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2022 ◽  
Vol 34 (3) ◽  
pp. 0-0

Based on rural population return management, governance theory, and information technology theory, this paper analyzes the specific performance of rural areas in managing population return, and describes the overview, quantity, life status, and demographic characteristics of rural population return, as well as the current situation of rural population return management. A method of managing rural population return based on a rural population return management model constructed by a machine learning algorithm is designed. The empirical results show that the method designed in this paper is low-cost, fast, and highly accurate, and is well suited for improving and expanding the system for managing rural return flows. The research in this paper provides a reference for further promoting the transformation strategy of rural governance in the context of new urbanization.

Chandranshu Sinha ◽  
Neetu Bali Kamra ◽  
Taranjeet Duggal ◽  
Ruchi Sinha ◽  
R. Sujatha ◽  

Work from home (or remote working) has become the new normal ever since the pandemic hit the world. This new normal, which represents the unison of social and technical assemblage, has been used as a backdrop in the study to explore the nature of employee job behaviour and its impact on job satisfaction. The sample consisted of employees who are working remotely from their homes in the information technology sector. The Cronbach alpha of the questionnaire was found to be .862. The results indicate that dimensions of employee job behaviour like enhanced work association, need for interaction for information exchange, and increased work responsibility were found to be highly correlated in the backdrop of work from home. Further, employee job behaviour was found to be significantly impacting job satisfaction of employees in the backdrop of work from home.

2022 ◽  
Fernando Vidal

Performing Brains on Screen deals with film enactments and representations of the belief that human beings are essentially their brains, a belief that embodies one of the most influential modern ways of understanding the human. Films have performed brains in two chief ways: by turning physical brains into protagonists, as in the “brain movies” of the 1950, which show terrestrial or extra-terrestrial disembodied brains carrying out their evil intentions; or by giving brains that remain unseen inside someone’s head an explicitly major role, as in brain transplantation films or their successors since the 1980s, in which brain contents are transferred and manipulated by means of information technology. Through an analysis of filmic genres and particular movies, Performing Brains on Screen documents this neglected filmic universe, and demonstrates how the cinema has functioned as a cultural space where a core notion of the contemporary world has been rehearsed and problematized.

Fengnan Zhao ◽  

With the rapid rise of information technology and the continuous update of science and technology, society has stepped into the digital age, which accelerates the prosperity of visual culture, and news has entered the era of reading pictures. The development of digital technology not only brings convenience to news photography, but also brings great challenges to professional news photographers. The advantage is that the buttons of digital cameras have replaced the technical means of traditional film photography, thus greatly reducing the threshold of photography. This article will explain the two development directions of photojournalism in the digital age, evaluate the contribution of documentary photojournalism to society, and also consider some development constraints.

2022 ◽  
Vol 3 (2) ◽  
pp. 303-308
Gaguk Rudianto ◽  
Zia Hisni Mubarak ◽  
Mhd. Johan ◽  
Sasa Ani Arnomo ◽  
Winda Evyanto ◽  

This service activity is an activity in the form of training on English Conversation and Introduction to Information Technology for Youth in RT 02 RW 09, Bengkong Sadai Batam which is held at the Gedung Pertemuan RW09 Bengkong.The training held is a multi-disciplinary training or combines several study programs, especially English and Computer Study Programs. The training materials have been prepared in such a way that they are able to at least provide some solutions to the problems of the younger generation that are happening in the current millennial era. These problems include, among other things, teenagers in these neighborhoods do not master English and lack information technology. This training is carried out starting in November 2021 and ending in December 2021 with as many as 5 meetings held regularly. From this training, it is hoped that the training participants will get refreshed knowledge about the application of English and Introduction to Information Technology

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