Visual Basic Net 2010.The aim of this research is to build the SmartCam applications to detect motion and sending the alert through sms? while the owner was not in place and anticipate crime by identifying it early .

Respati ◽  
2017 ◽  
Vol 9 (27) ◽  
Nofiyanto Nofiyanto ◽  
Hamzah Hamzah ◽  
Herison Surbakti

SMS (Short Message Service) is a facility for sending and receiving a short message of text by using a cell phone. SMS is a medium of communication that is easy to use and relatively cheap for SMS costs. Messages sent via SMS does not guarantee the security and confidential because messages that are sent using the default SMS application for your mobile phone is still an open text that has not been protected. Therefore, it takes a method and applications to secure the confidentiality of the information in an SMS message.This research aims to develop short message encryption applications on android smartphones using Vigenere algorithm utilizing euler's number as a safety and maintaining the confidentiality of this SMS only to a functioning android smartphone users to send messages and message encryption as well as receive incoming messages and decrypt the message. Starting from the early stages of identifying, needs analysis, design, implementation and testing.Application of message encryption using vigenere algorithm utilizing euler's number digit can help users of android smartphone to secure the contents of the message are confidential.  Keywords: Short Message Service, the number of euler, vigenere algorithm

Bella Gertrude B. Alpasan ◽  

The School of Institute of Information and Computer Studies is facing a problem in the submission of the documents every end of the academic year which are requirements of the Director of the IICS before signing the clearance of its faculty members. In order to fast-track the submission of the documents, an alternative solution to solve the current problem was developed, to be known as the “e-Document Archiving System with SMS Support”. Descriptive research design was used to determine whether the objectives of the study were achieved while Developmental research design was used for the developed of the software. The architectural design used in this system was n-tier architecture. Since the developed system will be deployed into local area network connecting office the IICS building, the concerned faculty where can upload and archived documents electronically. The Director could simple download and print documents in real time. A Short Message Service (SMS) Support, was also be used, as additional feature which would play a vital role as a communicating tool, that enables to send notification to concerned faculty members particularly, which required documents and deadline of submission. Based on the result and findings, uploading and downloading of required documents were accessible in real time. The usability of the feature of the developed system was operational and accessible with effectiveness and efficiency, and the performance was appropriate for the need of the users.

2018 ◽  
Vol 1 (2) ◽  
pp. 1-17
Tedi Budiman

One example of the growing information technology today is mobile learning, mobile learning which refers to mobile technology as a learning medium. Mobile learning is learning that is unique for each student to access learning materials anywhere, anytime. Mobile learning is suitable as a model of learning for the students to make it easier to get an understanding of a given subject, such as math is pretty complicated and always using formulas.The design method that I use is the case study method, namely, learning, searching and collecting data related to the study. While the development of engineering design software application programs that will be used by the author is the method of Rapid Application Development (RAD), which consists of 4 stages: Requirements Planning Phase, User Design Phase, Construction Phase and Phase Cotuver.

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