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Pratiksha D Dutonde

Abstract: Service Science is that the basis of knowledge system and net services that judge to the provider/client model. This paper developments a technique which will be utilized in the event of net services like websites, net applications and eCommerce. The goal is to development a technique that may add structure to a extremely unstructured drawback to help within the development and success of net services. The new methodology projected are going to be referred to as {the net|the online|the net} Development Life Cycle (WDLC) and tailored from existing methodologies and applied to the context of web development. This paper can define well the projected phases of the WDLC. Keywords: Web Development, Application Development, Technologies, eCommerce.

Bella Gertrude B. Alpasan ◽  

The purpose of this study was to assist the faculty of the Institute of Information and Computer Studies in securing their records and personal devices that were left at the office. This study made use of developmental-descriptive research. In software development, the Rapid Application Development (RAD) model was used. The system was developed using the n-tier architectural design. Because the developed system will be deployed in the IICS Building, the concerned faculty can be added as secondary users of the system so that they, along with the guard-on-duty, receive notification whenever there is motion detected during the night. A short message service (SMS) support is essential as a communication tool in notifying the room custodian and security guard-on-duty.

2022 ◽  
Vol 7 (1) ◽  
pp. 52-63
Aryati Aryati ◽  
Samsudin Samsudin ◽  
M Fakhriza

PT. Sinergi Indo Prima merupakan perusahaan yang mendukung pelayanan jasa ketenagakerjaan atau disebut dengan istilah outsourcing. Pelayanan jasa yang termasuk dalam outsourcing ialah satpam, staf administrasi, buruh pabrik, supir, sales promotor dan jasa kebersihan. Adapun dalam menemukan calon tenaga kerja PT. Sinergi Indo Prima Medan memiliki kendala sistem masih manual, penginputan data hanya dengan menggunakan Microsoft Excel atau belum memiliki sistem pendukung keputusan yang profesional dalam memilih seorang calon tenaga kerja yang sesuai dengan kriteria persyaratan, sehingga calon tenaga kerja yang akan disalurkan belum sesuai dengan kompetensi bidang keahlian yang dibutuhkan oleh perusahaan yang membutuhkan. Pada penelitian ini penulis penulis menggunakan metode pengembangan Rapid Application Development (RAD), menggunakan Algoritma C5.0, dengan dukungan tools Unified Modelling Language (UML) menggunakan bahasa pemrograman Java berbasis Android Studio, Microsoft Visio dan Umlet untuk mendesain interface. Hasil dari perancangan sistem seleksi penerimaan calon tenaga kerja outsourcing ialah suatu aplikasi yang bernama AKSIP digunakan untuk proses seleksi data calon tenaga kerja pada masing-masing kategori pekerjakan, adapun hasil percobaan data uji dari 6 kategori pekerjaan dengan menggunakan algoritma C5.0 mencapai persentasi nilai akurasi keberhasilan sebesar 94%.

April Rose A. Zaragosa ◽  

This developmental-descriptive research sought to design and developed a computer-based system, to be known as the Senior Citizens Information System, to provide real-time information dissemination among senior citizen members in the Municipality of Batad, Iloilo pertaining to their membership status and monetary assistance monitoring. The Rapid Application Development model was employed as the SDLC in the development of the system product. More so, the three-tier architecture was used as the architectural model. There were 120 senior citizens as user-respondents and five IT experts for evaluation. The system product was evaluated using a researchers-made survey instrument to determine if level of usability and performance. Results of the investigation shows that the system product was perceived as very good with its level of usability as well as its performance.

2022 ◽  
Vol 10 (1) ◽  
Purma Nailu Safiroh W.P ◽  
Gigih Forda Nama ◽  
M Komarudin

Hidroponik merupakan cara bercocok tanam menggunakan media air dengan parameter tertentu. Kadar pH dankuantitas air adalah parameter penting yang perlu diperhatikan, sebab pH yang stabil dan air yang cukup akanmembuat pertumbuhan dan kualitas tanaman baik. Petani di dusun Cisarua, Natar melakukan proses penyiraman dan pengendalian pH air tanaman sawi (pakcoy) hidroponik model wick system (sumbu sebagai media akar)secara manual, menggunakan alat ukur pH A009 dengan rentang nilai pH 6.3 – 6.8. Petani harus mengawasitanaman dengan rutin seperti menambah cairan pH Up saat pH air turun, dan cairan pH Down ketika pH tanamanterlalu tinggi, serta menambah air pada tandon. Teknologi Internet of Things (IoT) dapat membantu sistempengendalian dan penyiraman tanaman hidroponik model wick system, sehingga petani mudah untukmemonitoring pH dan tinggi air dari jarak jauh. Metode Rapid Application Development (RAD) yang memilikifase Requirement Planning, User Design, Construction, dan Cutover digunakan sebagai metode pembuatansistem pengendali kadar pH dan menghasilkan sebuah sistem yang dapat meningkatkan kualitas bobot tanaman10 gram atau 12,5% lebih baik dibandingkan pertumbuhan tanaman yang dikendalikan secara manual.Kata kunci: pH, tinggi air,wick system, RAD, dan IoT.

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (1) ◽  
pp. 479
Victor Ponce ◽  
Bessam Abdulrazak

Context-aware application development frameworks enable context management and environment adaptation to automatize people’s activities. New technologies such as 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) increase environment context (from devices/services), making functionalities available to augment context-aware applications. The result is an increased deployment of context-aware applications to support end-users in everyday activities. However, developing applications in context-aware frameworks involve diverse technologies, so that it traditionally involves software experts. In general, context-aware applications are limited in terms of personalization for end-users. They include configurations to personalize applications, but non-software experts can only change some of these configurations. Nowadays, advances in human–computer interaction provide techniques/metaphors to approach non-software experts. One approach is end-user development (EUD)—a set of activities and development tools that considers non-software experts as application builders. In this paper, we present our analysis of existing EUD approaches for building context-aware applications. We present a literature review of 37 screened papers obtained from research databases. This review aims to identify the methods, techniques, and tools proposed to build context-aware applications. Specifically, we reviewed EUD building techniques and implementations. Building techniques include metaphors/interaction styles proposed for application specification, composition, and testing. The implementations include a specification method to integrate and process context on the target application platforms. We also present the adoption trend and challenges of context-aware end-user development.

2022 ◽  
Vol 7 (12) ◽  
pp. 121913-121926
Diógenes Dias Oliveira ◽  
Flávio Renato Reis De Moura ◽  
Myrian Câmara Brew ◽  
Ricardo Prates Macedo ◽  
Adair Luiz Stefanello Busato ◽  

2022 ◽  
pp. 819-834
Nayem Rahman

Software development projects have been blamed for being behind schedule, cost overruns, and the delivery of poor quality product. This paper presents a simulation model of a data warehouse to evaluate the feasibility of different software development controls and measures to better manage a software development lifecycle, and improve the performance of the launched software. This paper attempts to address the practical issue of code defects in each stage of data warehouse application development. The author has compared the defect removal rate of their previous project to the newly proposed enhanced project development life cycle that uses code inspection and code scorecard along with other phases of software development life cycle. Simulation results show that the code inspection and code score-carding have achieved a significant code defect reduction. This has also significantly improved the software development process and allowed for a flawless production execution. The author proposes this simulation model to a data warehouse application development process to enable developers to improve their current process.

2022 ◽  
Vol 18 (1) ◽  
pp. 0-0

This research advances scholarly understanding of the strategic decisions regarding external communication during the critical period of product launch. Drawing on research about dynamic capabilities and external organizational communication, this study examines ways in which entrepreneurial organizations use silence as an effective communication strategy to reduce external uncertainty and to nurture growth during critical periods of development. Data were collected tracking the external communication of 54 entrepreneurial organizations that focus on mobile news application development. Results show a significant relationship between the attention organizations attract after product launch and an organization’s performance. The greater the magnitude of change from pre-launch to post-launch, from less frequent external communication to more frequent external communication, the more likely there is to be an increase in the product performance. The findings emphasize a more nuanced understanding of external communication as a strategic tool in entrepreneurial organizations.

Marco Jr. N. Del Rosario ◽  
Ronnel A. Dela Cruz

Internship program intends to empower students with real-world knowledge, skills, and desirable attitudes by allowing them to gain hands-on experience. This study focuses on implementing lean management principles in developing a web-based information system that manages the data and processes undertaken by the students in their internship program. The system was developed using the Rapid Application Development (RAD) model which was divided into four main modules. These modules are for monitoring and supervision of the internship program. The system will help the coordinators to manage documents, the supervisor to give grades, the students to create a journal that will monitor progress, and the administrator to manage the system. To determine if the developed system is efficient and functional, trials were conducted utilizing test scenarios, test cases, and comparison table. The developed system was evaluated using a survey questionnaire based on ISO 25010 software quality model as to Product Quality. It obtained an overall mean of 4.32 with a standard deviation value of 0.666. This validates that the objectives of the study were met and achieved. Moreover, the system was able to reduce the cost and time spent from the previous process, which proves that it successfully integrated lean management principle in its design.

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