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2022 ◽  
Joshua Rosenberg

Digital trace data has helped us understand teaching and learning on social media sites other than Facebook. Moreover, while we know a few things about the educational uses of Facebook, that knowledge has been limited because Facebook has not—until recently—been open to researchers. This paper introduces how Facebook can serve as a data source for educational technology researchers. It provides a walkthrough, from developing research questions and identifying public pages of interest, considering ethics, accessing and downloading historical data through the CrowdTangle platform, and analyzing that data. An example list of pages is provided with code for the open-source statistical software to analyze the data. Future directions for the use of Facebook for research on teaching, learning, and educational systems and their intersection with educational technologies are discussed.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2022 ◽  
pp. 1-7
Yahui Chang ◽  
Su Meng ◽  
Hong Chao

In the new stage of the new century, a new technological revolution is coming quietly. This revolution is represented by “data.” The application of “big data (B D A)” technology is causing changes in all walks of life, and the use of “B D A research methods” in the education field will inevitably become a trend. The purpose of this article is an innovative research on the teaching methods of Taekwondo based on the background of B D A in a college elective course. This paper first introduces the core technology of the database by summarizing the basic theory of the database. Based on the current situation of elective Taekwondo teaching in contemporary universities, analyze the current problems and deficiencies and conduct innovative research on college elective Taekwondo teaching methods combined with Beidou technology. This paper systematically expounds the practical connection, method innovation, and implementation path between BDA technology and college elective Taekwondo teaching methods and compares the traditional Taekwondo teaching methods based on BDA technology. Experimental research shows that compared with traditional Taekwondo teaching methods, the performance of university Taekwondo teaching based on data mining (D M I) in the context of B D A is more than 20% higher, which fully reflects its feasibility and the innovation of traditional Taekwondo teaching methods needs to be solved urgently.

2021 ◽  
Siyu Chen ◽  
Mo Lin ◽  
Peng Liu ◽  
Chong Liu

Antonio Calvani ◽  
Paola Damiani ◽  
Luciana Ventriglia

This paper aims to take stock of the acquisitions achieved by evidence-based research on teaching to read, to compare them with the teaching practices, as they emerge from the school textbooks proposed by the publishing houses in Italy. Moving from the importance recently assumed by scientific research on effective teaching and the need to avoid risks and misunderstandings that can be generated for its use in practice, the evidence acquired about the teaching of reading and writing is presented, recalling the need to focus on the grapheme-phoneme correspondence to be acquired by children in a progressive, systematic and explicit way. It is then pointed out that the textbooks in use propose approaches in clear contrast with this finding. The second part focuses on the experimental researches conducted in Italy in recent years, congruent with the framework previously indicated, which achieve better effectiveness and high motivation in all pupils. Particular attention is paid to the national research conducted recently by the Association S.Ap.I.E.

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